Activities for Infants

Doing some activities targeted for infants is essential, because infants can learn about the world around them, master new skills, test their boundaries and take on new challenges through such processes. With you being around, they feel more confident and you can make sure that they do not harm them in the process. You can try a variety of activities for infants to help them learn and grow. Meanwhile, you can get a lot of fun and get into a stress-busting process.

General Features of Infant Development

Before you start playing with your infant, it is important to understand some of the most basic development features. Are you ready to start such a colorful and amazing journey?

  • Newborns need gentle head and neck support because they cannot lift their heads. Most infants sleep through much of the night by the time they are 6 months old. Infants start making sounds like "ah" and "ooh" by 3-4 months. Babies try to grasp objects when they are 4-5 months old.
  • During the 8 to 12 months, infants will recognize you better. And they tend to be able to stand on their own and hold some in both hands or pick up small things. Some can even say "dada" and "mama" to the correct person. You can also expect reactions from your infants to some directions, like shaking head to say no or waving to say bye-bye.
  • Baby may seem to be startled if they twitch or jump suddenly. Also, "out of sight" usually means out of life or something essential for a growing baby. Parents may not feel unfamiliar to hear the screaming when one parent is not around.

Physical Activities for Infants

You can choose from a long list of physical activities targeted for infants.Here are some of the most interesting and helpful ones you can try.

1. Leg Kicks

All you need is a pillow and a plate. Spread a blanket on the floor and place your little one face up on it. Now, hold a pillow or a plastic plate within easy reach of the infant's legs. Guide his/her feet towards the object for the first few times. Once s/he understands it, s/he will become excited and play it with more interest. Such activities for infants will help improve eye-foot coordination, body awareness, and listening skills.

2. Infant Sit-Ups

You need a blanket for this activity. Spread it on the floor and lay your baby on it. Hold on to their hands and wrists and gently lift them up to a sitting position. Then, return to the same lying position once again. This activity is great for building upper body strength as well as trust.

3. Grasp Training

Grasp training is one of those common physical activities for infants. Simply put your finger in your baby's palm and wait for them to grasp it. You can do regularly for both palms to help develop their muscles. This activity is also great for tactile stimulation.

4. Try the Sled

Get a sled and place your baby on it. If there is no rope attached to it already, you can make a small hole in the front of it and attach a rope by yourself. Now, pull her along indoors and outdoors pretending to be a horse. As one of the most interesting activities for infants, you can really have a great closed time.

5. Use Homemade Tunnels

If you have a large cardboard box, do not throw it away. Instead, make an opening at each end and place it in the middle of your baby's room. Now, encourage your little one to go through the tunnel. Encourage him to crawl and come to you.

Sensory Activities for Infants

You can try a number of sensory activities targeted for infantsthat improve their sensory skills.

1. Make a Perfect Bag

All you have to do is get a zip-lock bag and fill it up with anything you can find from buttons to silly bands and more. Let the infantpush and squish it to his/her heart's content.

2. It's Spaghetti Time

Spaghetti is slimy, colorful, and fascinating. All you have to do is spice it up with some color and add some alphabet shapes as well. This will provide your little angle with a perfect afternoon of sensory play.

3. Try Yogurt Finger Painting

Yogurt finger painting is one of those interesting and delicious activities for infants to enhance the sensory development. Prepare some crackers or pretzels and yogurt then let the yogurt finger painting begin on a flat surface. The cute painting from your baby makes the afterward cleanup job worth it.

4. Simple Water Play

Get a cooking sheet and pour some water on it. Throw a couple of balls in the water and see your little one having a great time.

5. Let Them See the Light

Get a jar and add some common twinkle lights in it. You have your very own twinkling toy ready for your little one. This activity can help the baby's sensory feeling to lights

Cognitive Activities for Infants

Here are some of the most effective cognitive activities targeted for infants.

1. Stimulate with Sound

You can make use of items like a drum, xylophone, rattle or bell to make you infant know that various objects and give off different sounds.

2. Homemade Toy Box

Make a toy box for your little angel by filling a box with toys and objects made of plastic, metal, and wood. Let them play with all the objects and feel that they are all different. Give them a wooden spoon to hit the object and listen to different sounds they make.

3. Try Cause and Effect Games

You can play some cause-and-effect games with your little genius. It could be as simple as filling a container with water, objects, or sand and then dumping it out. You can also help them build a tower with blocks and then knock it down.

4. Enjoy a Treasure Hunt

All you have to do is take your baby's favorite toy and partially hide it somewhere under a blanket. Ask them to find it.

5. Help Them Feel Texture

Give your infant a chance to play with differently textured linens and clothes. This will help them explore the differences in textures.

More Funny Activities for Infants

Your baby will enjoy your company no matter what activities you have selected. Still, there are some activities that are really funny to play with your infants

1. Play "So Big"

Ask your baby, "How big is the baby?" Then, lift their arms up, stretch them gently, and say, "So big". Many parents who have tried this activity report that the baby just loves this game and wants to repeat again and again.

2. Baby in the Mirror

Stand in front of a mirror with your baby in your arms and touch his different body parts in the mirror to teach him how to identify them. This will enhance their growing sense of body.

3. Enhance Auditory Awareness

Get a bell and ring it close to your baby, just make sure s/he hears it. Now, start singing, "Do you hear it dear baby, listen to the ring, baby dear?" Or, make your own song. Then, hide the bell behind your back and slowly get it out once again. This practice will help enrich her ability to hear and recognize different sounds.

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