Sex Positions Recommended for Tall Guy and Short Partner

When it comes to the tall man short woman match up, this seems like it can be an awkward pair up, especially in the bedroom. How do you get into the right position that is comfortable and enjoyable for both of you? While you may need to get a little creative with sex positions, they aren't that difficult to try. This article will give you some enticing positions and helpful tips for those in this type of relationship. 

Great Sex Positions for Tall Guy and Short Girl

1. Spooning position

This position is great for many couples, but especially if there is a major height difference between the two of you. Here you both lie on your sides, facing the same direction, in an almost fetal position. With the girl in front of the guy, the guy can penetrate from behind.

2. Girl on top

Also referred to as cowgirl position, this is ideal for shorter girls. For the position, the guy lays on his back and the girl is on top, straddling him. She can either face him or face the opposite direction. Many women enjoy this position since they are in control of how fast and how deep the penetration goes. This is also a great position because it still allows you to be intimate and kiss if you are facing one another and it allows the woman to dominate a little bit more than she otherwise would.

3. The plough position

This position is great for guys who are taller and for girls who are shorter because you rely on the height of something else to get a perfect position. Here the girl will lie near the edge of the bed on her stomach with the standing behind her. He can then hold onto her legs and slightly lift her up for penetration.


4. Crab position

This position is similar to the cowgirl position except the girl will extend her legs out in front of her instead of keeping them at her sides. As one of sex positions for tall guy and short girl, it requires the girl to lean back on her arms for support. The girl does all the work with this position, so it can be a challenge at first but is so worth the struggle once you get into the right rhythm.

5. Sitting position

For this position, the both of you are sitting. The guy sits on the bottom with his legs crossed and the girl slowly lowers herself on top and crosses her legs behind him. This position can be a very intimate position since you both face each other and are very close to one another the entire time.

6. Doggy style

This is probably one of the most popular and most favored position among men. Her the girl is on all fours, like a dog, and the guy is behind her on his knees. The guy will enter from behind and this can provide some intense sensation for both guy and girl.

7. Over the edge of the bed

This position is similar to the plough position except the girl is on her back instead of her stomach. The girl lies on her back with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed so her butt is as close to the edge of the bed as possible. The guy will stand between her legs at a standing position so he can pull his hips into her. This position gives more control to the guy since he can determine how fast, slow and hard he goes. For this one of sex positions for tall guy and short girl, it can also be done on any elevated flat surface, so you don't need to stay in the bedroom.

Tips to Follow for Tall Guy and Short Girl for Sex

1. Communication

Communication is key to all aspects of a healthy relationship and when it comes to the sex, this is still true. You and your partner want to communicate clearly with one another when trying different positions. You want to be able to get the most comfortable and pleasurable position, angle and rhythm. Don't be afraid to express your likes and dislikes when you experiment to find the best position for the both of you.

2. You don't have to rely just on actual sex

While sex is great and fun, there are other ways you and your partner can get off. You don't have to think so much about the best position to have during sex when you can still pleasure one another without having intercourse. Using your hands, toys, food and other kinky objects can provide pleasure to the both of you, and your height difference is less of a concern.

3. Try to avoid the shower

While having sex in the shower can be a lot of fun, when there is a major height difference, this can be a bit of a hazard. Since the only position you can do comfortably would be one that requires the guy to pick up and hold the girl for the proper height, you might want to avoid having shower sex.

4. Laugh about it

When you are trying to find sex positions for tall guy and short girl, know that sometimes things aren't going to go smoothly. It's inevitable that heads will accidentally collide or something else that could be really awkward may happen. When things don't go according to plan, learn to laugh about it. Having a good sense of humor during sex can make it all the better. It's supposed to be fun anyway, don't take things so seriously.

5. Standing positions

Having sex while standing is possible, but the guy will have to have enough strength to hold up the girl for the entire time. If you are going to try the standing position, then you want to consider having some support or help. Consider using a step stole or using a high sturdy surface you can prop up on or against.

6. Experiment

When it comes to finding the right position in the bedroom, you need to experiment some. Don't be afraid to try different position to find what works best for both of you. Sex should be enjoyable for the both of you and each person will have their own preferences and challenges with different positions. The best way to learn what works best is simply by doing.

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