Top 10 Ab Exercises Best for Women

Many people think that doing crunches is the best way to get amazing abs, but that is only a misconception. While you need to pay attention to your diet, you should never restrict yourself to crunches alone. Even if you do hundreds of crunches daily, you cannot get well-defined abs. You can find many other effective ab exercises to get better results. Let's find out what you can do.

Ab Exercises for Women

It is important to select the best exercises to make your abdominal muscles more visible. Crunches are never going to cut it because you need to target your transverse abdominis, upper and lower abs, lower back muscles, and obliques to get a more tapered look. Here are some exercises to make your abs look perfect.

1. Dumbbell Pushup Row

  • Start by placing two dumbbells on the floor. Ensure they are shoulder-width apart.
  • Grab the handles and get in a pushup position. Keep your legs hip-width apart.
  • Slowly lower your body and then move back up when your chest is about to touch the floor.
  • When you are in your starting position, lift one of your arms up with dumbbell in your hand. Stop when it touches the side of your chest. Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same but this time lift your other hand up to your chest.

2. Cross-Behind Lunges

  • Take two dumbbells, one in each hand, and hold them at your sides.
  • With your palms facing each other, take a step ahead in a way that your lead foot comes in front of your back foot.
  • Lower your body slowly and stop when your front knee is at a right angle to the floor.
  • Pause and then return to your starting position. Switch legs and repeat.

3. Resistance Band Bent-Over Row

Looking for best ab exercises for women? Try this one!

  • Take a resistance band and put your foot on it.
  • With your hands shoulder-width apart, grab the band with your hands to create some resistance. Slowly bend at your hips until your torso becomes parallel to the ground.
  • Ensure that your lower back is naturally arched and your knees are only slightly bent.
  • Now, pull the band up by squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.

4. Wall Slide

  • Lean against the wall and ensure that your upper back, head, and butt are touching it.
  • Lift your arms up and place them against the wall. Keep your elbows bent at a right angle and ensure that your upper arms are no higher than your shoulders.
  • Hold this position for a couple of seconds.
  • While making sure that your body is in touch with the wall, slide your elbows down while squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • Then slowly take your arms back up the wall. Go as high as you can.
  • Lower and then repeat.

5. Plank

  • Lie on the floor with your face down and legs extended. Clasp your hands while keeping your elbows bent under your shoulder.
  • Ensure that your elbows are only shoulder-width apart and your feet are only hip-width apart.
  • Contract your abs and raise your body by tucking your toes. You aim should be to make a straight line from head to heels.
  • Stay in this position for at least 30 seconds – stick to it longer if you want to make it one of the best ab exercises for women.

6. Russian Twists

  • Sit on the floor while keeping your feet off the floor. Bend your knees a little.
  • Extend your arms in front of you and slowly lean back to ensure that your torso is at no more than a 45-degree angle to the floor.
  • Maintain this position for a couple of seconds and then go in the opposite direction. You need to reverse the movement and move to your left now.
  • Keep moving back and forth for 8-12 reps.

7. One Arm Toe Touch Crunch

  • Get in a pushup position first and ensure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders.
  • With your body making a straight line, contract your abs and slowly lift one foot. Now, raise your knee as well and bring it up towards your chest. Ensure that you keep your abs engaged all the time.
  • With your back straight all the time, return to the starting position and repeat the same with your other leg.

8. Roll Up

  • Lie on your back with your legs extended and arms stretched in front of you.
  • Take a deep breath and slowly bring your arms over your head. Slowly curve your upper body and move it off the floor.
  • Breathe out when you are halfway up. Do not stop rolling until you reach your toes.
  • Take a deep breath and slowly reverse the movement.
  • Perform 10 reps.

9. Leg Drop

  • Lie on your back and raise your legs up towards the ceiling. Inhale and contract your abs.
  • Lower your legs while exhaling slowly. Stop when your legs are about 4 inches from the floor.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and inhale. Slowly breathe out while returning to your starting position.
  • Perform 10 reps.

10. Forward Ball Roll

  • It is one of the best ab exercises for women because it uses an exercise ball. Simply get on your knee and keep your forearms placed on an exercise ball.
  • Ensure that your arms and shoulders make a 90-degree angle with your body. Your hips should also be at a right angle to your legs.
  • Stretch out slowly and go as far as you can without rounding your spine.
  • Return to your starting position.
  • Perform 8-10 reps. 
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