How to Be Better in Bed

It's an undeniable fact that sex becomes even more fulfilling and satisfying when both partners enjoy it thoroughly. Luckily, you don't have to read the Kama Sutra or turn to tantric sex to learn how to be better in bed. Making simple moves will go a long way in pleasuring your lady. Keep reading to learn what you can do to up your game in bed.

How to Be Better in Bed

You don't need to make revolutionary changes to how you enjoy a sex session with your partner. You may already be having a great time in bed, but the following tips will explain how to be better in bedand satisfy every sexual need of your partner.

1. Clean Yourself Up

The first thing to do in order to learn how to be better in bedis to clean yourself up, so that your natural scents would attract your partner. Maintaining a good hygiene is good for your overall health, but it will really make your sexual encounters even more pleasurable. Be sure to take a shower before you slip between the sheets, and don't forget to keep your hair down there trimmed and neat.

2. Stop Thinking Too Much

You need to get out of your head to overcome your performance anxiety, which is only going to make it difficult for you to achieve and sustain an erection. Be more self-confident by maintaining a positive frame of mind. The moment you begin to feel anxious, simply stop and take a deep breath. Now, pay more attention to how you feel when your partner's body touches yours. Enjoy the feeling and involve in the act to improve your performance in bed.

3. Don't Rush

That fast-paced jackhammering style may work every now and then, but that's definitely not the ideal way to have a completely satisfying experience in bed. Take your time and make it a sensual encounter by caressing and exploring every part of her body. Nuzzle her ear, kiss her neck, and explore her body with your hands. Don't focus on having an orgasm, but enjoy the journey that leads you to an orgasm.

4. Make Use of Different Props

You will wonder how useful props like lubes, toys, and massage oils prove in making your sex life even better. Of course, it is important that both of you don't mind using them during the act. You can find a variety of lubricants, massagers, and textured condoms that you can try to make it even more pleasurable for your lady. Some lubes are also available that create a warming sensation during the act and help your partner have a more intense orgasm.

5. Explore All Her Erogenous Zones

Most men make the mistake of limiting them to the breasts of their partners, but that's not the right thing to do, especially when there are several other erogenous zones you could explore. While the area between your partner's legs and her breasts are the most sensitive spots, you can always make her feel great by focusing on areas behind her knees and her inner thighs. She may also feel great when you pay a little more attention to her earlobes, her mouth, and her feet.

6. Try a Different Missionary Style

Your sex position will also have an impact on how your partner feels during the act. You may be in the league of men who prefer missionary style to all other positions, but you can spice it up easily to learn how to be better in bed.Make your lady to lie down on the bed and spread her legs further apart with knees bent. Now, let her slide her legs around you and ask her to squeeze her thighs with every thrust. Try it – she'll be in heaven!

7. Try a Different Doggy Style

Just like missionary style, doggy style is another favorite choice for most men. You can make it even more special with little changes. Let her be in the normal doggy position and enter her as usual. Now, make your partner to lean forward with weight placed on her chest and forearms. With this little change, you will be stimulating her G-spot with every push.

8. Try the 7 and 9 Method

Irrespective of what sex position you try, you can use a different technique when stroking her. Instead of maintaining the same pace throughout the act, you can start with 7 fast in/out strokes, which should be immediately followed by 9 slow in/out strokes. Keep repeating the same rhythm and you will be amazed to see how it helps you improve your timing, making you last longer in bed.

9. Don't Go Too Deep

Sometimes, you reach an orgasm quickly because of your deep thrusting, but you can improve your timing by focusing more on her body and penetrating only the lower portion of your partner's vagina. What it means is that you should include some shallow thrusts in your regular thrusting routine to make it more pleasurable for her and to make it possible for you to last longer.

10. Squeeze

The 'squeeze technique' is yet another way to learn how to be better in bed.You have three areas on your penis where you can apply pressure to last longer. You simply need to squeeze those areas and you will be able to sustain an erection longer than usual. Use your index finger and your thumb to make a ring around your penis to stimulate the area and improve your blood flow to the penis. Now, apply some pressure on the underside of your penis's head, an area densely packed with super sensitive nerves. Finally, consider pressing the area between the base of your testicles and your anus, which in turn will help prevent early orgasm.

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