Signs of 4 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

Many new mothers want to know whether they are pregnant with twins or not. Although knowing for sure if you are expecting twins in this early stage of pregnancy is very difficult, there can be some suggestive signs for your reference. 

Signs of 4 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

1. Gestational Sacs

Visualizing more than one gestational sac with an ultrasonography is the only definitive sign to know if you are expecting twins for sure. However, if you are expecting identical twins, both babies will develop within one gestational sac, making it difficult to visualize both of them in this early stage. If the twins you are expecting are non-identical (fraternal twins), it is much more easier to identify two separated gestational sacs at this stage.

2. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Levels

The presence of a hormone known as hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is an early confirmatory sign of pregnancy, and its level changes depending on how far along is the pregnancy. In some cases, when there are twins, this hormone rises more quickly and has higher levels than in a single pregnancy, so this can give an indirect hint that you are 4 weeks pregnant with twins, but not for sure.

3. Subjective Symptoms

Nausea, breast soreness, fatigue and dizziness are some of the symptoms you may experience during pregnancy, but all these can be felt earlier and stronger while expecting twins. Nevertheless, none of these symptoms can ensure that you are pregnant with twins.

Uterine cramps are also common. You can also feel that your heart is beating faster and your pulse is accelerating because the heart needs to provide the organ with more oxygenated blood.

Twin Fetal Development at Week 4

When being 4 weeks pregnant with twins, you must want to know their developing conditions. At 4 weeks, the embryos will be each about 2 millimeters in size – about the size of a mustard seed. Their nervous and circulatory systems will begin to develop and their hearts will start beating. They also have little bumps that later will form their legs and arms. Each embryo will have a little opening which will eventually become the baby's mouth. Below the opening, there will be small folds which will become their lower jaws and necks. The amniotic sac or sacs will be attached to the uterus wall, thus making it possible for the uterine arteries to reach the placenta and getting oxygen and nutrients for each twin.

Important Tips for Pregnancy with Twins

1. Eat Healthily

Being pregnant means that you have to take care of what you eat, because now you are also eating for two more human beings as well.

  • Avoid alcohol, unpasteurized milk and dairy products, raw seafood, caffeine and uncooked meat.
  • Reduce the amount of sodium intake.
  • Increase the intake of cooked vegetables, well-washed fruits, protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil and nuts.
  • Your calorie intake should also increase at least 500 calories per day.

2. Take Your Supplements

If you are 4 weeks pregnant with twins, it is important for you to take the supplements to support your babies' growth. There are several prenatal supplements in the market, and ideally you should get a doctor’s suggestion to know for sure which one adapts to your necessities. However, folic acid is always recommended and you should start taking it from the moment you know you are pregnant, or even better begin taking it when you are planning to get pregnant. This vitamin is essential for the proper development of your babies' nervous systems and can prevent many diseases and deformities.

3. Reduce Stress

Stressful situations can have bad influences on your pregnancy. The risk of pre-eclampsia (high blood pressure with feet and legs swelling associated to urinary problems) and eclampsia (pre-eclampsia plus seizures) doubles when you are pregnant with twins.

Doing pregnancy yoga or just something you enjoy, like listening music, reading a book or taking a relaxing bath can help soothe the stress. Take time for yourself at least one hour daily.

4. Exercise

Doing some light exercise can help you prepare yourself for the delivery, can increase your energy and can help reduce the everyday stress. Swimming, walking, pilates and yoga are all good choices. Do not attempt to do heavy exercises like lifting excessive weights, crunches, squats, or high-intensity interval training.

5. Go to Your Check-Ups

Since carrying twins increases the risk of having complications, it is of the utmost importance that you start your check-ups right away from the moment you know you are pregnant.

Having a good prenatal care can help avoid preventable diseases for yourself and your twins, and avoid catching any possible complication at time before it turns to something serious. If you are not feeling well between appointments, do not be afraid of consulting early. 

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