What Is Having Sex Feeling Like for Girls and Guys?

Different people engage in sex for different reasons, like to satisfy the sexual drive and ego, to please their partners, to make up after a breakup, to feel closer to their partners and to feel loved. Of all the reasons why people may engage in sex, the need to experience physical pleasure and satisfaction is the main reason why people have sex. If you have never had sex before, you must be having a lot of questions regarding sex, such as "What is it feeling like to have sex?" Throughout this article, such concerns will be addressed.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex for Girls at the First Time?

While sex can be fun, the experience will mainly depend on the personality of the two parties and their feelings towards each other. For the first sexual experience to be amazing, the two parties need to feel comfortable and secure about the relationship. If the lady is not yet ready for her first sex, it can turn out to be a painful experience. Not being prepared for the intercourse or comfortable with each other makes the lady to clench up her muscles, which makes first sex more painful for her. There are various things that may be done prior to her first sex to ensure that she experiences less pain. For instance, caressing before the intercourse will arouse and make her feel more relaxed during the sexual intercourse.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex for Guys?

Here are 4 kinds of feelings men get from having sex, which will further solve your confusion about "What is it feeling like to have sex?".

1. A Half-Conscious State of the Mind

Throughout the intercourse, Andrew, a computer engineer, explains that he feels like his brain is in a subconscious state. He says that his body is physically there, but his mind wonders into a forest of ecstasy. He further states that the mind gets to a point where he can see things clearly, which is just a moment after ejaculation. To him, the most important thing is the moment after orgasm.

2. It Feels Like I'm Passing Energy On

According to Adam, a set designer aged 27, there are two types of orgasm. He explains that the orgasm he experiences while masturbating is out of necessity, hence not so enjoyable. According to him, ejaculating in a lady is almost spiritual; it is like sharing his soul or energy with the lady.

3. The Intensity of Passion Varies

Depending on how long he holds on, Paul, an actor aged 23, explains that the intensity of passion he experiences during sex varies. He says that the experience is more intense if he approaches the climax and holds on for some time before climaxing.

4. Ladies' Orgasm Is Longer and Probably Better

Wes, an advertising copywriter aged 26, confirms the fact that men have shorter orgasms as compared to the ladies. He says that his girlfriend seems to experience longer orgasms that come in lingering waves and last for a considerable period. This is compared to men's orgasms that come in a burst and last between three and five minutes, reports Wes.

What Does It Feel Like to Have Sex With Different Positions for Guys?

Here are some men telling how they feel about the sex with the following 5 different positions:

1. Missionary Position

"The missionary position is among the commonly used sex positions today. For a number of reasons, I tend to think that it is one of the best. To begin with, being on top makes me feel in control. As such, I am in full control of my orgasms. I also tend to think that it is the best position, when dealing with inexperienced ladies. While many ladies think that they just need to lie on their backs and enjoy it, there is much more that they can do with their voice, hands, legs and lips to make the experience more enjoyable." —Adam K.

"Depending on various factors, the missionary position can be great or terrible. I personally like the fact that you maintain a constant eye contact with your partner throughout the encounter. This allows me to read the pleasure or embarrassment in her face during sex, especially after orgasm. I strongly recommend this position for romantic sex, especially after you tell your partner you love him or her."—Cal A.

2. Doggy Style

"I personally love the doggy style because of the fact that it gives me a clear view of her butt and the fact that I just have to lean forward and touch her boobs."—NZ

"The doggy style gives me a dirty and rough sexual experience in a good way. It fascinates me because it offers a full view of her back. However, I do not think that this style is the best for a romantic night."—SJ

3. Girl on Top

"This is my preferred sex style. It gives me a feeling that I can penetrate deeper than I actually do with other positions. Additionally, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that I do satisfy my woman. This is because she is in control; hence she can regulate her orgasms. With this position, I have many places where I can place my hands on, including her face, boobs, back shoulders, etc."—AW

4. Reverse Cowgirl

"This is one of the best sex styles I have ever used. It combines the pleasure of doggy style with the excitement of having the lady on top. The only downside of this position is that there is less flexibility. However, with a gentle lady, the style is full of fun."—SJ

"Although this position is similar to the girl on top position, it offers me the view of her back. Additionally, my hands are free to help so as to make the experience more enjoyable. This method also allows me to time my ejaculation so that we can climax together."—CA

5. Spooning Position

"I love this position because it allows me to stroke more slowly and I don't get as tired as I get with other sex positions. I also enjoy it because she can easily press her legs together to make her vagina tighter. While using the spooning position, my hands and mouth are free to caress her."—CA

"Although I do not like it much, I think spooning is a great sex position. While having sex in this position, much of your body is in contact with her body, which makes sex more enjoyable."—SJ

Does Condom Make a Difference?

Basically, almost everyone will tell you that having sex with condoms feels different to when having sex without it. However, the degree of difference will vary from one person to the other. Many people will feel better while using condoms because they are more relaxed and not worrying about sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, there are those men who love condoms because they help them last longer. Those that claim to have less pleasure while using condoms during intercourse should lubricate them to reduce friction. Alternatively, you may need to change the condom brand you are currently using. For instance, you may use polyurethane condoms because the material conducts body heat better.