Know Why Your 12 Year Old Has Grey Hair & How to Help

Grey hair is usually considered one of many aging signs. The melanocytes are responsible for producing the pigment called melanin, but the pigmentation slows down with age, leaving your hair look more transparent or grey. If there is no melanin whatsoever, your hair will appear white. While some adults may develop grey hair early, it is not so common to see a 12-year-old with grey hair. Let's find out what might be the reason.


What Causes 12 Year Old with Grey Hair?

It is possible for children to have some grey hair, but sometimes, it indicates a disease or disorder. Here are some possible causes.

1. Disease or Disorder

Sometimes, children may experience this issue because of skin disorders, such as tuberous sclerosis, vitiligo, neurofibromatosis, and Waardenburg syndrome. These disorders can make you lose hair pigmentation. Children with these disorders may have some other symptoms too, such as hearing loss, seizures, and tumors. An underactive or overactive thyroid condition, such as Hashimoto's disease or Grave's disease may also lead to early graying in children.

2. Vitamin B12 Deficiency

One of many causes of 12 year old with grey hair may be a deficiency of vitamin B12. However, it is important to mention that grey hair due to nutritional deficiency is quite rare because you can get a good amount of vitamins from animal products. It may well be the underlying cause of early graying when your child follows a vegan diet. After undergoing certain surgical procedures, you may not be able to digest vitamin B12 properly, which can also cause grey hair.

3. Stress

Many people are of the view that stress can cause grey hair, but scientific studies do not support these claims. However, there is some evidence suggesting that genotoxic stress may lead to cell mutation and trigger early graying.

4. Genetics

Some experts are of the view that genetics play a role here and determine a child's maturational schedule. It means that if your child is having grey hair at 12, you may have someone else in your family with the same issue. Sometimes, grey hair due to genetics may also cause other problems, such as tuberous sclerosis and neurofibromatosis.

5. Anemia

The megaloblastic anemias may cause 12-year old with grey hair. Sometimes, anemia is the result of vitamin B12 deficiency. In this case, your child is likely to have grey hair. Your child's doctor may order blood tests to detect current anemia.

6. Thyroid Disorders

Hyperthyroidism and other thyroid problems can affect melanocyte activity and lead to hair discoloration. A loss of hair pigmentation could be the result of skin disorders, such as vitiligo. After a viral illness, some children develop a condition called Vogt-Koyanagi syndrome, which leads to the production of antibodies that attack the melanocytes.

Nourishment Can Be of Help

In order to correct the issue, you need to pay special attention to nourishment. A healthy diet will help reduce the severity of the issue. Some experts are of the view that grey hair in children is the result of improper diet. By preventing nutritional deficiencies, it is possible to prevent the issue in the first place. Ensure that your child's diet contains the following nutrients:

  • Vitamin A: The vitamin is important for the growth of healthy scalp. It also increases the glow of the hair. Your child can get a good dose of vitamin A from dark green vegetables along with yellow and orange fruits.
  • Vitamin B: It helps keep the hair healthy by stabilizing the secretion of oil. Your child needs to eat green leafy vegetables to get vitamin B. It is also present in cauliflower, tomatoes, liver, cereal, bananas, and yogurt.
  • Minerals: Your child's diet should contain a good dose of minerals. Some important minerals for healthy hair include iron, zinc, and copper. Some good sources of zinc include chicken, red meat, and green veggies. Dried apricots, beef, parsley, red meat, wheat, and eggs are all rich in iron. Your child can get a good dose of iron from egg yolk, seafood, and whole grains.
  • Proteins: Your child should get enough protein from their diet to stay healthy. Proteins add natural shine to the hair and protect its color. Ensure that your child is getting enough of cereals, whole grains, soy, and meat to meet their recommended daily intake of proteins.

Home Remedies to Correct the Issue

You can try some home remedies to prevent grey hair. Here are a few options:

  • You can use curry leaves to help treat grey hair. Simply take some oil and heat it up a little. Now, add the leaves and wait until they turn black. Apply the mixture directly to your scalp and leave overnight. Repeat several times a week to prevent grey hair.
  • Include yogurt in your child's diet to protect their hair. You should make them drink some yogurt with a tablespoon of yeast to prevent grey hair.
  • Pay attention to proper hydration. Ensure that your child is drinking plenty of water daily to prevent hair discoloration.
  • Make use of Indian gooseberry to treat grey hair. Take some Indian gooseberries and add them to coconut oil. Now, apply it directly to your scalp. Alternatively, you can soak your hair in gooseberry water – leave it overnight and wash using the same water in the morning.
  • Use the combination of lime juice or almond oil with Indian gooseberry juice to correct the issue. Simply massage the mixture into your scalp.

While home remedies really help in certain situations, you need to understand that grey hair is usually irreversible. Following a balanced diet may not cure the grey hair, but it will certainly help lower the growth of new grey hair. Ensure that your child does not pluck out any grey hair and never use chemical colors to conceal the problem.

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