Coconut Oil for Arthritis

Arthritis is a common joint disease that can cause serious pain and inflammation. The excruciating pain can actually affect the quality of your life. Your mobility may greatly reduce due to the stiffness and swelling caused by the disease. Considering the pain, many people turn to prescription medications. Others follow a different approach due to the side effects associated with prescription medications. A large majority of arthritis sufferers is now turning to coconut oil, which is considered a low-cost alternative to medications. Should you really be using coconut oil for arthritis? Is it really effective? Let's find out now!

How Coconut Oil Helps with Arthritis?

More and more people are now turning to natural remedies to overcome pain and discomfort caused by different ailments. Coconut oil is now a popular choice. Many studies have confirmed that coconut oil may work for arthritis sufferers and they explain it why. For instance:

  • It reduces inflammation. Studies show that regular use of virgin coconut oil may help reduce inflammation mainly because it contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA).These fatty acids circulate in your body for a longer duration as compared to other fats. The only recommendation is that it works when you opt for the oil extracted used a wet-milling method.
  • It strengthens your bones. Regular use of coconut oil helps strengthen your bones. Stronger bones can handle pressure better and that is the reason why you feel less pain over time. Your body can absorb coconut oil quickly, which helps lubricate stiff joints. This promotes better mobility as well.
  • It improves blood supply to the affected area. By promoting blood circulation to your affected joints, coconut oil helps relieve pain. You may experience better results if you warm the oil first and then massage into your painful joints or muscles.
  • It works by reducing infections in joints. Many experts are of the view that arthritis can be the result of infections in the joint. Antibiotics offer no relief in this case because they cannot penetrate into the tough membranes around your joints. This is where coconut oil makes all the difference. It penetrates into the joint and works as an antibiotic to clear a systemic infection.

How to Apply Coconut Oil for Arthritis

You may have gathered the idea how coconut oil works for arthritis, but you also need to understand how and how much to apply to maximize its benefits. Here is the info you need in this regards.

How Much to Use

You can apply coconut oil directly to your affected joints for pain relief. How much to apply usually depends on what you want to achieve. You need to use coconut oil more often when you are treating the condition – you do not need to use as much when you are just trying to prevent the condition. You should at least be applying a teaspoon of coconut oil for every 50 pounds of body weight in case you have just started the treatment.

You can start increasing the amount of oil you use after a few days. Be consistent and continue until you start using a tablespoon per day. However, you do not need to use more than a teaspoon per day if you are only trying to prevent the onset of arthritis. Use this much of oil at least thrice a day for better results.

Coconut Oil with Molasses, Turmeric or Apple Cider Vinegar

In case you are combining coconut oil with apple cider vinegar or molasses, you should stick to 1:1 ratio. What it means is that if you take a tablespoon of coconut oil, you should also take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or molasses. In case of turmeric, you first need to consider if you are taking it in powder form or taking capsules. For capsules, you should have 4 capsules of 400mg each twice a day – opt for a teaspoon a day in case you are using powdered turmeric.

Here are some other suggestions to help you maximize the benefits of coconut oil for arthritis:

  • Mix coconut oil with Aloe Vera to maximize its benefits. The mixture helps reduce the inflammation in the joints and also relieves the pain caused by the swelling.
  • Use coconut oil with camphor for added benefits. You should warm up some coconut oil first and then add a few pieces of camphor to the mix. Use this mixture to massage your affected joints. It works amazingly well because coconut oil with camphor increases blood circulation to the joints and helps alleviate pain in no time.
  • Use coconut oil to massage your affected joints after taking a hot shower. The idea works because a hot bath lubricates your joint and makes them less stiff. Coconut oil enhances this effect and relieves your pain. Do not apply too much of oil though – a light coat will work just fine. Massaging some oil into your joints before starting any physical exercise will also improve mobility and reduce pain sensation. 
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