Is It Bad to Masturbate?

When the genitals are self-stimulated for pleasure to the point of achieving an orgasm, it is known as masturbation. It can be done by touching, massaging or stroking the penis or the clitoris till they achieve an orgasm. Sex toys are also used to masturbate. The use of vibrator to stimulate the vagina is common. However, it can be a taboo in some societies. “Is it bad to masturbate” may be a commonly asked question in such societies.

Is It Bad to Masturbate?

The answer is NO. It is a healthy activity which provides a release from sexual tension. It is normal and considered pleasant, safe, fulfilling and acceptable. Although it was once considered as a sign of mental problem or perversion, it is a pleasurable sexual activity and can be included in throughout life.

People often masturbate, even those who have active sex life with their partners. Almost 95% males and 89% females have confirmed that they masturbate in a national survey. Young children end up masturbation to explore their body while growing up and is quite normal. It is also one of the first sexual experiences of boys and girls. They continue doing it after becoming adults and then some do it all through life.

How Does Masturbation Benefit You?

Masturbation is a natural process to derive sexual pleasure and when you indulge in it, there are various positives that you can benefit from. First, we will discuss the benefits of masturbation for both men and women.

  • ŸMasturbation is stress reliever and mood enhancer. It releases feel-good chemicals like dopamine which makes you feel happy and relaxed and oxytocin which reduces stress and helps in overcoming depression.
  • ŸThese hormones and chemicals are also responsible in making you sleep well. Oxytocin is also a calming hormone, which can give you sound and peaceful sleep.
  • ŸIt is surest way to remain safe from STDs and avoid pregnancies.
  • ŸIt also helps in boosting immunity in both men and women.
  • ŸIt is a safe way of feeling euphoric. There is no requirement of drugs to get the feeling of ecstasy.
  • ŸIf you are aroused and do not have sex, it will lead to a buildup of sexual tension. Masturbation helps in relieving this tension by offering a way of release.
  • ŸIt is also a way of living your fantasies. It opens a whole new world of possibilities, which you can explore and fulfill on your own. It remains personal and private, if you wish to keep it that way.
  • ŸIt is also a form of exercise and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles in both men and women.

If You Are a Woman: There are some benefits which women can enjoy due to masturbation. Orgasm causes the cervix to open and helps move the mucus out of the vagina. This helps in lubrication, as well as to eliminate any unfriendly bacteria from the body. It also helps in curing an UTI (urinary tract infection) by the same function.

The cramps that every woman experiences during menstruation will also get relieved by masturbation because it helps in increasing blood flow and makes it a less stressful period. What's more, when you masturbate frequently, you are aware of your sexual health and ensure you go for regular checkups. This helps in strengthening relationships because you can tell your partner what you would like to be done during sex.

If You Are a Man: Men tend to wonder, "Is it bad to masturbate?" because they usually masturbate more often. Well, actually, guys can benefits from it in many ways. First, it helps in managing premature ejaculation. If a man masturbates 2 hours before having sex, he can sustain for longer duration. It also helps in prevention of prostate cancer because during ejaculations, the toxins built up in the urogenital tract get flushed out.

Masturbating regularly prevents erectile dysfunction and also gives harder erections. The sperm motility also increases with masturbation. And the chance of conception increases because residual sperms get flushed out during masturbating, and fresh sperms are released during the sexual act.

So, Can You Masturbate as Much as You Like?

You have known masturbation is not bad and actually can be beneficial, so you may wonder "Is it bad to masturbate frequently?" Well, this depends on how frequent it is and if it is interfering with the other aspects of your life. If it starts affecting your work and is getting more important to you than other routines, then it might become a problem.

Masturbation can be physically tiring if done often, hence you should keep in mind the other social obligations you might have before indulging in the solo session. You should seek professional help and try and cut down your masturbation sessions if you feel that you are obsessing over it. However, masturbation will not cause any health issues or decrease your sex drive.

Can You Begin Masturbation at an Early Age?

People may begin to masturbate at any age. Many children start to masturbate early in life as their body grows and changes. The fact that touching genitals gives pleasure can be discovered by everyone at an early age. A child may start masturbating even before puberty begins. Sexual fantasies become common during masturbation as a child becomes an adoloscent.Children should learn that masturbation is a normal act and will not hurt them or their bodies, but they should masturbate in private.

If you have children, you should read books or materials about how to discuss sex with your children as this information will help you have a healthy and comfortable discussion about sex and masturbation with them. 

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