Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is the energizing, sweet clear juice from the center of young coconut. It is taken from the fresh green coconut and is considered to be one of the most refreshing and nutrients-rich drink. Coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and other electrolytes perfect to satisfy your thirst during summer and you'll love the natural sweetness it gives while revitalizing your body. With all the benefits it has, is it a good choice for pregnancy?

Is It Good to Drink Coconut Water During Pregnancy?

Yes. Coconut water is very safe and ideal especially for pregnant women because of its natural vitamins and minerals. Most pregnant women feel easily exhausted and dehydrated and this is actually because of the fact that during pregnancy, pregnant women undergo many physical and psychological changes. Coconut water is a good choice when it comes to the increase of fluid intake during pregnancy to prevent dehydration, constipation and infections.

In addition, many pregnant women drink fresh coconut waterto alleviate morning sickness, constipation, nausea and vomiting and other symptoms associated with pregnancy.

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

1.    Low in Calories

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy because of the many changes your body is undergoing and your appetite increasing. Pregnancy can be harmful if you don't know what possible things can happen when you eat too much or too little. However, with coconut water, you don't have to worry about such a thing as it's in low in calories and fat-free.

2.    Good for Constipation

Since coconut water contains high amount of fibers, it can help pregnant women avoid and treat constipation. It can also provide relief for indigestion and hyperacidity during pregnancy.

3.    Rich in Essential Electrolytes

Our body needs electrolytes especially after sweating a lot and after experiencing diarrhea. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy provides you with all the five essential electrolytes energy you need such as minerals, calcium, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. These electrolytes transmit electrical charges in your body that helps your muscles function well. It also helps maintain your normal body pH and helps in the maintenance of your blood pressure. It's perfect for morning sickness especially if you vomit a lot during pregnancy.

4.    Natural Drink

What you eat greatly influence your baby's health too. Coconut water does not contain harmful chemicals or artificial flavorings compared to electrolyte beverage available in the market today that are filled with artificial sugar, colorings and unnecessary calories.

5.    Fight Infections

Coconut water contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) like lauric acid which is converted by the body into compound called monolaurin, a very powerful antivirus that can naturally kill bacterial infection during pregnancy especially UTI. The great thing about this is that, it only kills harmful bacteria, leaving the good bacteria alone to do their job.

6.    Natural Diuretic

Drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps flush away the toxins through urine. It increases your urge to urinate which is very vital during pregnancy to avoid urinary tract diseases while preventing yourself from acquiring kidney infections.

7.    Improve Blood Circulation and Control Sugar Levels

People with high blood pressure usually have low level of potassium, thus drinking coconut water helps regulate their blood pressure because of its natural lauric acid and high content of potassium. It also helps increase the body's ability to produce HDL or good cholesterol to fight the bad cholesterol causing diseases. It is packed with essential proteins, vitamins and electrolytes that control blood pressure, sugar level, and improve blood circulation preventing mothers from suffering hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Tips for Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Drinking coconut water has many advantages but it is also best to know how to drink it:

  • Drink moderately, do not substitute fresh water from coconut water. They have different benefits in your body.
  • When buying coconut water, make sure to pick the fresh green coconut. Choose a clean place to buy it to make sure the vendor washes his/her hands.
  • Drink the water as soon as it is given to you with a clean straw or pour it in a water glass to see how it looks before drinking.

Myths About Coconut Water During Pregnancy

There are countless benefits of drinking coconut water and that's why it is has been known as the miraculous drink of all time; however, though it has many advantages, it has been exaggerated by many.

Myth - Coconut Water Is Packed with All the Nutrients a Pregnant Woman Needs

Fact: There is no single food that contains all the necessary nutrients our body needs. This is an old myth that must be ditched. We need food and water to survive and pregnant women need to be nourished well with fruits, vegetables and other foods necessary to have a healthy pregnancy.

Myth - Coconut Can Make Baby's Hair Thick

Fact: This is just another old myth. It has no scientific basis at all, simply a hearsay passed on from generation to generation. And drinking coconut water will not provide you acidity. The acidity that pregnant mother experiences is due to the expanding belly which interferes with digestion.

Myth - Coconut Water Makes Your Baby's Skin Fair and Beautiful

Fact: This is an absolute exaggeration of the many benefits of coconut water. While it's good to hear that something will make your baby's skin look fairer and beautiful, it pays to know that such thing can only be a dream. Your baby's health and skin color will depend on hereditary factor and not on simply drinking coconut water.

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