What does Losing Your Virginity Feel Like?

If you have never had sex in your life, you are a virgin.  However, there are different views about what "sex" actually is. Some people are of the view that you lose virginity only when a woman has a vaginal intercourse with a man. The truth is that you need to consider other types of sex as well when defining virginity. People are concerned about what can happen when you lose the virginity. Keep reading to find out more about it.

What Happens When You Lose Your Virginity?

Most people have their first sex by the time they reach 17 years of age. Many avoid it because they have no clue about what happens when one loses virginity.

For women, it is important to understand that they lose virginity only when their hymen, a thin, fleshy tissue inside the vagina, breaks during vaginal sex.

During your first sex, your hymen may stretch open and even cause some pain and bleeding as well. Some women end up breaking the hymen while fingering. Bear in mind that once broken, your hymen will never grow back again. In some cases, your hymen does not break during sex if penetration is not deep enough.  

On the other hand, men usually do not find vaginal sex painful unless there is very little lubrication. If you experience pain during vaginal sex, you may want to talk to your doctor to determine the underlying cause of trouble.

A very important thing to always keep in mind is that you can always get pregnant when you lose your virginity. Understand that semen or even pre-cum in the vagina may be enough to make you pregnant. It does not matter if you are having your first sex or have had several times in the past. It is therefore a good idea to use condoms and birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies, as well as to prevent infections.

How Can You Relieve the Pain?

Many women who ask about what happens when losing virginity actually ask about how painful it feels during and after sex. You may feel some pain during your first time, but you can make things right by spending more time in foreplay. The more lubricated you get, the less painful the intercourse is.

If you are stressed out during your first time, you are going to experience more pain. You need to relax and stop fearing about what happens to avoid feeling pain during sex. When you are under stress, you will not have enough lubrication down there, which in turn will make penetration painful. HERE is what other women have experienced.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your First Time

There are so many misconceptions about having your first sex or losing your virginity. Here are a few things to bear in mind.

  • It may not be as exciting or enjoyable as you might think. You may have so many things going on your mind, which will take attention away from sex and make things a bit painful. Do not expect much from your first sexual encounter, especially if it is also the first time for your partner.
  • The experience you have during your first sex is not going to shape your sexual life after that. There are no hard and fast rules and you can always change things in your future encounters to make it more exciting, enjoyable, and memorable. Be ready to experiment.
  • You may not even have an orgasm during your first sex. If you get it, you are among the lucky few. Do not set your expectations high.
  • Always select a stress-free location before engaging in sex. If you constantly need to worry about what you will do if someone catches you, you are never going to enjoy your first encounter. The best thing is to look for a safe location where you do have to worry about others catching you in the act. This will relax your nerves and make sex more pleasurable.
  • Do not feel guilty. Many young girls want to know about what happens when you lose your virginity, and you will even hear from many who feel guilty for losing it. What you should understand is that you can always engage in sex to explore your sexuality, so long as you practice safe sex. You do not want to deal with unwanted pregnancies, do you? So, do not beat yourself up for having sex – it is your life and no one should make you feel embarrassed about what you do.
  • Be ready for something weird to happen. When both partners are inexperienced, something awkward is bound to happen. Never let anything bring you down. If something weird happens like you fart or say something your partner does not like, do not take it that seriously and move on.

Deal with the Discomfort after Losing Virginity

While you can try so many things to make first-time sex less painful, you may always end up dealing with some discomfort. The good thing is that you can try OTC pain relievers to deal with pain and bleeding after your first sexual encounter. Avoid taking aspirin if you are under 19 years of age. It is also a good idea to wear a light pad for a few days if you experience bleeding. Do not hesitate to talk to a healthcare provider if you experience severe pain after sex. 

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