DoTerra Oils for Allergies

You develop an allergic reaction when your immune system starts reacting to potentially harmless substances known as allergens. Your body's immune system is designed to protect you from foreign invaders that can cause infection. In case of allergies, your immune system mistakenly attacks harmless substances and leave you with some debilitating symptoms. Usually, antihistamines are taken to relieve the allergic symptoms. Some people would like to try essential oils with antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties, and one of the commonly used brand for dealing with allergies is doTerra oils. DoTerra oils have been a hot topic since 2008 when a group of business professionals and healthcare experts joined forces to develop pure therapeutic-grade essentials oils.

Do DoTerra Oils for Allergies Work?

Yes they do work for allergies as proved by the positive comments by those who have used them. Take note that it does not ensure to work for everyone because no two bodies are alike, but it’s worth trying. You can consume doTerra when attending outdoor events, traveling, or going to a place where environmental elements are high. As for relieving allergies, you can consume doTerra safely on a daily basis.  For example, TriEase, a soft gel that blends lemon, lavender and peppermint oils is created by doTerra, which aims to treat seasonal allergies. Such oils can help with clear breathing and healthy response to inflammation.

User's Reviews on DoTerra Oils for Allergies

It Works Miracle on My Son

"Before giving this to my son who had suffered from severe allergies for the last few years, I was more than skeptical and not sure if it would really work. OTC allergies med flopped badly. So, I was desperate, and I thought of trying doTerra oils for allergies. I have been giving them to my son twice a day, once in the morning and again at night. I just cannot express how happy I am with the results. While he still sneezes occasionally, there is nothing serious about it. He now finds it easier to concentrate in school. The environmental elements are becoming stronger here, but he is still going great. I really recommend doTerra to all!"

It Is Just Amazing

"Sometimes I think I may live with allergy and congestion all through my life, only before my sister in law who is fond of oils very much bring doTerra oils to me. The results are just amazing. I only rubbed some on the back of my neck and the bottom of my feet, and then a refreshing feeling just strikes me. I also try it for dealing with flu or colds, and it works well."

Helps Almost Instantly

"What I love about doTerra oils for allergiesis that they help instantly. The combination of these oils works better than antihistamine meds, at least in my case. I woke up with a stuffy nose today and I took one immediately. It felt a lot better within a few minutes and it kept me strong for several hours. I would go for this in place of Zyrtec or Claritin without any hesitation."

Here is video sharing how the DoTerra oils help with allergies:

More Essential Oils for Allergies

While doTerra oils for allergies are quite effective, you can fight seasonal allergies with some other essential oils as well. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

How it helps:This natural antihistamine also has anti-inflammatory properties that help you find a relief quickly. It is a great remedy to treat headaches and skin rashes as well.

How to apply: You can use it topically by applyingone drop on your forehead, cheeks and sinuses to relieve the allergic symptoms. For people with sensitive skin, test it your skin firstly, and dilute several drops with carrier oil if you have skin rashes.Or, make sure to diffuse for at least 15 minutes every couple of hours via a cold diffuser. Pouring a couple of drops on your palms and inhaling it for a few seconds will work the same effects.

2. Peppermint Essential Oil

How it helps: The fresh, strong and minty aroma of peppermint oil helps a lot in treating allergic reactions. With soothing, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, it can improve breathing by opening the airways.

How to apply: Topically, you can apply a drop of this oil to the base of your neck twice a day. Check for skin allergy first, and dilute it by mixing with carrier oil and apply around your nostrils. Also, you can diffuse it for through the day or night to ease symptoms. Or, rub 1 to 2 drops of peppermint oil with your hands, then breathe through your nose for 4 to 6 slow and deep breath.

3. Lemon Essential Oil

How it helps: Due to its antihistamine properties, it works great to relieve excess mucus. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation caused by an allergic reaction.

How to apply: It works even great when mixed with peppermint or lavender oils. You can diffuse the mixture via a diffuser. Or topically use it on the feet, chest, forehead or the area behind the ears.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

How it helps: This essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and proves quite effective in preventing asthma attacks.

How to apply: It works effectively when used topically. Be sure to dilute it first with some carrier oil. Apply is directly on your chest, neck, or bottom of your feet. Alternatively, add a few drops of this oil to a bowl filled with boiling water and breathe in the steam.

5. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

How it helps: Just like lavender oil, it has anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties that make it a suitable choice for people suffering from seasonal allergies. It also helps treat eczema, rashes, and other skin conditions.

How to apply: Add a few drops of Roman chamomile essential oil to jojoba oil, coconut oil, or some other carrier oil, and apply directly on the affected area thrice a day.

6. Combination of Certain Oils

How it helps: You can combine lavender, lemon, and peppermint essential oils to deal with your seasonal allergies. Together, they work as a potent antihistamine.

How to apply: You can use the combo in different ways. Simply place a drop of each of these oils under your tongue. Or, place a couple of drops of each in a veggie capsule and ingest a capsule daily for relief.

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