How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

When you are deeply in love with someone, all you want to do is tell them how much they mean to you and how much you love them every single day. But love isn't just about speaking. It is in every action you do. Don't just tell them you love them. Show them that you mean to be with them till the end of time.

How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

Actions speak louder than words. Here are a few ways by which you can say I love you without actually saying it:

1. Leave Reminders

Leave notes around the house with messages like "See you soon" or "missing you" or "happy breakfast" or "thinking about you". If you are out of town, you can also send them postcards telling them that you miss them. Handwritten messages require more efforts than just sending a text message. It adds a personal touch to them and makes it more special.

2. Cook Foods

There is something very special about cooking for a person you love because this food has the secret ingredients of love and care added in it. Preparing a meal does not mean extensive cooking that takes up hours. Just a sandwich or a salad can work wonders too.

3. Listen to What They Are Saying

Everyone comes across difficulties in their everyday life. Sometimes it may become too much to cope with. Lend an ear to your partner and ask them about their problems at work or with family or with friends. Giving advice may be not necessary, just listening to them can help them get a weight off their chest.

4. Pamper Them When They Are Tired

There will be times when work becomes too hectic for your partner and they will come home drained of their energy. Know how to say I love you without saying it by preparing a warm bath for your partner or giving them a massage. You can just let them fall asleep early without having to stay awake and cater to you, even though you might have been waiting to spend time with them.

5. Do Something They Like

Many a times your partner may like something that you don't enjoy as much. But, for the sake of your partner's happiness, do them anyway. The fact that you pay attention to their likes and dislikes goes a long way and you get to try new things too.

6. Get to Know Their Friends

Friends are special in everyone's life. Get to know your partner's friends and spend some time with them. Even if you do not like them, try and make an effort without being judgmental. You might end up liking them after all. Even if you don't, do not show it out.

7. Tell Your Partner That You Want Them

Apart from telling your partner that you love them, also let them know that you want them. It expresses that you like where you are with them in your relationship right now, you mean to stay with them and you choose to love them.

8. Accept Them for Themselves

Every individual is unique in their own way and so is your partner. Accept your partner with all their quirks and crazy ways without attempting to change them. Remember, you fell in love with the person they already were before meeting you and you should let them stay that way. Accept and love them with all their strengths and weaknesses.

9. Give Them Thoughtful Gifts

If you want to know how to say I love you without saying it, give your partner meaningful gifts. The gifts don't have to be expensive but should suit their personality – a gift with a lot of thought into it. It will show them how well you know them. It could even be something as simple as cute socks.

10. Physical Actions Can Go a Long Way

Your physical actions say a lot and don't always mean in a sexual way. Just staying close to your partner or touching them spontaneously, like putting your fingers on their back to keep them close or holding their hand in a public place to maintain physical contact. A long and passionate kiss shows your partner how excited and happy you are around them.

11. Smile After Kissing

Smile after kissing your partner shows how happy you are to be with them and how much you enjoy their company. Who wouldn't love to see their partner's face beaming with delight right after kissing them?

12. Pay Attention to What They Are Saying

Show your partner that you care about them and are interested in what they have to say. Listen to their rants and remember what they say, no matter how irrelevant it may seem at the time. Notice the little things and pay attention to their words and feelings. Leaning in close towards them to hear what they are saying or nodding in agreement when they make a point is a sure shot way to show that you are listening.

13. Include Them in Future Plans

Nothing answers the question how to say I love you without saying it better than letting your partner know that you intend to keep them in your life in the future. Including your partner in your future life plans shows your partner that you are in this relationship for the long run and you intend to stick with them for a long, long time in the future, perhaps even forever. 

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