Videos and Other Women's Experiences of Viginal Birth

Every pregnant woman believes all the strange things she's been dealing with since she's become pregnant will be over between 37 and 42 weeks because she will go to labor during the period. Though vaginal delivery is natural, not every woman will deliver vaginally because of some possible several complications such as a cesarean section.Still, the vaginal birth is one of the most commonly used delivery method around the world. Whether it's your first pregnancy or you're just learning more about it, you will always be curious to look for a great baby coming out of birth canal video. Keep reading to learn more about it and to see some interesting videos as well.

Baby Coming Out of Birth Canal: The Process

Things take several turns since you become pregnant, and you will also experience different things at the onset of your labor. Generally, you have to go through three stages to deliver your baby vaginally, which you will see and learn from baby coming out of birth canal video afterwards.

  • 1st Stage. Your cervix becomes thin before the start of your labor and the baby will drop lower in your pelvis. The breaking of amniotic sac is yet another common symptom that your labor has started. For successful vaginal delivery, it is important to ensure that your baby is in a head-down position.
  • 2nd Stage. The cervix will open up soon and your baby will start moving out of the womb. This is the start of the second stage. In no time, the baby will move from cervix to the womb and then into the birthing canal. This is the moment when pushing will begin. The combination of pushing action made by you and muscle contractions of your uterus will help your baby move through the birthing canal toward your vaginal opening. It sometimes becomes important to perform an episiotomy if the size of your baby is too large for your vaginal opening.
  • 3rd Stage. After your baby has come out of your vaginal opening, you will still experience contractions. This is the start of the third stage in which the placenta will also move through birthing canal and come out of your vaginal opening. Your pain and contractions will stop once the placenta comes out of your vaginal opening. You may choose to use anesthesia during the process, but some women prefer giving birth naturally.

Baby Coming Out of Birth Canal Video

Now you understand the basic process of giving birth vaginally. The process can be quite painful for some, while others may not find it that terrifying. Sometimes, women make use of different techniques to make vaginal deliveries less stressful. For instance, some opt for water delivery, which is considered a less painful way of delivering your baby through your vagina. Check out the following link to see baby coming out of birth canal video to learn more about different types of delivery.

Here's an extended video of a woman giving birth to twins. It's highly educational for someone who's expecting twins.

Mothers' Experiences of Vaginal Delivery

By checking a baby coming out of birth canal video, you will understand that it is a tricky process and is often the most painful one too. However, you need to bear in mind that how much pain you experience during labor depends on so many factors. You may find it difficult to give birth when you're carrying twins. Your health and other factors may also change the overall experience. It is due to many of these factors that labor pain is sometimes nothing more than menstrual cramps, but some women will describe it as having strong waves that feel more like diarrheal cramps. It is obvious for first-time mothers to feel worried, concerned and terrified about going through the labor. Here is a bit more about the experiences of different women that they had during vaginal delivery.

"The pain is just unbearable and it feels as if someone is pulling, twisting and squeezing you from the inside. You fight it and it becomes worse. Just surrender to the pain and it will become bearable. That was my experience with my first vaginal delivery. Still, I must say, it was a painful experience, especially the searing pain that I experienced in my lower back."

Tabitha, Canton, GA

"It wasn't that bad for me. It was nothing more than the pain I experience during my period. The best part is that you will forget everything when you actually get to hold your baby in your hand."

Denise, Corfu, NY

 "The pain was just excruciating. I never experienced anything more painful than labor pain. However, I felt no pain in between contractions, and thank God, those contractions only last about a minute. It was definitely painful, but I'm kind of getting used to it after four kids."

Sandy, Vestal, NY

"I found it extremely difficult and tricky to push correctly. I was doing it all wrong until the nurse came up to me and explained that I should push as if I was pooping. I didn't believe her first but it actually worked when I tried it. Once I got hold of pushing, it became a lot easier and my daughter came into the world in a few minutes only."

Tania, Lake Worth, FL

"It was a mixed experience and I felt the pain begins, comes down and subsides completely for a few moments. When it was at its peak, I found it difficult to breathe. I forgot everything though when I looked at my little joy."

Catherine, Appleton, WI