22 Weeks Pregnant Movement

Becoming pregnant feels great but it feels even amazing to feel your baby move in your belly for the very first time. For some women, it happens early in the pregnancy. For others, there is no 22 weeks pregnant movement. Is it normal? Exactly when should your baby start moving? When should you go see your doctor? Let's find out more about it.

Fetal Movement at 22 Weeks

You are more likely to feel your baby move during your second trimester. For most women, it happens between 18th and 20th week of pregnancy. You will be in a better position to notice signs of movement if you have had a baby already. If it is not your first pregnancy, you may feel movements as early as 16 weeks. You may notice baby movement late if you are overweight.

What Does It Feel Like When My Baby Moves?

The first movements of your baby may feel as "flutters". They are usually very subtle and most women often mistake them for gas bubbles. With time, they become more obvious and feel like kicking. Your partner may be able to feel the movement by placing his hand on your growing belly when you are at least 24 weeks pregnant. Around 28 weeks, you may even see the shape of the foot or elbow nudging you.

What Is My Baby Doing?

You feel 22 weeks pregnant movement when your baby tries extending and flexing the legs and arms. The movement may also be due to hiccups that usually begin around 11 weeks when the neurological system develops. Sometimes, you feel your baby move when he/she switches position. Your baby may sometimes be in a breech position, which will make you feel pain in your rib cage.

Does It Hurt When My Baby Moves?

It may hurt you occasionally. You usually experience pain when your baby's arm or foot presses against your abdomen or ribs. The pain can be sharp at times. If the pain persists, you should talk to your doctor because sometimes the pain is due to some underlying condition, such as placental abruption or pulmonary embolism.

How Often Should I Feel the Movement?

During early pregnancy, you may not even remember that you are pregnant because your baby may not move that often. You will feel the movement more often around the beginning of your third trimester. Your doctor may also advise you to report if there is a decrease in movement. Some experts say you should ensure that there are at least 10 movements a day, while others say you should pick an hour and ensure that you feel 3-4 movements within an hour.

What Should I Do When I Feel No Movement at 22 Weeks?

If you do not feel any movement at 22 weeks, you should not panic. It may only be because you have not been able to pick those subtle movements yet. It will become clearer as your pregnancy proceeds. However, some babies do not move as much as others do. If you have already reached 25 weeks and there is no movement, you may want to talk to your doctor. They will listen for your baby's heartbeat to confirm there is no issue.

What Else to Expect at 22 Weeks of Pregnancy?

22 weeks pregnant movement is not the only change you will experience at this stage. Your baby will develop quickly at this stage, and so many changes will happen in your body as well.  

Development of Your Baby at 22 Weeks

At this stage, your baby will be around 27 cm in length and about the size of a papaya. Your baby will continue to grow, and so will your placenta that provides nourishment for your baby. Your baby's gums will be developing tooth buds at this stage. Their eyes will be developed but without any eye color yet. With your baby's pancreas producing hormones, their lungs and other organs will continue to grow at this stage.

Changes of Your Body at 22 Weeks

When you are 22 weeks pregnant, your belly is more likely to become a hand magnet. If you do not like folks touch your tummy, just tell them what you feel. Do not take their comments seriously if they say you should look smaller or bigger at this stage. Here are some other changes you may experience in your body at this stage:

  • Your hair may become thicker, more lustrous at this stage. Talk to your stylish and ask them to do some thinning if you do not like thick here. Remember that you are going to lose this excess hair after delivery.
  • You will notice increased body hair. This happens due to an increase in the sex hormones called androgens. There may be hair on your upper lip, chin, cheeks, and jaw. Waxing, tweezing, and shaving are all safe to do to keep things under control.
  • Your fingernails will grow quickly. Your nails may also become a bit more brittle or harder than normal. Wear rubber gloves to keep your brittle nails protected.
  • You may notice a change in your skin. Some may notice a glow, while others may have to deal with issues such as acne. Keep your skin clean and wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser.
  • Your belly will continue to expand at this stage and form stretch marks as well. This happens due to tiny tears in the supportive tissue underneath your skin. The marks will begin to disappear at least a year after you deliver.
  • Your nipples may become large and the color of your areolas may darken a bit. Your nipples will become pronounced at this stage and you may notice your veins in the breasts become more pronounced.
  • Your feet may become larger; in fact, they may increase by half a shoe size or more. That swelling will become normal after delivery, but some of it may not go.

Other Mum's Experiences on Fetal Movement at About 22 Weeks

If you're still confused about 22 weeks pregnant movement, read the experiences of other moms. 

"I am now in my 23rd week of pregnancy, and I felt fetal movement for the first time during the last week (22nd week of pregnancy). This was my first pregnancy, so my doctor said that I should not worry even if there was no movement by 24 weeks. It was not the case though."

"I am 23 weeks pregnant and I do feel fetal movement, more on some days as compared to the others. I felt it more while lying in the bed, but then it all became silent for some time. Then I felt some movement again early this week. I believe you should not worry if you do not feel movement that regularly because babies will have some busy days and quite days as well."

"I am now 21 weeks pregnant and occasionally feeling my baby move during the day. It also becomes rather prominent when I go to bed at night. I went for a scan yesterday and my doctor found that the placenta is at the front. It is due to the position of the placenta that I cannot feel that much movement."

"I am now 23 weeks pregnant with my third baby, and feel fetal movement more on some days. Even though it is my third pregnancy, I still find it difficult to know where my baby is lying. I believe every woman is different and every baby is too. My first baby was quite busy all the time; my second baby was not. So, expect things proceed differently."

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