Swollen Fingers in the Morning

For some, awakening in the morning can be pleasant, as you feel positive and rejuvenated. For others, however, the morning starts with pain due to swollen fingers. Typical tasks like getting dressed or brushing one's teeth are challenging while cooking and consuming breakfast are near to impossible. People with this issue typically find that their morning is a frustrating experience, especially for those who are required to be dexterous or continuously manipulate switches, levers or other small objects with their hands. Swollen fingers in the morningcan vary from slight to very severe. People who suffer from this need to find the exact cause in order to better treat it.

What Causes Swollen Fingers in the Morning?

Issues that can contribute to the swelling include:

1. Dehydration or Not Enough Water Intake

Failing to consume a sufficient amount of water each day can make the body go into starvation or dehydration mode. This means the body holds onto the fluids in the body and the body swells because of water retention. This process stops when the body recognizes sufficient amounts of fluid are being consumed again, and water is released so the swelling subsides. Therefore, for the swollen fingers in the morning that are related to fluid retention, diuretics are an option. These pills, called water pills, increase a person's urine to flush the system.

2. Sleeping Posture

People who have trouble with their sleeping posture tend to find their body parts swell as a result. This is because you could be sleeping with wrists bent, causing swelling.

3. Arthritis

Swelling related to arthritis can be caused by inflammation, particularly of the joints. Cells divide quickly as a result, and enzymes that are released cause joints to swell. The stiffness, swelling and warmth during to Arthritis usually last a few hours and small joints like finger joints are more commonly affected.

4. Kidney Issues

The kidneys play a key role in cleansing the body of toxins and also getting rid of excess water. When the kidneys are not functioning properly, fluid can build up in the body, the individual can gain weight and find they have swelling in both their hands and feet.

5. Severe Allergies

People with allergies can come into contact with something that causes a reaction in their body and end up with red skin and swollen fingers, in the morning especially because there’s one night’s reaction. To treat this, the individual is given an antihistamine. This drastically reduces swelling, itching and redness.

6. Pregnancy

Women who are carrying a child experience issues with swollen fingers due to both the nutrients the fetus requires being taken from the woman's diet and also too much salt intake. These women are advised to drink more water and stay away from high sodium foods.

7. Poor Diet with High Sodium

When you consume high levels of salt or do not eat enough healthy foods to balance the deep-friend or high sugar foods, your body retains water. In order to deal with this, it is best to avoid foods that have too much salt and sugar (it is necessary to check labels). Sauces, dressings, commercially made foods and processed foods should all be consumed in very moderate amounts.

8. Overuse of Specific Joints

Doing the same thing over and over during the period of a day or participating in strenuous activity can both cause swelling in the fingers and hands as well.

9. Injury

Injury to the hand or fingers can cause swelling. This includes fractures, as well as cuts, burns and injuries to median or ulnar nerves. The brachial plexus nerve can also be a culprit when it comes to swollen fingers in the morning.

10. Other Cause

There are yet more causes of swollen fingers in the morning as well.

  • Some medications can cause swelling in certain areas of the body as a side effect.
  • Pseudo-gout, which is like gout and occurs when urea crystals accumulate in the joints, can cause swelling of those areas, which may cause swollen fingers in the morning.
  • Osteoarthritis, when the cartilage degenerates to such an extent that swelling occurs in the areas of the body afflicted with pain.

Doctors require a thorough examination before they can begin treating a condition like. This examination includes questions regarding additional symptoms that can point the doctor in the right direction for treatment. Those symptoms include pain when bending fingers, pitting edema and shiny skin patches along the fingers.

Treatment of Swollen Fingers in the Morning

If the hands and fingers are swollen try the following techniques to help with the issue and provide immediate relief:

  • Elevate hands above heart and hold their for several minutes to an hour
  • Use ice, as it helps decrease swelling
  • Get the muscles moving and blood flowing in the hands. This can be done both by completing exercises of the hand and having someone massage your hands for you.

For people who have consistent swelling issues, their fingers can swell so significantly that they can no longer wear rings. If your fingers seem to be swelling and it is getting worse, remove rings at the first sign to avoid having to have the rings cut off to prevent further injury. When knuckles swell, they make it very difficult to remove a ring in the normal manner. Also, rings will need to be removed for treatment to occur, and treatment should be sought immediately if your hands are swelling more and more significantly.

Individuals with medical concerns should contact the doctor if their hands are swelling too often, as it requires treatment and can be the sign of something that could be very serious.

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