Dry Skin During Pregnancy

During your pregnancy, you undergo many chemical changes in your body that can greatly affect your skin too, giving you a "pregnancy glow". Your skin is able to retain higher water content while you are expecting. This can make your skin plumper and help smoothen out the fine lines, making it suppler. However, pregnancy can have drastic sideeffects on your skin too! Your skin can dry out and become flaky, leaving you irritated for nearly 9 months. Find out the reasons for dry skin during pregnancy and various ways to treat it in our article.

Dry Skin During Pregnancy, Why?

You may experience dry skin especially during your first trimester. In this period your body is flushed with a large number of pregnancy hormones which can lead to higher production of skin oils. When you try to wash this excess oil by extensive means, you can dry the skin.

Another reason for dry skin is insufficient body fluids. While you are pregnant, you need to consume a higher amount of fluids to meet the demands of your increased blood supply and to fulfill your baby's requirements. However if you do not drink enough fluids, it could cause a very dry and flaky skin.

Potential Complications of Dry Skin During Pregnancy

Your dry skin can very soon become itchy and you may can't help but to scratch it. This can cause small tears in your skin and make you more prone to infections or scarring. With a personal or family history of eczema, a kind of itchy, scaly and red skin, your dry skin could flare up of this condition. Eczema related skin irritations can lead to cracking of skin which can lead to infections. You need to consult your doctor to determine whether you need some intensive therapy or treatment or not.

Dry Skin During Pregnancy, What to Do

Very dry skin while pregnancy can cause itching and lead to blemishes. There are many different ways in which you can control dryness and achieve a healthy glowing skin.

1. Choose Proper Skin Care Products

While purchasing your beauty products make sure to choose unscented products that do not block your pores. Many scented products can dry your skin. Also, choose products that have additional moisturizing content in form of Vitamin E oils.

2. Take Bath with Care

While bathing, use cool water to rinse your face and body; clean yourself with gentle soap-free cleansers. Make use of cream based products while bathing. Avoid using hot water for baths and control your shower time as longer showers can strip the natural oils from your skin and make your skin dehydrated.

3. Use a Humidifier

Keep a humidifier in your room andalways keep it filled with clean and fresh water. It adds extra moisture as water vapors in the air, which keeps your skin moisturized.

4. Avoid Steam

The use of excessive steam can give you dry skin during pregnancy because it strips away all the moisture locked in your skin.

5. Moisturize Frequently

Use unscented moisturizer immediately after bath to seal the water in your skin, especially during winter months. Apply it frequently throughout the day and even at night times.

6. Eat Well and Drink Plenty

Include good fats - mono and polysaturated fats - in your daily diet. These fats are present in foods like nuts, olives, avocados, canola oils etc. Also drinking plenty of fluids (not coffee or aerated drinks) will help you replenish the lost fluids and prevent dry skin during pregnancy.

7. Stay Away from Scrubs and Peels

Use of exfoliating scrubs or chemical peels can irritate your sensitive skin further. These chemicals can enter your body through the skin and can be toxic. Avoid alcohol-based beauty products and consult your doctor before using any medicated products. Additionally, be cautious when using products to clean your oily skin as they can make your skin very dry, itchy and irritated.

8. Other Ways to Avoid Dry Skin

  • Protect your skin during the day by using sunscreens with a minimum SPF of 15.
  • Indulge in moisturizing facial masks at least once a week to add extra moisture to the skin, keeping it well hydrated.
  • If you notice dry skin patches near your elbows or knees, apply petroleum jelly immediately after your shower.
  • Always check for pimples or heat rashes on your skin. Consult your physician for some safe prescription based products to treat the problem.
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