Differences of Non-Virgin and Virgin

Many men might wonder if the woman they are with is a virgin. Unfortunately, some men have been led to believe that they can tell if a woman is a virgin or not – and that’s just not true! Some men will look at a woman’s behavior and try to decide if it matches what he expects a virgin would do, but that isn’t reliable, either. Some men even hope to find virgin and non virgin difference pictures, but again, such things are 100% accurate.  

What if a man is determined to figure out the virgin and non virgin differences? There might be some tips that will help sway him from one to the other, but remember that none of these are definite. They might just help heighten your suspicions one way or the other.

Virgin and Non Virgin Differences

Can you spot the virgin or non virgin difference? Pictures can’t tell the tale, but perhaps actions can give you a few hints. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Are there physical differences? A woman who has a hymen is certainly a virgin – that means that she still has the piece of skin that covers the vaginal opening. However, remember that for most women the hymen breaks at some point well before she has sex. It might be broken by sports, using a tampon, or any other number of reasons. Also keep in mind that even if a woman does have an intact hymen, it doesn’t mean she has not been sexually active – it just means she has not experienced penetration.
  • What is the virgin and non virgin difference in behavior? In most cases, there is not any difference in the way a woman acts. It can be impossible to tell if she is a virgin just by the way she walks, carries herself, talks or flirts. However, once a woman is in bed with you, she might show that she is a virgin by acting shy and timid, being uncertain of what to do, acting as though she has never been naked with a man before, or wanting extreme guidance as to what you like. On the other hand, some women will act like this with any man, whether he is her first or not. Also, remember that some virgins are very eager to experiment and might come across as being very experienced, when they aren’t – all they know is what they have been in movies and read in books!
  • How is sex different with a virgin? That depends entirely on the woman. A virginal woman might have a much tighter vagina, and she might experience some pain during that first time. However, there are many women who are simply built that way, and might experience pain if they are not properly aroused, no matter how many times they have had sex before. A virgin might be hesitant or concerned about pleasing you, but this also happens with women who already have experience. Some women who are virgins will wait longer to become intimate with their partner; on the other hand, women who have been in relationships that turned out badly will often wait longer as well, to ensure that they are in the “real thing” before committing to sharing their bodies with a man again.

Some will look for virgin and non virgin difference pictures to help them determine whether a woman is a virgin or not; specifically, they might look for pictures of what a hymen is and what a woman’s body looks like when it is still intact. Keep in mind that since every woman is different, what you see with one might not be what you see with the other, and is no indication whatsoever as to whether she is a virgin or not. 

So how can you tell if a woman is a virgin? What is the virgin and non virgin difference? Pictures don’t help, so what does?

The answer, ultimately, is to talk to her. Ask her if she is a virgin, and take her at her word. There is really no way to know the absolute truth, so you simply must trust her when she tells you one way or the other. And if you can’t trust her, should you really be having sex with her? 

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