How to Use Aspirin to Get Rid of Acne in One Night

Skin without pimples is something everyone wants. However, everyone on earth has had problems with acne and pimples at least once in their life. How about dealing with acne and pimples when they show suddenly before an important event in your life? Is there anything that can help you get rid of them overnight? Certain products for acne treatment can help reduce the redness and swelling which accompanies a pimple quickly, but it often takes longer than one night for a blemish to completely heal. Can aspirin heal acne overnight?

How to Use Aspirin for Acne Overnight?

Why Aspirin Works?

Aspirin is not a natural remedy commonly used for the treatment of acne. However, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, aspirin can help reduce the swelling and redness which always accompanies and surrounds a pimple. Aspirin also contains salicylic acid, one of the major compounds commonly found in almost every over-the-counter acne treatment.

How to Use Aspirin for Acne?

As Mask

Aspirin for acne elimination can be used as a mask. Making an aspirin mask is an easy thing. For this purpose, you will need about 5 aspirin tablets. Dissolve them in a few drops of water or in unfiltered apple cider vinegar, especially when you are having a bad acne outbreak. You can also add some honey to the mixture for a better effect. If you have a dry skin you can add a few drops of olive oil to the mixture. If you have a combined skin, you can add egg whites.

Once you have made the aspirin facial mask, apply it to the skin by gently rubbing it. Avoid the sensitive area around the eyes. Leave it to do its work for about 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a wet cloth gently. Make sure not to touch your eyes. If your skin is dry after the aspirin facial mask, you can use a moisturizer.

If you apply aspirin mask at least once a week, your facial skin will be smoother and look cleaner. You can not only significantly reduce the acne and pimples but sometimes you can get rid of them completely.

As Paste

You can use aspirin for acne overnight as follows: take 2 or 3 tablets of aspirin and dissolve them in one teaspoon of water. Wash your face before applying the aspirin mixture using a dip directly to the pimples. Don’t use hands as you can just make your condition get worse. With hands additional bacteria can be transferred to the affected area of your facial skin, making an acne outbreak get even worse and prolong its treatment.

Let the aspirin mixture dry completely. Usually, it will take about 15 minutes. Use a wet and clean cloth to remove the aspirin mixture and clean your face. You can also rinse your face using lukewarm water instead of wiping the aspirin with a wet and clean cloth.

Don’t leave the aspirin on your face for a long period of time as it can get absorbed and enter the bloodstream from your skin. Once the aspirin enters the bloodstream, it can thin your blood.

For better results of the aspirin mask, you can add honey, Aloe Vera or witch hazel to the mixture. What you will add to the aspirin mixture will depend on the type of the skin you have.

As Scrub

Other ways to use aspirin for acne are using it as a scrub or toner. This will help you not only to get rid of acne and pimples, but it will also help you eliminate the dead skin cells from your facial skin. For this purpose, you need 2 or 3 aspirin tablets, dissolved in water which should be applied directly to the skin. If you want to make your tone at home yourself, dissolve some aspirin tablets in a bottle of water. Add ingredients depending on your skin type such as honey, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, green tea, etc. Shake the bottle well before applying it to your skin.


  • If you want to use aspirin for acne overnight you should use the uncoated variety of aspirin. This way you will know that there is nothing else as inactive ingredients but only aspirin. Finding the uncoated variety of aspirin is quite difficult. If you can’t find the uncoated aspirin, you can always remove the coating yourself by rubbing the aspirin under the water until the smooth layer that covers it is removed.
  • Before using aspirin for acne overnight, you should test yourself for a possible allergy to aspirin. You can do a test on a small patch of skin and if there is no reaction, you can continue using aspirin for acne and pimples.
  • Also, make sure that the aspirin does not get into your eyes or nose. Rinse aspirin well with lukewarm water or wipe it off your face with a wet and clean cloth as the aspirin can get absorbed from the facial skin, entering the bloodstream. Too much aspirin in the bloodstream is not a good thing as it thins the blood.

Other Natural Ways to Cure Acne

If aspirin for acne did not help, here are some other additional options which can be beneficial to you:

  • Honey due to its antiseptic properties can help you eliminate acne and pimples. With a cotton swab apply it directly to the affected area. Rinse it off after about one hour.
  • Toothpaste, when applied directly to the pimple, can help you eliminate or reduce it. Let the toothpaste work overnight and clean your face the next morning.
  • Calamine lotion will dry a pimple quickly. Let the calamine lotion work overnight and clean the face the next morning with water and soap.
  • Apple cider vinegar will help a pimple dry faster after you apply it directly to a pimple with a cotton swab.
  • Tea tree oil is another natural remedy which can help you get rid of acne.
  • Apply a raw potato slice to the skin if you want to get rid of acne and pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Let it work for a couple of minutes and clean your face with lukewarm water.
  • Milk of magnesia will help your skin calm down and relax. Dab some milk of magnesia on your face and let it work overnight.
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