What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant?

Even if you are a man the curiosity to know what it feels like to be pregnant is strong. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences a person can go through, so the drive to know and share is normal. It's common knowledge that pregnancy includes feelings like morning sickness, strong cravings, swollen breasts and fatigue – but what else is there to be?

What Does It Feel Like to Be Pregnant?

The first thing you need to know is that it is more than possible to know you are pregnant as soon as conception has occurred. In less than two weeks some women are experiencing symptoms, while others may have the symptoms but may not recognize their meaning.

1. Your Breasts Feel Sore

Your breasts will most likely be the first messenger telling you about your pregnancy. Many women describe a tingling sensation in their entire breasts with soreness around the nipples. There may also be some swelling in the area. Others describe it as an uncomfortable fullness, or heaviness. You may not notice it as a physical sensation at first, but then may notice that your normal bras are becoming uncomfortable or causing chafing. This symptom occurs most often in the first 4 weeks of pregnancy.

2. Feeling Cramps When It’s Not Your Time

This is a result of your uterus beginning to prepare to expand to make room for a baby to grow. It can feel exactly like you are getting ready to have your period, but it isn't the right time for it at all.

3. Fatigue That Makes No Sense and Is Inescapable

You may have been tired some times before, but the type of fatigue that arrives with the earliest stage of pregnancy is a stand out. Sleep is all you can think about and trying to even keep up with your normal day is hard.

4. Bloating

About 3 to 4 weeks into your pregnancy, you will start to retain more water. This will lead to bloating, particularly in the pelvic region that makes fitting into your normal clothes hard. This is also about when you start to "show" to attentive people in your life.

5. Increase in Urination Frequency

What does it feel like to be pregnant? One thing you'll feel is the frequent urge to pee due to the pressure on your bladder caused by that bloating and expansion of your uterus. You may also find it hard to retain urinary control when you sneeze, cough or laugh.

6. Mood Swings That Go High and Low

Pregnancy is all about hormones and those hormones can send you on a mood roller coaster. Your moods may switch quickly from happy to sad, and often for no reason at all. The good news is that the moods change so quickly you won't get stuck in one.

7. Difficulty Staying Awake

Fatigue has been mentioned before, but in your first trimester you won't be able to stay awake at all. All it takes is a pause in the motion for you to nod off. Don't worry, once you enter your second trimester you won't be able to sleep at all.

8. Aches That Chase You

If everything is going right then everything is going to ache, even the parts of your body that you didn't think it was possible to ache. Tylenol won't help, sleeping more won't help, working out or not working out won't help – the aches will just chase you.

9. Not So Sweet Cervix Kicks

In the movies when the baby kicks, everyone makes cooing noises and the pregnant woman has a beautiful smile. The first kick you feel isn't the baby, but the cervix spasming as it expands. A cervix kick feels like you have been electrocuted by fire in the vaginal area and it can travel down your legs.

10. Sweet Baby Kicks

What does it feel like to be pregnant? You'll get sweet baby kicks that can fill you with happiness. Unlike cervix kicks, the first ones feel like a bubble of gas being released. These bubbles turn into actual jabs that can sometimes be seen, and then it can feel like you have snakes in your stomach, there is so much movement.

11. Relaxin Hormone Release

This is something you don't hear about often, but is very common. During pregnancy, the hormone Relaxin is released. Its purpose is to relax the joints in the hips and pelvis for birth. It also happens to relax all the other joints in the body which can make you feel unsteady on your feet.

12. Weight Gain

The average weight gain during pregnancy is around 25 pounds, but it is a weight gain that feels much different. It is rarely spread around the body, but is centered around the pelvis. That can cause back discomfort, sciatic pain and a general feeling of malaise.

13. Stretching Ligaments

At about 13 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is expanding which means that the ligaments that control the stomach area have to stretch to accommodate it. This is often described as an ache, but can also be accompanied by sharp pains.

14. Contractions

Contractions feel most like a severe menstrual cramp. How uncomfortable they are depends on many different factors. If you were to tense a muscle and hold it for a long time in that position, like a flexed bicep, the cramps that would follow are similar to contractions.

What Others Say

What does it feel like to be pregnant? Well, different moms will have different experiences. Let's take a look at what these moms have to say.

"I wasn't sure that I was pregnant at first, but I did notice that I suddenly was hungry all the time. I also had to pee every five seconds. I wasn't sure if that meant I was pregnant or getting ready to have my period. Once I took a test I knew I was pregnant for sure."

"I don't think I felt pregnant until about the 28 week mark. The first 4 weeks I didn't even suspect anything was up. When my period didn't come, I had a pregnancy test done and it was positive. Then I had the ultrasound at 9 weeks and there my baby was – but I still didn't have many symptoms. When I hit the 28 week milestone, I did start to get some aches and heartburn like symptoms, plus I had some noticeable weight gain too."

"Right away I was in the bathroom throwing up or in the kitchen eating, when I wasn't doing any of that I was sleeping. If I was awake I was grouchy too. All of this lasted for about 4 straight days about 2 weeks after I ovulated and continued right up until the baby started to move and then things calmed down."

"My shower told me I was pregnant. That sounds funny but that's how I knew. I was taking a shower and it just felt uncomfortable, especially on my breasts. I also had a pain in my side. I took a pregnancy test and it confirmed it. The only thing I really noticed is my sense of smell got sharper, for better and for worse."

"This is not my first pregnancy, but unlike the other the only real symptom I had was this powerful fatigue – I did not want to do anything. I was surprised and relieved to find out I was pregnant because I was worried I was getting sick. I also have some cramping, but it is mild, plus some discharge but that is it."

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