What Does an Orgasm Feel like?

Orgasm is also commonly known as cumming or coming. It is difficult to put into words as everyone describes it differently; however, there is no need to feel bad if you are not sure whether you had one or not. Since sex is entirely exciting it can be tricky to know about reaching your climax during sex. However, feeling this way is totally normal and acceptable especially when you first begin to masturbate or if you have recently become sexually active.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like?

When the sexual tension is at its max, you are more likely to have an orgasm, followed by the release of pressure in the genitals and the body. At times it is very intense like a rollercoaster as if you are on top of the hill and then freefall down; other times it may feel like a Ferris wheel ride. So it basically varies individual to individual and intercourse to intercourse.

As it is no surprise that every person differs from the other; however there are some common signs that may indicate that you had or you are having an orgasm.

  • There is instant contraction/squeezing of muscles of vagina, uterus and anus once every second, five to eight times when you are having an orgasm. At times you or your partner may feel it happening; however, when the sex is oh-so-good you may get caught up in it and might not notice you are cumming.
  • Breathing and heart rate shoot up and reach at their maximum levels.
  • Some individuals undergo sex flush which is characterized by reddened face, neck and chest.

Orgasm cause the release of endorphins, hormones responsible for relaxing you and making you feel good, so you are likely to fall asleep or feel uber-blissed afterwards. Perhaps that's the reason why few people choose to masturbate to alleviate stress or pain or simply to get a good night sleep. Don't panic if your clit feels extra sensitive after cumming i.e. you may feel uncomfortable after touching it.

As established earlier, not all orgasms are similar i.e. some may blow your mind while others will hardly stir any shiver whereas some lie in between these two due to a lot of reasons such as your comfort level, the number of orgasms you've had lately and how much the sexual tension was intensified before the foreplay ended. The more frequent you have them, the better it would be for you to explore your own climax and understand how to heat things up even further.

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like for a Woman?

Women reach orgasm in a different manner as compared to men. It is a personal and a sensual experience and each woman experiences it differently. Even a single woman can experience multiple types of orgasms, at times she may feel it as something quite empowering, other times she may feel it as something frivolous. So if your orgasm is like that, then do not lose hope, good things are coming! One or two or maybe three bad fleeting orgasms can't conclude your entire sexual life. Things can be very different in the future.

What Women Say About This?

"Orgasm makes me feel very overwhelmed and I experience this tingling in my entire body. I become light headed, and same goes for the body; it feels very light too, my vision becomes blurry and cherry on top, I get this intoxicating and almost electrifying sensation in my clit."

"I once came in a way that kind of blacked me out. It all began with a pulsating feeling followed by spinning of my head and uncontrollable shaking of my body. To describe it more accurately, it felt like volcano eruption down there! In the end I collapsed next to him, unable to speak, move or even think."

"What does an orgasm feel like? For me, first I experience muscle contraction then there's quivering of my upper thighs. I begin to sweat lightly and it feels like someone ignited the faucet inside of me. I'm certain I've had my orgasm when I've this urge to grab some snack or sleep after having sex."

"I know I’m cumming when my breathing becomes irregular and I lose my concentration from everything, completely losing myself. My body feels paralyzed and I hold on to the joy that comes about by the explosion going inside of me. It's truly exhilarating and amazing simultaneously. I collapse on my husband and beg him to stop moving."

"Orgasm to me feels like exploding and melting at the exact time. I lose control of myself and I forget about everything, every worry and every concern I have there in the corner of my head."

"My body feels lighter and I start hyperventilating, and suddenly there are sparks inside me and waves of pleasure crashing through my entire body. The feeling is just so intense that at times my muscles sort of don't want to work anymore and enjoy every bit of that moment."

What Does an Orgasm Feel Like for a Man?

Is there drastic difference in orgasm with each sex? Male orgasm is particularly intense, short and can be experienced usually once every sexual intercourse. On the other hand, with proper stimulation females can orgasm multiple times during a single sex session with a short recovery period. Male orgasm causes the release of hormones like nitric oxide, vasopressin, oxytocin, serotonin and norepinephrine and prolactin, making it extremely difficult for men to stay awake after sex.

What Men Say About This?

"It buildups quickly or slowly, depending on the situation. Then there’s explosion for 3-5 seconds, followed by a mild feeling of shame and then I have this urge to take a nap."

"I feel like it is some dire need and I get super thirsty for my body begins to ache for and then it's as if I’m looking up at the waterfall ready to quench my thirst. It’s like a creeping feeling that I want to stop but it won’t and it’s making me happy at the same time."

"My orgasm is more like a physical feeling. My body and mind begins feeling numb and I start feeling both helpless and in control. My thoughts begin to cloud and I start concentrating on that one point of pleasure ready to escape my body."

"Male orgasm is completely different from jerking off. When I cum, I feel like a climax building up inside me and it gets even better when I cum inside someone else, as if I'm transferring a part of me to that person. I feel so vulnerable and the feeling is just out of this world."

"The intensity of my orgasm increases when I hold it as long as I can. Letting go when I’m almost there also feels great but holding myself at the edge and pulling it back again and again for long, results in massive buildup that pays off the self-control better than it’s worth."

"My girlfriend cums longer than me. I experience rapid bursts lasting for five seconds or so. It feels great but I personally think, females orgasm better than males."

Tips for Better Orgasm

Practice makes perfect. Sounds cliché? But it is as true as it can be. Frequent masturbation will help you reach your climax and it will allow you to understand what an orgasm really feels like. Experience can help you identify whether you cum readily or you need a lot of stimulation. You’ll learn better what your body is most sensitive to and what kind of particular stroke or pressure level can make you have your big O.

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