What Does Weed Feel Like?

Have you ever eaten a pot-laced brownie or smoked a joint? If you have, you are definitely not alone. Statistics show that over 12% of Americans under age 12 have done the same in the past year. While it may not seem dangerous, the use of weed can make you deal with a number of side effects. Knowledge about the side effects will help you decide if you should go for it or avoid it.

What Does Getting High on Weed Feel Like?

The effects of weed are different for different people. What does weed feel like? It depends on a number of factors including timing, setting, state of mind, and the type of cannabis used. Below is what you might feel after smoking weed.

1. Intensified Feelings

The use of weed may increase your concentration and focus, making your sensations, moods, and experience seem more intense. Your heart will start beating faster and you will be in a state of delirium. It all feels so great until the effects wear off later. If you have tried weed to forget about the world's problems, you might find yourself trying it again shortly.

2. Memory Interruption

Expect a short-term memory interruption after using marijuana. It does not affect your actual memory but make you remember things from the past. However, you may not remember what you have said a few moments ago. It may be a fleeting distraction, but can still cause problems.

3. Burst of New Ideas

What does weed feel like? You will have a sense of revelation, awe, and realization. You may get a deeper understanding of something you already know or you may develop a new way of looking at things. Some people even start to think of playful ideas and fantasies after they are on a high. This may lead to uncontrollable giggling or may make you have a more balanced perspective about things in your life.

4. A Sense of Surrounding

Even when you are on a high after the use of weed, your judgment will not be as impaired as it is after alcohol intoxication. Many people who smoke still know they should not be driving while it is hard to tell this to people who have consumed alcohol. There are people who say that cannabis makes them less judgmental and more open-minded about things in their lives.

5. Altered Sense of Time

You may lose track of time after using cannabis. Your heart rate will increase and the effect of cannabis can alter your sense of time. You may feel you have been around for an hour but in reality, it might only have been 15 minutes. Even if you look at the clock constantly, you may still have a hard time keeping track of time.

6. Increased Sexual Pleasure

What does weed feel like? It actually feels great if you have sex after trying cannabis. Some people believe it is a mild aphrodisiac and helps them have better sex. You may feel better not because it increases your sexual powers but mainly because it slows down time, lowers inhibitions, makes you more aware of touch, induces relaxation, and lets you focus more on the present moment. Even though your orgasms may not be that intense, the experience may feel more sensual.

7. Temporary Physical Effects

You will also experience some temporary physical changes after using cannabis. For instance, your eyes will turn red, you will have cool fingers and toes, and your mouth will get dry. Smoke of cannabis can irritate your airways and lead to bronchial irritation. Interestingly, cannabis is a bronchodilator and vasodilator as well, so it might actually help asthmatics. An overdose of cannabis may not lead to death but can cause an unpleasant experience.

8. Changes in Appetite

Most people find it difficult to resist the temptation to eat something. Many say that food tastes great after they use cannabis. Some people even say that their sense of taste becomes so strong that they can actually taste the separate ingredients in whatever they are eating. However, it may work different for some people, making them lose their appetite for a short time.

9. Anxiety

What does weed feel like? It is common for novice smokers to feel anxious and stressed out after trying cannabis. Your heartbeat increases and you develop a sense of panic. Someone who is trying cannabis for the first time will experience this panic attack but they usually start to feel better when someone tells them that all this is normal. Getting some fresh air, breathing slowly, and lying down for a while will help overcome the discomfort.

10. Reduced Tensions

Cannabis affects you physically and helps your muscles relax. It means you may find some relief from pain caused by spinal injury or other injuries. Some people try cannabis after work to relax their nerves and release their tensions. It is important to keep in mind though that some people feel more sleepy, tired, and sluggish after smoking cannabis and usually avoid it when they have so many things to handle.

How Long Does the Effect of Weed Last?

Vaporized or smoked cannabis takes control of your body within seconds. The peak effect is usually between 15 minutes and 30 minutes. It is then followed by a steep decline that may take up to 4 hours to wear away completely. Eating cannabis is not that strong in the beginning and usually takes about 30 minutes to take effect. That effect can be sudden and quite powerful too. The effect usually wears away in 4-6 hours. How long the effect lasts usually depends on what type of cannabis you use and how much you take.


Regular use of pot can lead to problems with memory and attention by changing the flow of blood to certain parts of the brain. This happens mainly due to THC and other chemicals entering your bloodstream and then reaching your brain. Researchers have also found that regular use of weed may affect the shape and size of the thalamus, the part of your brain responsible for information processing. It means regular users are more likely to develop schizophrenia and other disorders. 

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