My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted? Try the 9 Tricks, Girls!

Have you been in a relationship for a couple of months, maybe years now? Does it look like your boyfriend is paying less attention to you that he used to do before? You talk to him, but he is kind of distracted. You want to plan something together but he is just not into it. Do you often think that your boyfriend takes you for granted? If you are unhappy about your relationship and you still love your boyfriend, don’t just sit there and wait. Instead, take control of the situation and let him know that he can’t take you for granted.

What to Do When My Boyfriend Takes Me for Granted

1. Get Busy

Well, get yourself busy and don’t worry about him anymore. Focus on yourself instead and do things that you enjoy. He will eventually notice that you are not around him anymore and probably miss you.

2. Oops! You Just Forgot His Birthday

His birthday is approaching and every year you used to make him feel special for on the big day. However, if your boyfriend takes you for granted you can just easily forget his birthday even though you know too good when his birthday is. He will be surprised that you did not remember his birthday, didn’t get him a gift or planned a perfect day to spoil him. He will probably be mad too. He should never take you for granted. The sooner he learns this lesson, the better it is for him.

3. Go on Vacation Alone

Have you two planned to go on a vacation? Is he somehow not interested or is he treating you bad? Well, if yes, you can just go on that vacation by yourself. Who needs a boyfriend who does not treat you as he should with love and respect? Stop worrying "My boyfriend takes me for granted." Just go on the vacation without him and don't bother to let him know that you are leaving.

4. Hang Out with Your Friends More

He just didn’t invite you to spend the weekend together. Well, who cares! Just enjoy your free time and hang out with your friends. You can have a good time without him as well.

If he does call you the last minute to go out somewhere on a Friday night or Saturday night, you just let him know that you already made other plans with your friends and that he is not invited. Next time, if he cares about you, he will make sure to let you know in advance his plans for the weekend.

5. Don’t Share All Personal Information with Him Anymore

A big thing happened to you recently, which changed your life or made you happy. Well, don’t just run telling that information to your boyfriend. Don’t share all personal information with him anymore and when he does find out about it, he will be felt left over.

If he later asks you why you didn’t tell him about the good news in the first place, you can always answer that he seemed to have better things to do and you just not wanted to bother him with your news. He will get it eventually and not take you for granted anymore.

6. Do Things That Make You Shine

My boyfriend takes me for granted? Try this trick. Everybody just has his/her shining points and you do. Do things that make you stand out in the groups, such as singing, dancing, writing, etc. Show your boyfriend how charming and popular you are. Remind him that if he does not pay the needed attention to you, someone else might.

7. Let Him Make the Moves

Are you used to do everything for him? Are you the one who kisses him first when hanging together or do you hold his hand first? Well, stop doing that. Let him make the moves first. He needs to learn how to be a gentleman, doesn’t he?

8. Talk to Your Boyfriend

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is by being straight forwarded. If you are having a problem with your boyfriend and you feel like he is taking you for granted, well you perhaps need to talk to him and explain how you feel. Sometimes guys don’t even know that they are doing something wrong unless you explain your feelings and your needs. You can both come to a conclusion about certain necessary changes in your relationship.

9. Just Forget About Him

My boyfriend takes me for granted! If you have tried everything, even talked to him, but he still takes you for granted, well maybe it’s about time you forget about him. Dump him. Don’t waste your time with a person who does not treat you with love and respect.

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