How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

It would be very nice if there was a simple, easy answer to “How did you know you were pregnant?” A simple answer like, “Measure the size of your belly“ would be great! Unfortunately this is not the case.

However there are many ways to determine, or figure out if you are pregnant without going to the doctor. This being said, you definitely want to go to the doctor if you think you are pregnant or have used one of the strategies provided below to determine if you are pregnant. Only working closely with a trained professional will you be able to have proper care throughout your pregnancy.

How Did You Know You Were Pregnant?

Everyone wants to know the best way to determine if they are pregnant or not. One way is to ask others to share their experiences. Below you will find the responses from 12 moms.

1. Leanna

"I had the most unpleasant experience with my third child. In the times between running to the bathroom to pee and trying to poop when I couldn’t, I was completely exhausted. I was also extremely frustrated because my pants weren’t fitting right. I also did not feel romantic at all; about a week later I began vomiting."

2. Roxy

"I had incurable cravings! When I craved something, I had to have it NOW there was not any waiting time. After giving in to my cravings I would have serious heartburn and I could smell everything. Some of my favorite smells, such as my linen scented candle, became the worst and I had to get rid of them."

3. Beverly

"My first pregnancy was told by my boobs, they were so tender. My pee also smelled unusual. I had bronchitis at the beginning of my second pregnancy, so I missed the symptoms, but I missed my period."

4. Alexis

"My husband and I were trying to get pregnant; he was the first to notice. He told me I must be pregnant because I was moody and constantly snapping at him. I wasn't as hormonal during the rest of my pregnancy."

5. Natalie

"Some of my friends would often ask me, "How did you know you were pregnant?" when they tried to get pregnant. Well, I had severe ligament pains every time I rolled over in bed. I didn’t think I was pregnant because I thought those came later. However, this was my third so I took a test and, “yes,” I was pregnant."

6. Maxine

"I noticed similar mood swings and nausea that I had during my first pregnancy during the second one so I knew right away. However, I was in complete denial with my first. I had missed my A.M. cycle, but it did not register. Then, I was at the bakery with my mom and I had to immediately leave because the smell was horrible. She took me to the pharmacy to get a test."

7. Sarah

"The cramping and mood swings were normal and right on cue with my normal PMS. However, this time the cramping did not stop and kept getting worse. My sister noticed me complaining so she made the comment that she hoped I wasn’t pregnant and we both laughed it off. The next week I thought I should take the test anyway and I was."

8. Cara

"My DH and I were at a friend's house having our usual drinks. Generally I can drink several; however I suddenly felt nauseated and stepped outside to vomit. I told my DH that I wasn't feeling well so we went home and vomiting did not stop. He said that I was acting like I was pregnant so the next day I took a test and found out I was pregnant."

9. Tonya

"How did I know I was pregnant? Well, we had been trying for quite a while; it was tough with my cycle varying and my DH's work schedule. I bought an OPK to try and used it on the recommended days. A week later I had strep and the doctor gave me a pregnancy test because he knew we were trying. The test was negative. However, that following weekend we went out for our anniversary and I got car sick. The following Monday I took another pregnancy test, this time it was positive."

10. Cassie

"This was my third pregnancy. I had opted out of sledding with my DH's cousin and his wife. I was talking to his wife and mentioned that I had stretching pains and my DH, being who he is butted in and said I was extremely hormonal. After this conversation my DH and I stopped to pick up a pregnancy test on the way home…it was positive."

11. Abby

"I was two days late and just had a feeling that I was pregnant. However, I have unusual periods so two days late isn't normally a big deal. I discussed this with my husband, but he said I wasn't pregnant because I still had all my same PMS symptoms. I took the test anyway and it said I was pregnant after all."

12. Beth

"I did not have any idea with my first; I didn’t know where I was in my cycle either. I took a test anyway because I had them on hand. The second time I was still breastfeeding and we hadn't had sex that many times. Out of the blue I felt that I needed to take a test anyway; it turned out to be positive."

Early Signs of Pregnancy to Look Out For

“How did you know you were pregnant?” When the American Pregnancy Association asked this question to several women, the most common responses were: 29% - missed period, 25% - nausea, and 17% - change in breasts.

Even though implantation bleeding is thought to be one of the first signs of pregnancy, only 3% of the women asked stated this as a first sign. Fatigue, headaches, low-back pain, and the urgency to urinate were among some of the other responses.

Many symptoms of pregnancy may be related to other ailments; however, if you have two or more of the following symptoms a pregnancy test will most likely be your next step:

  • Missed or late period
  • Spotting (6-12 days after conception)
  • Breasts that are tender or swollen (1-2 weeks after conception)
  • Constant fatigue (as early as the first week)
  • Nausea and morning sickness (2-8 weeks after conception)
  • Back pain (lower back pain is more common early in the pregnancy, however you may experience a dull back pain throughout your entire pregnancy)
  • Headaches (throughout pregnancy)
  • Frequent urination (6-8 weeks after conception)
  • Areolas get darker (throughout pregnancy)
  • Aversion to or craving of certain foods (entire pregnancy)
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