Reflexology for Sinuses: Where and How

Allergies, infections, environmental pollutants and irritants can affect sinuses resulting in pain which can range from mild dullness to severe ache. The symptoms of congested sinuses can be eased to some extent with the help of reflexology. The technique of reflexology is based on applying pressure to specific areas of hands and feet which represent certain body parts.

Reflexology for Sinuses

The reflexology points for sinuses are situated at the back of all ten toes, opposite the nails and at the tip of all the fingers excluding both thumbs. They are very easy to locate and all represent the sinus tissue, when stimulated,can be very effective in relieving sinus related issues.

1. Main Reflexology Point

The main reflexology point corresponding to the sinuses is located at the tip and bottom of both big toes. To stimulate this zone, you need to massage it. The correct way to do this is to hold your toe with your forefinger and rub the area with your thumb in gentle circular motion like you are trying to crush some herbs. Use the right hand for the right foot and the left for the left foot, and give both feet a minute each.

2. Reflexology Point for the Nose

Reflexology for sinuses also includes points for the nose, which are located on both big toes, the right side of nose is represented on the left big toe and the point for the left side of the nose is located on the right big toe. The exact location of these points is above the knuckle and besides the nail where the skin meets the sole.

Function: By stimulating the reflexology points of the nose, the energy balance and harmony of the nasal passages can be restored, which is disturbed by sneezing and mucous. Since the nose does not produce mucous but only acts as a passage through which it passes, stimulation of these points can ease the congestion but do not decrease the mucous production. Massaging these points in combination with the sinus point stimulation can ease a blocked nose.

Application: To correctly and effectively stimulate the nasal points, you have to use the opposite hands on these points (left hand for the right foot and vice versa). Support the thumb with your fingers and massage the sides of toe with the thumb, the movement being sideways from the side of toe nail to the base of the toe and then back, spending 30 seconds massaging each toe.

3. Arms and Hands Points

Stimulating reflexology points in arms and hands is very helpful in alleviating sinus related symptoms like headache and difficulty in breathing. Massaging these points increase the blood flow to sinuses and helps in faster drainage. Massaging these points also promotes a better blood flow to various parts of the body especially neck, face and head. The benefits of using reflexology for sinuses are well noted. The main arm and hand points are:

Between index finger and thumb: Putting pressure on the joint between thumb and index finger for two minutes is extremely helpful in reducing nasal pain and irritation.

Fingertips and nails: The best way is to put pressure on the finger tips (behind the nails) one by one for short duration.

Inner gate: The area on the back of wrist is termed as the inner gate; putting pressure on this spot with the thumb is very effective.

Acupressure Points for Sinuses

Reflexology for sinuses is helpful, but those reflexology points aren't the only ones that can bring relief. You can also try the following acupressure points to help.

1. Bridge of Nose Massage

Massaging the bridge of nose and putting steady pressure with thumbs on the area close to eyes for five minutes can be very helpful to relieve nasal congestion. Both sides can be pressed simultaneously or alternating with one another for better mucous drainage.

2. Nostril Edge

The pressure point for sinuses is located on the cheeks just besides the edge of each nostril. Pressing this area with the thumbs or fingers for about four minutes results in better breathing and clear nasal passages.

3. Base of the Skull

You can reach the base of skull pressure point by holding your head in your hands and placing the thumbs behind the ears and tracing the skull bone backwards, pressing these points for two minutes and rubbing these areas several times a day gives significant relief from cold, headache and congestion.

4. Hollow Point

There is a large hollow area at the back of the neck where the head is joined with it. This pressure point corresponds to the sinuses and putting pressure here with the middle finger for about four minutes can not only relieve nasal congestion and the associated headache but also helps in reducing stress.

5. Upper Outside Shin

This point is located below the knee cap, on the side of shin where the bone meets the muscle. It is situated on the right side of the right leg and vice versa. Massaging this area and putting pressure here results in better blood flow to ears and sinuses, improving their circulation and relieving symptoms.

6. Collar Bone

The collar bone pressure point for sinuses is in the hollow area below each collar bone where the collar bone meets the breast bone. Putting pressure here gives a boost to immune system and helps in sinus infections.

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