Why Do Guys Get Boners?

Slang word for an erection is boner, which also means mistake and is not suitable for many situations. So, it is not very pleasing to hear the statements – I have a boner! Or I made a boner! It is better to use words like goof, flub, snafu or blunder if you have messed something up. They are fun words and are less offensive, and will not be troublesome if you are just meaning mistake! But if someone says "why do guys get boners?" you won't mistake it as some else, right? So, do you know the answer to the question?

Why Do Guys Get Boners?

To get the answer, you need to know something about penis. The penis is made of two chambers which run along with the organ. They are called as corpora cavernosa, which contain a network of blood vessels shaped like cavernous spaces. The urethra is parallel to the corpora cavernosa and is passage for urine and sperm. It also contains erectile tissue, arteries, veins and nerves. The shaft which is longest part and the glans or head which is at the end or tip are the two main parts of penis.

During an erection, blood enters the blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa and fills up the arteries. Due to high pressure, the blood causes an erection. The erection happens because of sensory and mental stimulation during sexual arousal. Impulses are sent from the brain and local nerves of the penis, making corpora caverbisa's muscles relaxed and more blood to fill in the spaces in it. Then, the blood is trapped due to the membrane covering the corpora cavernosa, which leads to erection. And when the penis contracts, the erection is reversed. This is the biological explain to why do guys get boners.

The video below also explains why guys get boners with some interesting answers.

So, Why Do Guys Often Get Boners in the Morning?

To answer the question as to why do guys get boners mostly in the morning, it has something related with sleep. A person goes through various sleep phases throughout the night. REM is prolonged in the morning and dreams occur during this phase. Penis also gets erect during this period because it is engorged with blood. Scientifically, it is referred to as penile tumescence. And it is also known as morning wood. So, getting boners in the morning is just a natural physiological process and is associated with the timing of REM sleep. It goes away within few minutes of waking up.

Erections in the morning may also be caused due to the following factors:

  • ŸFull bladder: The bladder fills up with urine during the night. The urine then fills up urethra, which causes the penis to become engorged and then erect in the morning.
  • ŸMedications for erectile dysfunction: Viagra or Cialis may have an impact on morning erections. They can cause erections on the morning if they were taken the previous night.

FAQs about Boners Everyone Wants to Know

Men tend to have many queries about boners, besides the usual question of why do guys get boners. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about it.

1.  Does a Guy Need to Find a Release for His Boner?

Not really. It is embarrassing when men get boners, even if they are not mentally or physically stimulated. When a man gets a boner, it will go away in few minutes time, especially when the body is calmed down. When guys are stimulated sexually but are unable to find release, it is called as blue balls. There is usually no pain associated with it, but it can be very annoying. So, there is no need to believe or feel guilt if a guy says that he is in pain because of the erection.

2.  What Is the Quickest Way to Get Rid of the Unwanted Erection?

When you realize that you are getting a boner, you should start flexing the thigh and buttock muscles for 10 seconds. And then relax the muscles and repeat the process. The tightening of the muscles will make the boner disappear. This happens because the blood flow is redirected to other muscles, away from the penis.

If you are afraid of having an erection in school, watch the video below to learn some helpful tips.

3.  Can Guys Control When to Get a Boner?

It is difficult to control boners during puberty because the hormones are very high. Slightest stimulation like a light touch or wind blowing in certain direction can give a boner. Even old men can get boners sometimes without any reasons. However, older men can control boners better because they know when they are getting one so that they can avoid it at the very beginning.

4.  Can You Break the Penis When You Have a Boner?

A boner or erect penis can get fractured if there is any trauma, although it is a rare occurrence. During an erection, if the penis is bent suddenly, the lining of the corpus cavernosa that are responsible for erection gets ruptured. This causes fracture, and usually happens after an accidental injury during sex, aggressive masturbation or some cultural practices where erect penis is forcefully bent.

When a penis gets fractured, it is a very painful experience. A cracking sound might be heard, the penis can be bruised and an erection is definitely lost. Sometimes the urethra also can get damaged. Blood is also visible at the tip of the penis. A doctor should be immediately consulted because it may require surgical correction. If left unchecked, it can cause permanent deformity or inability to maintain a firm erection.