Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is in practice for ages and involves using a natural brush to improve blood flow, eliminate dead skin cells, and promote lymph flow. Those new to dry brushing often feel skeptical about dry brushing benefits. Should you really be trying dry brushing? Is it possible to handle the process at home? Are there any considerations as well? Let's find out now!

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is all about using a brush to scrub down dry skin and improve the overall quality and health of your skin. So many spas have included dry brushing in their services, which implies that the practice does have some serious benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you may want to try dry brushing at home.

1. Lymphatic Support

Made up of lymph nodes, organs, ducts and vessels, the lymphatic system is an important part of your body's immune system. These lymph vessels allow for easy transportation of lymph throughout the body. Many of these vessels are just underneath your skin, which means that dry brushing can stimulate the flow lymph through these vessels. This also helps your body detoxify itself in a more natural way. For better results, be sure to massage the skin using a brush and also exercise regularly to speed up the flow of lymph. This strengthens your immune system and keeps you healthy.

2. Exfoliation

One of many benefits of dry brushing is that it helps get rid of dead skin cells, which leaves your skin much softer than before. People who are new to dry brushing are more likely to experience this benefit. The good thing is that your skin stays soft when you dry brushes your skin on a regular basis.

3. Clean Pores

Dry brushing helps exfoliate your skin, which helps open up clogged pores. It eliminates dirt, oil, and residue from the pores. This provides you with impeccable skin with no need to worry about developing pimples, which are the result of clogged pores.

4. Cellulite Help

Dry brushing eliminates or at least lessens the effects of cellulite. While you need to engage in dry brushing more regularly, you certainly see some improvement over time. Cellulite is nothing more than toxic fat buildup, whereas dry brushing not just tightens up the epidermis but also leads to the breakup of toxic material under your skin. This works even better than liposuction therapy. You can make the process even more effective by trying liver cleansing, colon cleansing, and heavy metal cleansing supplements at the same time. Regular exercise with dry brushing may also produce better results.

5. Better Circulation

Engaging in dry brushing on a regular basis promotes blood circulation. With improved circulation to the skin, the process of releasing toxins is triggered, which leaves you better looking skin. You can improve blood circulation even more by trying proper exercises and breathing techniques.

6. Improved Muscle Tone

One of the many benefits of dry brushing is that it stimulates your nervous system. This overtime stimulates your nerves, which in turn activate muscle fibers. Activated muscle fibers ensure improved muscle tone. It is for this reason that people who have lost a substantial amount of weight and are now dealing with saggy skin and wrinkles should try dry brushing to help tighten up their skin.

7. Skin Appearance

You will notice a drastic improvement in the quality and appearance of your skin – and that alone is a reason good enough to make people turn to dry brushing. You do not need any anti-aging tonic or anything to stay young – dry brushing can help you achieve just that. Dry brushing removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells. Those healthy, new cells give your skin a brighter appearance. So, stop worrying about wrinkled skin – try dry brushing!

How to Perform Dry Brushing

There is certainly no need to spend hundreds of dollar to book a spa treatment – you can enjoy the best spa in your very own bathroom. All you have to do is purchase a natural bristle brush with a long handle to make all areas of your body more accessible. Here is the procedure to follow to enjoy the benefits of dry brushing.

  • Use the brush on your dry skin before you take a bath.
  • Be sure to work in upward, circular motions – go for longer, smoother strokes, but be gentle.
  • Starting from your ankles, move up to your lower legs, thighs, stomach, and chest. This helps because the direction of the lymphatic fluid is towards the heart and brushing will stimulate it even more.
  • Then, move on to your back and leave your arms for the last. When brushing your back, you should start from the neck and move to the lower back.
  • Be gentle when brushing sensitive skin around the breasts and chest – avoid brushing over-inflamed skin, sunburnt skin, sores, and skin cancer.
  • Take a shower after your brushing session to get rid of the dead skin cells.

You can further invigorate your skin by alternating temperatures in the shower. Moving from hot to cold helps stimulate blood circulation and maximize the benefits of dry brushing. Finish the process by applying a slick moisturizer on your skin. 

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