5 Suggetions About What to Wear During Labor

There are so many things on your mind when you are about to give birth, and deciding what to wear during your labor is often the last thing you would think about. Nevertheless, it is something that needs to be considered from the aspects of convenience and comfort.

What to Wear During Labor

1. Hospital-Issued Gowns

The easiest option is to just go with the hospital issued gowns. They may not be the best looking ones but they are extremely convenient. Clasps on the back make putting them on or taking them off a breeze and there will always be a fresh one available if you need.

The hospital gowns are also loose and breezy, so they allow plenty of movement without any sort of constriction.

There are some hospitals that insist mothers wear only their hospital gowns during labor. Make sure you have confirmed the hospital policy beforehand.

2. Buy Your Own Gown

If you do not like the idea of wearing a hospital issued gown on your special day, then you can buy your own gown. There are plenty of stylish and unique options available in stores and online. Etsy, in particular, is one of the places where small sellers are showcasing some excellent gowns that can be worn during labor.

Choose something that has an open back, in case you need to get an epidural, or one that can provide easy access for skin-to-skin contact or breastfeeding the baby later on.

Choosing what to wear during labor may not be a high priority at the moment but remember the photos you take will live on forever!

3. Birthing Wraps

If you want something that is a little more modest, then try a birthing wrap to wear during labor. This is a dress that will cover you up completely without limiting your movements.

The popularity of these birthing wraps has grown over the past few years as they are available in a variety of colors, patterns and even fabrics. The only possible downside of birthing wraps is that they will cost about $40-$100 which is a little expensive for something that is likely to be worn only once.

4. Your Own Clothing

A lot of women prefer wearing something familiar during childbirth. If that is your decision, keep the following things in mind while choosing what to wear during labor.

Wear something that is washable or you can throw away. Childbirth is quite messy. Some good options include a loose t-shirt, a sports bra or a nightgown. Skip the pajamas or anything else on the bottom. There will be constant cervical checks, fetal heart rate checks, epidurals or other things that require access to your stomach and genital area, so not wearing underneath will make it easy for everyone.

Ensure that whatever you wear allows for some direct skin-to-skin contact with your newborn because that is one of the most important things to help form the maternal bond.

5. In the Buff

Wearing no clothes for your labor is also an excellent option if you are considering what to wear during labor. It will allow you to move freely and give the doctors the easiest access. For women who are going to have a water birth, this is also the best option, although some may choose to wear a bathing suit top.

What Should Be Prepared Before Labor?

Things to Do Before Delivery

  • Know the right time to go to the hospital.
  • Know which hospital you have to go to and be pre-registered over there.
  • Fill out the details for your labor and delivery preferences as well as your expected due date of delivery.
  • Have the contact numbers (day and night) of your healthcare providers in hand.
  • Make arrangements for transportation to the hospital beforehand and chart out a quick route as well.
  • If you plan to donate your cord blood then make the necessary arrangements for that as well.

Supplies You’ll Need for Your Newborn

  • An infant car seat in which to transport your child back
  • A nursing bra and pads
  • Baby feeding bottles, nipples and a breast pump (even if you plan to breastfeed the child)
  • Baby formula in case you don’t plan on breastfeeding
  • Diapers
  • Cotton balls, baby soaps, detergents, diaper rash cream, thermometer and hair brush
  • Clothes for your baby including a cap and sweater
  • Sheets for the crib, and blankets
  • A crib or bassinet

What to Pack for the Hospital

  • All your necessary medical information
  • Clothes to wear
  • Tooth brush, hair brush, hair band, etc.
  • Camera
  • Music
  • Telephone numbers of your partners and family members
  • Phone and phone charger
  • Blanket


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