Tomato Juice Benefits

Tomatoes are rich and versatile in taste and are known to contain medicinal properties. Actually, long ago, tomatoes were used for medical purposes to control a number of health issues.

In present times, tomatoes are used in just about anything, soups, gravies, salads as well as a source of juice. The most nutritious form of a tomato is tomato juice. Tomato juice is loaded with many health benefits.

This article will focus on tomato juice benefits and why you should make it your daily drink.

The Benefits of Tomato Juice

1.   It Is Full of Nutrition

A raw tomato is a powerful food on its own. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It is a source of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, K and minerals such as phosphorous, iron and magnesium. All these minerals and vitamins have scientifically proven health and beauty benefits. Tomato juice is rich in vitamin A and C. These assist in bettering vision, strengthening your immune system and preventing diseases related to vision. These vitamins are also essential in sustaining the strength of your teeth and bones.

2.   It Is Packed with Fiber

Tomatoes have plenty of fiber. When you make tomato juice, you might get rid of the fiber. However, when you add the pulp back, you get back the fiber. The liver and the gut are kept healthy by the fiber in the raw tomatoes. The liver is charged with secreting juice that digests the food we consume. Therefore, raw tomato juice ensures the gut stays healthy. The fiber also regulates bowel movements, and in this way, you do not get constipated.

3.   It Prevents Cancer

Want to know more about tomato juice benefits? A glass of tomato juice has enough antioxidants for a day. The red color of tomatoes is a result of the fat-soluble pigment called lycopene. This is a powerful antioxidant that guards against free radical damage. Healthy cells are destroyed within by molecules called free radicals. The result is oxidation that causes mutation of cells. All cancers are linked to oxidation including breast, lung and colorectal cancer. Free radical damage is also responsible for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. But worry not because tomato juice can fight them!

4.   It Helps Other Organs to Detoxify

Tomato juice is a powerful detoxifier. It enhances the presence of sulfur and chlorine in the kidneys and liver. The kidney and liver are charged with blood purification. Keeping these organs healthy can ensure their functioning in tip top shape. Sadly, today’s food is mostly processed and full of preservatives. Such foods destroy the organs and put pressure on the liver and kidney. When you take detox fluids, they help flush the toxins out. Tomato juice has natural chlorine that enhances the functioning of the kidney and liver. It also has sulfur that puts up a defense against fungal, bacterial as well as viral infections.

5.   It Aids in Weight Control

If you wish to lose weight, tomato juice can come in handy. Tomato juice ensures that the body stays hydrated. It also has a good amount of fiber that makes you feel satisfied thus you eat less. Tomato juice will also give your body the required amount of nutrients, mineral and calories. These are enough for perfect running of metabolic processes in your body.

6.   It Keeps Skin Healthy

What’s more, one of tomato juice benefits is maintaining healthy skin. When you apply tomato juice on your face, it de-tans making you look fairer, and it is also thought to reduce acne. Tomato juice also decreases the production of sebum, skin discoloration and shrinks open pores.

7.   It Does Well on Hair

The vitamins and the iron in the tomato juice can help your hair retain its shine. By applying tomato juice to your scalp and hair, you can curb problems like itchy scalp, dandruff as well as lifeless hair. Apply it and rinse after a few minutes.

8.   It Prevents Lung Diseases

Tomato juice is known to protect against emphysema, which is caused by inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke. Researchers found that lab rats that were exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke and consumed tomato juice did not develop emphysema.

9.   It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that consumption of tomato juice helps in prevention of cardiovascular diseases in diabetic patients. It was further reported that type 2 diabetic patients can have healthy hearts by taking tomato juice every day.

Tips and Precautions

Tomato juice benefits are abundant, but it also has its downside - sodium. Sodium helps in nerve functioning and controlling blood pressure. However, if you take too much of it, the intake figures might go so high leading to health issues such as heart disease and high blood pressure. When buying tomato juice, make sure that you purchase reduced sodium juice and ensure that they are 100% tomato juice.

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