10 Dos and 10 Don'ts Before Having Sex

Men and women both enjoy sex and the pleasure of an exciting night of love and passion. However, do you know what to do before having sex so that the experience can be both sexy and romantic? Here is a list of things that you can do to increase your sex drive and that can add to the pleasure you and your partner feel during sexual intercourse.

What to Do Before Sex

In order to make sex more pleasurable for both, you need to know some tips before sex to enhance the experience as listed below.

1.   Void Before Having Sex

Nothing is more uncomfortable than having sexual intercourse with a full bladder. You will have more fun and will last longer if you don't have to interrupt things in order to use the restroom. Both the man and woman should try to urinate before having sexual intercourse.

2.   Use Some Type of Contraception

Make sure that what to do before having sex includes having a condom available, so you won't have to worry about getting pregnant because of the sex you are about to have. This frees you up to be more sexually aroused and will allow you to have a passionate sexual experience. For women, you can take birth control pills or use some other forms of birth control, including an IUD or progesterone injection.

3.   Use Some Kind of Lubricant

If you have problems with a dry vagina, make sure you have some kind of vaginal lubricant, preferably one that is water soluble. KY Jelly is a great sexual lubricant, including some lubricants that smell better and some that have some kind of taste to them.

4.   Drink Some Wine

In sharing what to do before sex, it can be fun to loosen up by having a glass of wine or two before engaging in sexual activity. This can help put both of you in a more romantic mood so that the sex can be more carefree and sensual.

5.   Get Physically Ready

This means taking a bath and cleaning yourself up, wearing sexy lingerie, or wearing perfume that will turn your partner on. Nothing is more sensual than having sex after you have taken a shower or bath and have made yourself more presentable for your sexual partner.

6.   Make Sure Your Lips Are Luscious

Sex isn't just about the act of intercourse. There will be a lot of kissing and touching of each other's bodies. Women shouldn't wear thick lipstick but should wear a light lip balm, so the kissing doesn't cause smearing of lipstick all over your faces.

7.   Wear Sexy Jewelry

Your partner will be more turned on if you have sexy jewelry on as long as the jewelry doesn't get in the way of the act of intercourse. Nice earrings or a cute bracelet can mean you are ready for a great sexual experience.

8.   Shave Your Legs

What to do before sex should include shaving your legs and underarms. Guys don't like it when they have sex with a woman who has stubble on her legs, so you should do what you can before having sex to be clean shaven—perhaps during a long and luxurious bath.

9.   Exfoliate Your Skin

Make sure that he touches the smoothest skin possible during your sexual encounter. You can achieve this simply by gently exfoliating your whole body before having sex. Don't forget to exfoliate the parts your partner is most turned on by.

10.   Wear Sexy Lingerie

Your partner will be surprised by a sexy piece of lingerie that tells him you are just as interested in having a good sexual experience as he is. It will be especially fun when the lingerie is removed bit by bit for the sexual experience.

Maybe, the answer to what to do before having sex is really different for men and women. You can enjoy this fun video to find it.

What Not to Do Before Sex

However, sometimes, you may just do something unconsciously that ruin a romantic sex. Some of these include the following:

1.   Eat a Big Meal

If you eat too much before sexual intercourse, it will make you more sleepy and sluggish, especially if the meal included a lot of carbs. Instead of a big carbohydrate-loaded meal, you should try fruits or a handful of nuts along with plenty of water to increase your energy level.

2.   Drink an Energy Drink

You may think that an energy drink is an answer to what to do before sex, which will improve your sexual stamina and help the sex be more energetic. In fact, these drinks have lots of sugar in them that, when it wears off, you will feel sluggish and unable to have the kind of sex you want to have.

3.   Have an Argument

Arguments are a normal part of a relationship, but arguing before sex only dampens the experience and interferes with a good time during sex.

4.   Be Under Stress

If you are under too much stress, this can interfere with having a good sex life. You can suffer from performance anxiety or even erectile dysfunction. If you are experiencing too much stress, try using a foot massage, a back massage, or do a few minutes of meditation.

5.   Take Peppermint

Even though you won't want to have bad breath during sex, you should not take peppermint before having sex. Peppermint contains menthol, which can cause a drop in testosterone, so your sex drive can suffer. Use a good mouthwash, instead.

6.   Dwell On Negative Self-Image

Nobody has a perfect body and you shouldn't worry about the one you have before having sex. Dwelling on these things can lower your libido.

7.   Rush Things Too Quickly

This is especially true if you are having sex with a new sexual partner or are having sex the first time around. Let yourself experiment with what makes the two of you feel better and accept that it may not be perfect for the first time.

8.   Masturbate Before Sex

There are some people who feel as though masturbation before sex will put them in the proper mind frame. Nothing could be further from the truth. Masturbating before sex can make it more difficult to have an erection.

9.   Stick With the Same Old Thing

If you have sex the same way every time, this can decrease spontaneity and can make the whole experience be much less passionate. Instead of sticking with old habits, try new things or have sex in different places so that your fantasies can become realities in your sexual experience.

10.   Smoke Too Much

Smoking can really cut into your sex drive as it causes a restriction in the blood to the penis, so you may not be able to have a decent erection. Too much alcohol can also cut into your ability to perform in the sexual arena.

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