What Does Heroin Feel Like?

Belonging to a class of drugs called opioids, heroin is an illegal drug derived mainly from a chemically modified morphine. It can be purchased as a brown or white powder, even in a sticky-tar like form, and it offers a powerful high that leads to abuse and addiction. Many people often wonder: what does heroin feel like? What are different forms of heroin? Keep reading to learn more about it.

Effects of Heroin

To answer the question “what does heroin feel like”, it is important to first understand how it works. Heroin depresses your central nervous system by turning into morphine in your brain. The morphine then binds itself to opiates receptors, which are located in the spinal cord, brain, and certain internal organs. By binding to these receptors, it causes alteration in your feelings, thoughts, and sensations. It is due to these effects that many people take the drug when they are already dealing with anxiety, depression, or pain to find relief. It is worth mentioning that some users experience awful effects of heroin while others experience a great deal of pleasure while they are in the high stage.

Many people take it for pain relief. It actually works great to reduce pain in the first few uses. This makes people keep using it. They have to increase the dose because that is the only way to experience the same relief they used to experience in the beginning. This leads to addiction.

When you are high on heroin, it is common to experience sudden cycles of alertness and hyperactivity. Then, it all fades away. Many people become overactive and want to do things quickly. They may want to engage in fast activities such as cleaning the house, playing certain sports, or doing other physical activities.

A large majority of people do not like the effects of heroin when they first take it. This keeps many from trying it again. For first-time users, heroin can cause immediate vomiting with a coughing fit and suppression of breathing. It also lowers libido and affects your sexual performance.

What Does Heroin Feel Like?

It is important to bear in mind that you experience the rush after an initial hit of heroin but that usually lasts no more than a few minutes. It means you are going to feel extremely drowsy once you come out of the euphoric state. This usually produces several changes in your body and behavior, such as slurred speech, mental sluggishness, and confusion.

In response to "what does heroin feel like", many people describe it as having sensations of warmth and safety. That is one of the reasons why many people who live in unsafe surroundings end up developing the addiction. Some people even feel less uptight and calmer when on lower doses of heroin.

Here is a bit more about personal experiences of people on heroin:

The moment I take it, I get in a euphoria that starts in the chest and moves throughout my body. I have a feeling of peace, bodily and mentally. Then, I move into a semi-conscious state of bliss. It also stimulates my nerves and makes me feel sociable.

I nodded off a number of times when I first started taking heroin. Heroin makes me feel the most awesome euphoria. It makes me have the most intense and vivid dreams of my life. These dreams feel like micro-spin-offs from reality and that makes me like it even more. It is crazy stuff.

I experience strong euphoria, slurred voice, itchiness, and heavy nod when I am under the effects of heroin. It is definitely one of the most powerful highs out there. It feels like doing a large dose of methadone while drinking alcohol with it. To me, it is the recipe for death.

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Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal

Heroin usage comes with a great chance of developing dependence. People who use heroin often say it feels like they are free. It provides them relief from pains and troubles. It is due to sucheffects that they continue to seek out heroin.

However, with repetitive usage, your bodily function will be disrupted and stops producing chemicals responsible for pain relief and pleasure. This leaves heroin users no choice but to depend on the substance. Such physical dependence causes severe issues when you try to stop taking the drug. This stage is called withdrawal and may continue for at least 10 hours after the last heroin intake. Withdrawal symptoms may include moodiness, drug cravings, restlessness, sweating, stomach cramps and runny nose. Some even experience fevers, chills, diarrhea, muscle spasms, increased heart rate and blood pressure.

When you ask "what does heroin feel like", you may also want to know about the damage this drug may cause to your body. Suppressed breathing, slow heart rate, and sensation of drowsiness are common after the heroin high, which can be potentially life-threatening. Excessive slowed breathing leads to reduced amount of oxygen supply to the brain, which is known as hypoxia. In severe cases, it could cause permanent damage to the brain and even death.

Using heroin for an extended period of time also has long-term effects on the brain. Researches have shown that repeated heroin use can lead to deterioration of the white matter in the brain, which harms your abilities such as decision-making and stress regulation.

Seek Help

If you or someone in your family has issues related to heroin abuse, you should take an initiative and seek help. It is possible to find trained professionals who will help you throughout the process of overcoming heroin addiction. Do not let the drug ruin your life.

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