Hastmaithun Is Good for Health in Hindi

Masturbation is a natural and quite normal thing – and it's quite common too with more than 95% of men doing it in all parts of the world. There's no scientific evidence that masturbation itself is harmful. Frequency of masturbation also varies with some people doing it only once a day to others who do it once a week only. Unlike popular belief, it doesn't cause any sexual problem or weakness. It is considered bad only when it becomes so compulsive that it interferes with your routine activities. Men around the world use different terms to describe masturbation, and 'hastmaithun' is what they call it in India. Keep reading to find out more if hastmaithun is good for health in Hindi.

What Is Hastimaithun?

It refers to the act of holding your penis firmly and moving your hand up and down until you ejaculate semen. In simple words, it is the act of stimulating your penis to masturbate. Like other parts of the world, men in India also have several confusions about hastmaithun and if hastmaithun is good for health in Hindi. The truth is that it is completely safe, and here are some of the interesting benefits associated with this act:

  • You will love yourself more after masturbation. You don't get to examine your penis that often, do you? Hastmaithun or the act of holding your penis in your hand is an opportunity to get more knowledge about your own body. You can take it as a practice session in which you tune your mind in a way that it helps you be happier in your relationships. Standing in front of a mirror and watching your penis while masturbating can be incredibly exciting and help you know your body better.
  • You will be able to have better sex with others. Hastmaithun is a way to have better control over your emotions and sentiments. This way, you will be able to control your erections even when you're engaging in a sexual activity with another partner. This 'me' time will even help you learn what you will like more in bed.
  • You will feel better about your body and boost your confidence. Pleasuring yourself in a way you like will help you have a positive outlook on life. You will even feel confident about your body and enjoy your life more.
  • Hastmaithun is good for health in Hindi because it helps strengthen your pelvic flood and promote your overall sexual health. It also prevents urinary incontinence.
  • Masturbation will help you sleep better, which is mainly due to the release of endorphins after an orgasm. It means masturbating before bed may help you enjoy deep sleep.
  • Self-stimulation or masturbation can improve your blood flow. With improved blood circulation, you will be less susceptible to type-2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Masturbation is a lot safer than having unprotected sex with someone you don't know. Of course, you should not let masturbation affect your social activities, but other than this, you will always be better off using your own hand instead of engaging in a sexual act with a stranger.
  • One of many obvious benefits of hastmaithun is that it is a natural stress-buster and helps you feel happier.

Caution You Should Take About Hastimaithun

You may have gathered the idea here: hastmaithun is not bad for your health, even if you do it daily. Still, it is a good idea to pay attention to certain things to enjoy more.

  • It is important to understand that the skin on your penis is quite sensitive. Rough or frequent masturbation can lead to minor skin irritation. You may also end up bruising your penis if you masturbate too often without using a good lubricant.
  • You should not try to bend your erect penis because forcefully bending your penis may rupture the chambers filled with blood. This could lead to a condition called penile fracture, which can be quite painful.
  • Make sure you don’t have addiction. Hastmaithun is good for health in Hindi and it is okay to masturbate more than once a day if you still feel happy and have a satisfying life. You should ensure that this doesn't keep you from enjoying with friends. It should not affect your sex life with your partner. If it's becoming a compulsive disorder, you may want to go see a sex therapist for help. It isn't damaging for your health, but it is like any other compulsive disorder that needs treatment. 
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