Effects of Masturbation

Masturbation has many physiological (physical) benefits. Stimulating one’s genitals can be used for sexual therapy to assist women to learn the art of experiencing an orgasm and to help men learn how not to climax too fast. Some of the common reasons for masturbation among adults include:

  • Getting sexual pleasure
  • Relieving sexual tension
  • Sexual satisfaction in the absence of sex partners
  • Relaxation

Most people believe that people masturbate because their sexual partners are not there or have none. However, this is a fallacy as those who have consistent sex partners tend to masturbate more often compared to those with none.

The Immediate Effects of Masturbation

Men and women masturbate by pleasuring their sexual organs. Women may pleasure all parts of their vulva or some of them. These include the clitoris, inner and outer labia, vaginal opening or canal and/or the anus. Most women rub areas near the clitoris as clitoral stimulation can be very intense. As for men, they stimulate their penis, scrotum and/or the anus. In some cases sex toys can be used like vibrators and dildos for women. Lubricants and lotions are also used by both men and women to avoid irritation.

Masturbating provides a totally different experience from sex. From a psychological perspective, the majority of men and women say orgasms from their own touch are more intense compared to sex.

For women, especially, pleasure derived from masturbation is more intense compared to orgasm got from intercourse (In fact, many women cannot reach an orgasm by sexual intercourse. According to sex researcher Shere Hite, 2/3 of women do not have orgasms from intercourse). This is because of a variety of reasons. During coitus, a woman will experience tenderness, closeness as well as lust but she will not feel the intense pleasure that she is used to getting from masturbating because her clitoris is not being stimulated.

An orgasm by far is the most amazing feeling there is. Yes when you achieve or accomplish something you feel happy, but an orgasm offers a different type of feeling. If anything, the world would be happier if we all had orgasms.

Here are more fun facts about orgasm:

Benefits of Masturbation

Positive effects of masturbation are both mental and physical. If you want to explore your sexuality, understand the type of touch you want, and learn how to orgasm, masturbating will help you out.

When you know what kind of pleasuring you like, you will be able to enjoy sex more with your partner as you can let them know what you like. When you are confident and comfortable with your sexuality, sex becomes more pleasurable.

Masturbation improves your mental, physical and sexual health as well as that of your partner. More effects of masturbation include:

  • Creating a sense of well being
  • Improving sex with partners both emotionally and physically
  • Improving ability to climax
  • Improving sexual satisfaction and relationship
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving self-esteem and body image
  • Giving sexual satisfaction to people without partners, even the elderly
  • Provide sexual pleasure for people who are abstaining from intercourse
  • Treatment of sexual dysfunction
  • Stress reduction
  • Relieve sexual tension
  • Relieve muscle tension and menstrual cramps
  • Strengthen pelvic and anal muscles, helping women with problems of involuntary urine leakage as well as uterine prolapse

Also you can also enjoy mutual masturbation.

Can You Masturbate Too Much?

If you feel that you might be masturbating too much, just ask yourself if the habit is negatively affecting your social and professional life. If this is so, then you need a therapist. Professionals agree that there is no risk in masturbating unless in the case of obsessive compulsive disorder where masturbating interferes with your normal routine.

Precautions for Masturbation

  • Masturbation has no known health risks. The only problem you might experience is skin irritation which can be prevented by use of lubricants.
  • If you use sex toys like vibrators, you should make sure it is properly cleaned before using it. This will help avoid coming into contact with micro-organisms that can lead to infections.
  • Teenagers might experiment with different objects for masturbating purposes. However, inserting random objects in you anus or vagina could hurt you if you they have sharp edges or if they are capable of getting lost in there.
  • When you masturbate and you feel pain, you should refrain from what you are doing. If you are in pain after masturbating, you should seek medical attention.

Myths About Masturbation

Here are some myths associated with the effects of masturbation but are not true:

  • Makes hair grow on palms or other queer places
  • Causes blindness
  • Makes sexual organs grow or shrink; change color, texture and appearance
  • You get stunted growth
  • Causes infertility; men and boy’s sperms will run out
  • Causes harm or injury
  • Causes mental instability or illness
  • Makes one gay
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