Want to Make Yourself Horny? 13 Ways to Try!

Let's face it, intercourse just isn't any fun unless you are wet. Arousal fluid is what a woman produces in response to either mental or physical stimulation. Two glands called Bartholin Glands are located near the opening of the vagina that produce arousal fluid, and the purpose is to lubricate the vagina for intercourse. The characteristics of arousal fluid are clear, wet, and slippery, and sex can be very uncomfortable or outright painful if you're not producing any.

How to Make Yourself Wet

The process of self-lubrication usually occurs naturally during sexual stimulation. Sexual arousal triggers these glands to produce the fluids that make intercourse or self-gratification more pleasurable. However, if you're having trouble with producing arousal fluid, you may just need to help it along.

1. Figure On Your Preferences

Sexual arousal differs from person to person, and experimenting sexually on your own is the key to figuring out what turns you on.Some suggestions such as watching porn, reading erotica, or simply visualizing sexual fantasy can trigger your body's response. Eventually, you will know what works and you can prepare for intercourse or self-gratification ahead of time.

2. Relax

Try taking a warm bath or partake in a glass of wine. Make sure you have privacy. Lock the door, turn off the phone, remove all or most of your clothing, and find a comfortable position. Many women prefer lying on their backs, legs bent and spread apart, and with their feet on the ground.

3. Explore Your Body

Gently run your hands along parts of your body, lingering in areas that are more sensitive to touch than others. Look at your vagina in a mirror and caress the different parts to see what feels especially good. Find and touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris, and your vagina to learn how to make yourself wet.

4. Experiment

Try using different types of touch such as stroking, tickling, kneading, pinching, or lightly pulling on your genitals. Try using one or several fingers, the palm of your hand, even your knuckles. Additionally, use both hands on different areas of your body to find out what turns you on.

5. Practice Breathing

Rather than holding your breath, try taking deep breaths. This helps by releasing sexual energy, rather than fighting it. Try rocking your pelvis or arching your back, like you would during intercourse. Practise rhythmically clenching and releasing your PC muscle for added pleasure.

6. Stimulate Your Anus

When it comes to how to make yourself wet, stimulating the anus is another way. Just remember that the anus is sensitive, yet produces no lube at all, and you will need a water based lubricant when exploring this opportunity. Try tickling or rubbing it with your fingers or use a small sex toy, and if you are going to probe your rectum, make sure the toy has a flared base to avoid injury.

7. Fondle Your Breasts

Fondling your breasts is a great way to get the juices flowing. Besides just rubbing and touching them, you could go bold, and try using suction cups or clamps to tap into this wonderful erogenous zone. If they are large enough, you could also try licking your nipples yourself. No matter whether you fondle your breasts fully clothed or naked, this area of your body should not be ignored when trying to arouse yourself during masturbation.

8. Stimulate Your Clitoris

Most women masturbate by stroking diagonally across their clitoris. However, others have found different speeds and levels of pressure create more arousal for them. Try using lubrication, and experiment using more than one finger when masturbating in order to help facilitate the production of arousal fluid in the vagina.

9. Tease Before Orgasm

A vaginal orgasm is the same as a clitoral orgasm, but stronger and deeper. Treat yourself to one by teasing yourself until you almost climax, then stop and repeat three or four times before allowing it to happen. The more you tease, the more powerful the climax.

10. Find Your G-Spot

Wondering how to make yourself wet? Then locate your G-spot by sliding a finger inside your vagina and bend it so that it brushes along the front wall. Reaching back towards your cervix, continue to draw your finger along the front of your vagina until you feel a cluster of skin. That is your G-spot, and with a steady stimulation you will begin to feel an overwhelming thrill throughout your body, triggering arousal fluid.

11. Use a Towel

Experiment using the rough texture of a towel. Use it over your hands while masturbating with your fingers for an aggressive edge, or lay it on the bed for different parts of your body to rub up against it so that your climax is more pleasant and powerful.

12. Combine Techniques

When you have learned what turns you on, try using multiple techniques such as butt plugs, or dildo's while stimulating your clitoris. Keep both hands busy, one on your breast the other on your clitoris or anus. This creativity will help you achieve climax time after time.

However, if your hand begins to get tired, give it a rest by switching hands or by using a vibrator. If you find yourself just short of orgasm, try different breathing techniques or imagine a favorite fantasy. You could also change up by stimulating other body parts to push yourself over the top.

13. Enjoy the Ride

When you feel an orgasm begin, continue with the stimulation throughout the climax. You can lighten up a bit in the beginning, but you'll want to keep it going to get the most out of each tremor. Don't be surprised if your first experience at climax is not explosive, or even not at all, this will soon change the more you practice at masturbation.

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