Should You Worry If Your Baby Won't Burp After Feeding?

One of the important skills of a parent is to burp the baby after feeding. It is to ensure that the gas trapped in the gastrointestinal system is released. Like changing diapers and swaddling, this is a daily task for all parents. Sometimes, however, your baby don’t burp after feeding. So is this normal? And how do you release the gas that is trapped in such a case?

Should I Be Worried If My Baby Won't Burp After Feeding?

It can be completely normal for a baby not to burp after feeding and it is just as normal as spitting up a little after burping. Some babies may vomit instead of burping, which is nothing to worry about if it occurs only a few times. If it happens more frequently, however, you should seek medical help.

If your baby don't burp after feeding, yet seems to be perfectly happy, then do not try to force it. But if your baby is wriggly and seems to be uncomfortable, it is likely that she needs burping. By the age of six months, your baby will have outgrown the need to burp.

When to See a Doctor

You should contact your doctor if your baby doesn’t poop or has a bloody stool. Vomiting could be a sign of a digestive issue. Additionally, if your baby has a fever, and is fussy and uncomfortable, you should contact a doctor immediately.

What to Do When Baby Won't Burp After Feeding

1. Burp Your Baby Properly

There are a range of ways to burp a baby, so try a few to get the right one and make sure you put a towel over you as she may spit up after burping. Here are three common ways to burp your baby:

  • On Your Chest

Hold your baby against your chest. Rest her chin on your shoulder while supporting her head, rub or pat her back. 

  • Sitting on Your Lap

Sit your baby on your lap and face her away from you. Support her chest and head with one hand while rubbing the back with the other.

  • Face Down Across Your Lap

Lay your baby across your knees with face downwards. Support the jaw with one hand. Rub and pat your baby’s back, but don’t let her head hang forward.

2. Try to Soothe Your Baby 

If your baby won't burp after feeding, then try giving her a warm and relaxing bath. Follow this with a stomach massage by rubbing the tummy in a circular motion to help release the trapped wind.

3. Take OTC Medications

Another option to consider is over the counter medications. Simethicone drops help release the trapped wind as they create bigger bubbles that are easier to burp up.

Experiences About Baby Won't Burp After Feeding

"I overcome this issue by burping my baby halfway through feeding her. I also sit her on my knee and lean her forward and even lay her flat on her back for two minutes before burping her again. "

"I usually spend at least 5-10 minutes burping my baby. Since there are three positions to burp babies, I always alternate between all three positions. This really helps my baby burp easier. My son gets about 3 to 4 burps every time."

"I've tried every way to burp my daughter but she has never burped. Instead, she farts the gas out, which is just as healthy. Luckily, she seems to be fine and it has never been a problem. But her loud farts can be a little embarrassing at public places." 

"I burp my daughter at night as she is falling to sleep. However, she would go straightly to sleep. I'm told by the doctor to lay her down while lifting her right side so the gas rises and after a few minutes she wakes up and burps."

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