5th Month of Pregnancy

By this time you would have had your first ultrasound, giving you the first glimpse of the bundle of joy growing inside you. This is also when most mothers begin to show signs of being pregnancy, a radiant glow of the skin, and a noticeable bump. This article will help you understand what to expect at this time in your pregnancy.

5th Month of Pregnancy: What to Expect?

Week 18

Baby’s growth: The rapid burst of growth begins to slow. Your child develops reflexes, taste buds, and retina, meaning that it is now sensitive to light. At this time your unborn child may make facial expressions, stretches, yawns, swallows and hiccups, and even shield itself from bright light by shifting position when the retinas are exposed.

Mom-to-be: By this time, you will likely be able to feel your baby inside of you. In most cases, the baby will be moving. Your heart is now working overtime (around 40-50% harder), to compensate for your pregnancy.

Week 19

Baby’s growth: During the 5th month of pregnancy at week 19, your baby’s skin begins to develop, which is currently transparent. A protective coating, known as vernix, begins to form on their skin.

Mom-to-be: During this time, as your baby continues to grow and move, you may begin to experience bouts of symptoms associated with pregnancy; dizziness, aches, pains, mild ankle/feet swelling, etc. You may also experience an occurrence known as ‘spider nevi’ whereby dilated blood vessels cause small, temporary reddish marks on your body to form.

Week 20

Baby’s growth: By this time your baby will likely be moving quite a bit. It has also developed the ability to hear sounds, and may even instinctively cover its ears with hands when overly intrusive sounds are heard.

Mom-to-be: This is around the middle of your pregnancy, and by this time it will be apparent to most people that you are with child. You may experience profuse sweating due to an overactive thyroid gland, and bladder infections may become more of a risk due to muscles within the urinary tract relaxing.

Week 21

Baby’s growth: At this point, your baby weighs about 0.75 pounds and is about 10 ½ inches long – about the size of a carrot. You may feel like your baby is practicing martial arts as its initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also find its activity pattern as you get to know your baby better.In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now, and if you're having a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well.

Mom-to-be: On average you would have gained around five to ten pounds, and your bump will likely be more showing. You may also notice an increase in appetite.

The video below will provide you with further information about the growth of your baby in the 5th month of pregnancy:

Medical Tests in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy you will likely undergo many tests, many of which are routine, to ensure the health and prosperity of your unborn child. These tests may include ultrasounds, urine tests, blood tests, and pap smear. If there is believed to be an issue with the baby, then some tests may be administered to ascertain what the problem is. Some tests that you can expect during the 5th month of pregnancy are explained below:

Ultrasound (weeks 16-20)

This test uses sound waves to display an image of your unborn baby onto a screen so you can get the first glimpse of what it looks like. This test can determine the age and sex of the unborn child, whether a mother-to-be is carrying twins, as well as check for any abnormalities.

Integrated Prenatal Screening (weeks 11-13 and again at weeks 15-20)

This test is administered specifically to determine whether your child is at risk of being born with a chromosomal irregularity. It involves a combination of an ultrasound, two blood tests, and a nuchal translucency measurement.

Cordocentesis (after week 18)

This procedure also tests for chromosomal irregularities and involves a needle inserted through the abdomen into the uterus to extract blood from the umbilical cord. This is only administered after the 5th month of pregnancy, as the blood vessels must be large enough.

Fetal Echocardiography (18 weeks)

If a women is at an increased risk of having a child with an ailment concerning its heart, then this test may be administered to determine the likelihood of such a problem arising. It involves the use of ultrasound to get a clear picture of the baby’s heart, if a problem is detected, then immediate treatment can be administered.

Dos and Don’ts During 5th Month of Pregnancy


1. Wear comfortable clothing. This ensures you remain as comfortable as possible during this time. Opt for maternity wear, or loose fitting clothing made from cotton or linen.

2. Maintain a good posture. Always ensure that you maintain a good posture, this will help both you and your baby. It is also important to practice a good sleeping posture, ensuring to sleep on your left side.

3. Eat plenty of fiber. This will help ensure that your bowels are running smoothly and avoid unwanted occurrences of bowel upset.

4. Focus on health and fitness. Continue stretching, squatting, and other simple exercises. Remember that it is important not to push yourself too hard, and rest when you feel tired.

5. Speak to your baby. Your baby can hear now, so spend time talking to it. Allow it the time to grow accustomed to your voice.

6. Manage rashes. If you break out in rashes during this time, proper management can help considerably. This can be done simply by maintaining good hygiene and showering regularly.

7. Remain positive. Always try to think positively during your pregnancy. Stress and anxiety can have a negative effect on your pregnancy, so these feelings should be avoided if possible. Spend time with loved ones, and do things that you enjoy.


1. Avoid sudden movements. Standing or sitting too quickly can lead you to feelings of dizziness and even fainting as it will likely cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, for this reason, such sudden reflexes should be avoided.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Toxins like alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes can cause harm to your baby. It’s time to cut out these bad habits and think of your child’s prosperity, don’t wait until the 5th month of pregnancy, as soon as you are pregnant, it is time to think of your child’s health.

3. Avoid worrying. It’s easy to have anxiety during this time, but you are soon to be responsible for another. This means that you need to put all of your worries aside to focus on your baby.

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