How Can a Woman Be Great in Bed?

Regardless of our status, single or married, gay or straight, and social status, everyone wants to be good in bed. However, the question is how? Is it something in-born or one that can be learnt? Are there technical skills needed or it is just about having confidence or having sensual vibe? Women sometimes are passive in making sex life enjoyable. It doesn't have to work out this way. There are skills that could help satisfy your man.

How to Be Good in Bed: Advice for Women

Having a great time in bed with your man doesn't just happen. Here are various suggestions that could work for a great experience with him.

1. Caress a Man's Buttocks

As an acknowledgement of good feelings while having sex, a woman should grip her man's arse and let her fingers run softly through his hair when she feels he is doing well. The soft touches here and there usually build up a wonderful experience.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

One of the areas where women miss out is in their failure to participate. A great experience comes up when both the man and the woman are participating during sex. It is a mutual thing so both partners must engage.

3. Never Be Judgmental

The aspect of being judgmental may spoil the mood of any man engaging in sex. It is important for the woman to listen to both her desires and that of her man and come to a compromise instead of judging him.

4. Show Real Enthusiasm

It is important to be very genuine and enthusiastic about the act. Faking excitements will just spoil the mood for having great times in bed. How to be good in bed would require you express your real feelings before, during and after the act.

5. Be Confident

Confidence in the bedroom paves way for great communion. It shows that a person knows what they are doing. Be confident and even try to dominate your man in bed is a real stimulant for him.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

While making sex, it is important for both partners to maintain eye contact. This is an important element to spice up the love making process. It is usually a great feeling, especially when the woman looks directly into the man's eyes. 

7. Take Criticism Positively

People usually don't like criticism. However, it usually produces great results when used positively during sex. When doing this, you must make sure that the criticisms is entertaining and don't hurt each other's feelings.

8. Laugh Together

You can learn how to be good in bed by creating some humor out of sex. Laughs can make both of you relaxed and make the experience more enjoyable. Don't be afraid if something awkward happens; just laugh it off too.

9. Don't Overlook Sex Thoughts

Sex is more mental than physical. Therefore, great success can be achieved when one thinks about the act before the actual thing. It is important to pay close attention to a sensual thought in course of the day without dismissing it.

10. Try the Best Positions

  • Standing Position

Both partners should stand facing one another. The man should bend on his knees to enter the woman as the woman leans against the wall. Let the woman hold the man's shoulders and wrap her legs around him.

  • Standard Missionary

A woman can spice up the normal way of doing sex by lying down wither her legs spread wider than normal as the knees remain in a bend position. Woman should slide and squeeze her thighs as the man thrusts.

  • Seated Position

The man should sit on a sturdy chair. The woman should straddle the man's lap, put her knees against the man's chest and rest the feet on the seat. The woman should thrust as the man holds her thighs.

  • Sexy Doggy Style

The man should enter the woman in the normal doggy position at first. To spice it, the woman can then lean forward to rest her forearms and chest against the bed.

  • Girl On Top Position

This starts with the man at the bottom and the woman on top. The woman begins to lean back with outstretched arms behind. The woman's palms should be open to offer support.

11. Other Tips to Make You Good in Bed

Here are more tips for how to be good in bed:

  • Being innovative and always willing to try new things work wonders.
  • Men generally love massages; therefore, you should take the opportunity to do it around his arms, back and legs with a soft touch of your hands.
  • You can also leave something after getting out of bed. It could be a sexy piece of clothing for him to collect after you have left.
  • Don't yearn for the moonlight. Stay in a somewhat darker room as it highlights a woman's feature for the man.
  • Wake your man with a kiss on daring places and/or on the lips too to start the day.
  • Put on your man's clothes like a simple t-shirt. This is usually tempting for him.
  • Allow your skin to stay soft for him and simply go easy on all hair products.
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