Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B6

Also known as pyridoxine, vitamin B6 is an important part of the vitamin B complex family. Vitamin B6 and other B-vitamins are essential for a range of psychological and physical functions. Vitamin B6 benefits are quite impressive. Without vitamin B6, you will not have a healthy metabolism, liver function, nerve function, and energy. Your eyes and skin will suffer too.

Amazing Benefits of Vitamin B6

A deficiency of vitamin B6 can cause all sort of physical and psychological problems, which is why you should include B6-rich foods in your diet. Here are some important benefits of getting enough vitamin B6.

1. It Keeps Blood Vessels Healthy

Without enough vitamin B6, your body cannot maintain healthy levels of homocysteine, a compound or amino acid found within the blood. Having too much protein in your diet can lead to an increase in homocysteine levels, and this in turn can increase inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to blood vessel disease and heart disease. A buildup of homocysteine would damage blood vessel linings and promote the buildup of plaque as well. There is evidence that vitamin B6 combined with folate significantly reduces homocysteine levels in the body.

2. It Prevents Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome can produce a set of uncomfortable symptoms, including loss of sex drive, mood shifts, and more. Some studies show that this happens when you do not have enough vitamin B6 in your body – or at least there is not enough of this vitamin during that period. Increasing your intake of vitamin B6 would help treat premenstrual syndrome.

3. It Improves Brain Function

One of many vitamin B6 benefits is that it helps proper brain function and development. Some studies have found that a deficiency of vitamin B6 may be linked to dementia, Alzheimer's, and cognitive impairment. It controls homocysteine levels and prevents inflammation. It also triggers the release of norepinephrine and serotonin that control energy, mood, and concentration. These hormones can relieve anxiety and fatigue, which will have a direct impact not only on your mood but on your overall health as well.

4. It Boosts Immune System

Vitamin B6 helps refurbish the immune system to keep it functional. With a stronger immune system, you are likely to fight a number of infections with ease. You may have a hard time dealing with infections when there is a deficiency of this vitamin.

5. It Helps Prevent Anemia

Your blood is red because of hemoglobin and vitamin B6 is essential for the creation of this protein molecule. Without enough hemoglobin, your red blood cells will fail to transport oxygen throughout your body. It will also affect the way your blood mobilizes iron and you may end up dealing with anemia. If you have symptoms like aches, fatigue, and pains, you may benefit from increasing your intake of vitamin B6.

6. It Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

Are there any other vitamin B6 benefits? Yes it's good for your eyes. Any nutritional deficiency can directly affect your eyes. Some studies have found that not getting enough vitamin B6 may be responsible for eye diseases, including cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. When combined with folate, vitamin B6 also helps prevent loss of vision and other common eye disorders.

7. It Lessens Symptoms of Arthritis

Your symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis may become severe in the absence of enough vitamin B6 in the body. Some studies have found that people with this disorder need more vitamin B6 to prevent symptoms like joint pain and muscle aches. This vitamin helps lower chronic inflammation and prevents or reduces symptoms of arthritis.

8. It Treats Hypertension

By keeping your blood vessels healthy and improving blood circulation, vitamin B6 can help keep your heart healthy. This will also lower your risk of developing hypertension. It also lowers cholesterol levels, making it possible for you to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

9. It Prevents Kidney Disorders

By controlling the level of fat in the body and especially around your heart, vitamin B6 helps improve cardiovascular health. At the same time, it prevents stone formation in your kidneys, thus keeping them healthy.

How Much Do You Need?

There certainly are several vitamin B6 benefits, but you may be wondering if you really need to increase your intake of pyridoxine or you are already getting enough. The good thing is that like all B-vitamins, vitamin B6 can dissolve in body's fluids. It means that if you are taking more, the excess will go out of your body in the urine. It also implies that there is no mechanism in your body to store excess vitamin B6 for later use, which is why it is important to continue to have enough B-vitamins daily. Here is how much you need:



Daily Requirement

Newborn-6 months


7 months-1 year


1-3 years


4-8 years


9-13 years


14-18years (boys)


14-18 years (girls)




Daily Requirement

19-50 years (both men and women)


51 years and older (men)


51years and older (women)


Breastfeeding women


Pregnant women


The truth is that you do not need to take additional vitamin B6 if you are already taking a well-balanced diet. There is no need to go for dietary supplements in this case. A varied diet usually provides you with 1.3mg of vitamin B6, which is your recommended daily intake of this vitamin when you are under age 50.

Older adults may not get enough vitamin B6 from food, especially those who live alone and do not cook that often. They should have their vitamin B6 levels checked often and may even consider taking a supplement to ensure they are getting enough.

You should also bear in mind that some people may be getting too much of this vitamin, which is especially true for those who consume too many energy drinks. Your body cannot store excess vitamin B6 for later use, so your kidneys have to work to throw it out of your system. This would put unnecessary pressure on your kidneys, which is why it is important to ensure that you are not getting too much of this vitamin either.

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