Why Do I Sweat So Much?

Is it frustrating for you to see that every white shirt you have is permanently discolored because you sweat a lot? You may also find it extremely difficult to apply makeup when your face is too damp for this. Why do I sweat so much? You may have asked this question a lot of times. And you may have tried several things to sweat and stink less. So, exactly what makes you perspire a lot? Keep reading to find your answer.

Why Do People Sweat?

Sweating is your body's natural way of maintaining a normal internal body temperature. Your nervous system signals your sweat glands to activate when your body temperature rises. The moisture on your skin evaporates and leaves a cooling effect on the body. It means your sweat glands are going to produce more sweat when your body temperature is very high. Why does your body temperature rise? This could be because you are nervous, or it may be hot outside, or you may have a fever. It is also common for some people to sweat a lot in response to spicy foods, as well as hot beverages and foods.

Why Do I Sweat So Much?

Sweating so much is not always abnormal, but you can take some steps to resolve the issue if you know what causes you to perspire so much in the first place. Here are some possible answers to your question:

1. Pregnancy or Menopause

When you are pregnant, hormonal changes will always make you feel different. Those changes may affect your endocrine system and you in turn may end up sweatier than usual. The sweating you experience may well be hot flashes that more than 85% of women experience close to menopause.

2. You Are Stressed

If you constantly worry about sweating so much, you are never going to get better. This puts you in stress and that triggers those glands to produce more sweat. You need to understand that you will notice sweat all over your body when your body temperature is high, but you may notice sweat in certain areas such as your armpits when you are stressed. This causes a stench because it is a combination of protein and fat as well as odor-causing bacteria. Deal with your stress if you do not want to deal with that stench.

3. You Are Eating the Wrong Food

If you sweat a lot and have that fishy smelling body odor, this could be because you have trimethylaminuria, a genetic disorder in which your body fails to break down trimethylamine. Trimethylamine is a compound produced during the digestion of certain foods, such as legumes, eggs, and fish. When your body cannot break it down, it starts releasing it through urine, sweat, and breath. Talk to your doctor to find a treatment option.

4. You May Have Hyperhidrosis

Why do I sweat so much? The answer could be a disorder like focal hyperhidrosis. You have this disorder only when you produce so much sweat that it keeps you from doing your normal activities. You will also sweat in situations where you should not like in a cool room. Why it happens is not clear, but experts believe it could be genetic.

5. You May Have Lymphoma

You may have hyperhidrosis because of an underlying health conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, gout, and Parkinson's disease. In some cases, excessive sweating may well be a symptom of lymphoma. In other words, it is cancer of the lymph cells.

What to Do If I Sweat Too Much?

Now you have the answer to your question, "Why do I sweat so much?"you may also be interested in knowing what you should do to resolve the issue. Here are some suggestions.

1. Make Use of an Antiperspirant

Select an antiperspirant with a soft solid formula specifically for your armpit sweat. Always check the label to ensure you are actually buying an antiperspirant – a deodorant alone will not work. Consider buying a clinical strength antiperspirant if you sweat a lot. Be sure to apply it before you go to sleep and after you wake up in the morning. Do not apply it if your armpits are already sweaty. Dry your body first and then apply antiperspirant to avoid skin irritation. For sweaty feet, consider buying an aerosol antiperspirant.

2. Wear the Right Clothing

Always select fabrics that absorb sweat. Cotton is a great choice because it helps wick away moisture. You can always wear a cotter undershirt to deal with excessive sweating. Also, pay attention to the colors you choose – wearing white will make it more noticeable that you are sweating. Carry an extra blouse or shirt and change it when you are worried about sweaty spots on your outfit. Use a handkerchief to dry yourself before changing shirts. For sweaty feet, consider wearing shoes made of leather or some other natural material.

3. Skip Spicy Foods and Caffeinated Drinks

Avoid spicy foods like hot peppers as much as possible to avoid sweating a lot. You may also limit your intake of garlic and onions because they can cause a bad body odor. Consider eating blander foods during the day to overcome the issue. In addition, you should also avoid drinking caffeinated beverages because they will also make the matters worse.

4. Lose Weight

If you are above your healthy body weight, you may benefit from losing some pounds. Your body uses sweat to cool down, but it is tougher to cool down efficiently when your body weight is on the higher side.

5. Be a Hygiene Nut

You can reduce the odor of your sweat by following hygiene practices. For instance, you should take a bath every day–you may even go for twice a day to deal with serious sweating issues. Always carry baby wipes with you when you are out because they help dry your underarm in a better way. Moreover, carrying and using an antiperspirant more often may also help keep things under control.

When to Seek Medical Help

Taking the abovementioned steps will definitely help make things manageable, but you may want to see your doctor if OTC antiperspirants do not work, the sweating is all over the body, or you started experiencing the problem after taking a new medication. Also, seek medical attention when you lose weight and have coughing fits with excessive sweating.

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