How to Take Care of Your Face

Everyone loves to look beautiful, but you cannot do it unless you know proper ways to take care of your face. Your facial skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, dry air, and UV rays. It is therefore important to understand how to protect your facial skin from harmful radiation and keep it clean all the time.

Daily Care of Your Facial Skin

You need to develop a routine to help keep your facial skin smooth and free of blemishes. While there are many products to buy, you can always take some simple steps and develop some habits to make your face look beautiful.

1. Cleansing

When learning how to take care of your face, it is important to develop a routine of cleansing it. Remove your makeup before you wash our face, especially if you wear makeup that cannot be removed by water. If you leave your makeup intact, this will clog your pores and lead to blackheads. You can also use organic products to deal with blemishes on your face. You have to consider your skin type before opting for any product. Opt for a gentler product if you have sensitive skin. Dandelion sap, lemon juice, honey, and other materials have worked for many, and they may work for you as well.

2. Exfoliating

Just like cleansing, exfoliating your face regularly is also important. You should exfoliate your face at least once a week to get rid of dead skin cells as well as the excess of oil and any dirt that makes your skin look dull.

To make a scrub, all you have to do is mix a teaspoon of ground oatmeal and a tablespoon of honey together, and then apply it onto your face. Rub it gently over dry spots in a circular motion. Rinse it off after a few minutes to notice difference. Alternatively, you can use a product that contains alpha-hydroxy acid or glycolic acid. Just stay away from harsh body scrubs.

3. Toning

You should consider using a toner only if you have oily skin. You should avoid using an alcohol-based toner because it eliminates all the oil from the surface of your facial skin. This excess dryness will make your skin to produce more oil and you will find yourself stuck in this vicious circle. Also, keep in mind that unlike what most people say, toners cannot change the size of your pores. Only proper cleansing and exfoliating will help in this regard. Be sure to select a toner for sensitive skin and only use it sparingly to avoid facing any issue.

4. Moisturizing

One important thing in the list of how to take care of your face is to moisturize your face after cleansing. You should avoid using a moisturizer at night though. Use it in the morning because it offers protection against dirt, pollutants, and dry and hot air. However, you should not use any cream that contains alcohol; instead, get something organic and something that goes well with your skin type. Coconut oil works great for oily skin and leaves it healthy and smooth.

5. Sun Blocking

Direct exposure to UV rays can damage your skin over time, so it is important to protect your face from those harmful rays. Invest in a good sunscreen and always wear it before going out to have fresh, healthy skin. You should also wear a hat and pay attention to what you wear to stay protected in the sun.

How to Make Your Face Naturally Beautiful?

Now you have some information about how to take care of your face, but there is more about how to make your face naturally beautiful.

1. Mind the Food You Eat

Include more greens, fresh fruits, vitamins, and protein in your diet. You will have radiant skin if your diet includes vitamin C and is low in sugar and fats. A low-sugar diet will also help maintain healthy skin. Exclude any fermented and spicy food from your diet. You should also limit your intake of citrus fruits, fermented food, and fried food. Bland foods like oatmeal, rice, and applesauce will always work better.

2. Keep Exercising

You have to stay active to stay healthy and have radiant skin. Jogging, running, yoga, etc., anything will do. Exercise improves your blood circulation and helps cleanse your body. Avoid any skincare before and after you do your workout. You may consider applying a toner though to minimize oil production. Exfoliate after your workout and use olive oil to moisturize your face.

3. Have a Sound Sleep

You should sleep for at least 8 hours every night to provide your body with rest and time to repair itself. Be sure to wash your face before you go to sleep. If you have dry skin, you should stick to milder cleansers that do not contain alcohol. Avoid hot water because it can leave your skin dry.

4. Drink Enough Water

Keeping your body hydrated is the key to learn how to take care of your face. You need to drink no less than 8 glasses of water a day – more if you exercise. Eat vegetables and fruits with high water content, such as cucumber, watermelon, strawberry, orange, cantaloupe, and grapefruit. Drinking water from a blue-colored bottle will have a cooling effect on your body.

Consider drinking rose water because it prevents dehydration and also reduces eye puffiness in the morning. It also works great to maintain pH balance and leave your skin healthy.

5. Avoid Stress

Engage in activities that help you relax your nerves. Stress is bad because it produces cortisol and other hormones that make your skin oily. Try yoga, do meditation, or do anything that helps keep stress under control. Try some facial exercises that use your facial muscles and jaw line. Simply looking up towards the ceiling and pouting will help stretch out your skin and make it firm as well.

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