Can Breastfeeding Reduce the Chance of Breast Cancer?

Health campaigns would encourage breastfeeding because of the positive effect on the long term health and condition of the baby and the benefits it can give to mother. For the baby, the milk they get from the mom can strengthen the immune system. It can lessen the possibility of contracting diseases like allergies and asthma in the future. But the benefits do not end there, moms who breastfeed can lose the weight they accumulated during the pregnancy in the process. These are common knowledge about breastfeeding that most of us are aware of. But do you know there is a correlation between breast cancer and breastfeeding? This article aims to discuss how breastfeeding can help lessen the possibility of cancer cell build up in the body. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

There are numerous studies backing up the theory on how breastfeeding reduces breast cancer. One study has shown that there is no manifestation of the condition among a considerable number of women with breast cancer history in the family who have breastfeed before menopausal. One study showed that there are women who can suffer from the disease, but because they have been breastfeeding for a considerable amount of time, they did not. One study has proven that those who have breastfeed for more than a year have higher chance of preventing the condition from manifesting.

Why Does Breastfeeding Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer?

The next question that most people ask is why. What has breastfeeding got to do with breast cancer? After giving birth, the woman starts to produce milk for the baby and during this period, as she breastfeeds, the production of estrogen is being controlled because the process of menstruation has also stopped. This is one of the most accepted and proven explanation on its effectiveness since estrogen can contribute to the building of cancer cells. Another explanation is that people who breastfeed are healthier compared to those who cannot do it because of some conditions such as obesity. If you are breastfeeding, you are healthy and you know that your system is working normally.

What If You Cant Breastfeed?

The discussion on the relationship between breast cancer and breastfeeding should not be a treated as a disadvantage on the part of those who cannot breastfeed. It is not being said that you will be having the disease if you are not breastfeeding. If your family has a history of breast cancer, you can still be able to prevent it by considering other ways. Your lifestyle will determine your future. If you want to get away from cancer, you should consider shifting into a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips that you can consider:

  • Watch over your weight. Your weight can affect how your system functions. Even the growth of cancer cells in the body will increase when the person is overweight. This is why you need to control your food intake and choose the right food. Obesity will not only increase the possibility of developing cancer in the body, it can also affect all the other functions and can cause problems that can make you suffer in long term. You need to watch and have control over your weight especially if you are nearing menopausal period.
  • Exercise. When the body is active, the weight is also regulated. Aside from that, unwanted fats are eliminated in different parts of the body. If you want to avoid cancer, you should be physically active. There are different exercises that you can consider. For very busy people, they can consider indoor exercises. Even in your busy schedule, you can make time for some easy activities like squat that can contribute to your health.
  • Eliminate alcohol. Neglect the relation between breast cancer and breastfeeding, the risk of developing cancer is increased when you are drinking too much alcohol. It can cause deterioration to the body especially if you are not eating well and you consume more alcohol. As the body weakens, the possibility for you to develop cancer also increases.
  • Stop smoking. If there is one unhealthy habit that can cause different diseases, it is smoking. But this is not totally a bad news because you can always quit smoking. Always consider the effects to the body. It does not only cause lung cancer, it kills the immune system and allows the growth and increase of cancer cells.
  • Get away from radiation. When someone is exposed to radiation, the body reacts negatively. You can experience vomiting and even nausea because of overexposure. These negative effects can be detrimental to the body. And when the body suffers, the risk of developing cancer can also increase.
  • Eat natural food. It is not a secret that processed food can be a cause of cancer due to its content that is not contributing to the person’s overall health. Go green and go back to the basic diet. Organic food is recommended for people who want to remain youthful and healthy.

Having a healthy lifestyle will save you from the effects of diseases that you may get if you are involving yourself to unhealthy activities. Cancer develops when the body can no longer fight because of a weakened immune system. Shift into a simpler but healthier diet. If you are a mother, breastfeeding is a great way for you to stop the growth of cancer in the body after you know the relation between breast cancer and breastfeeding. But if you can’t, adapt a healthy lifestyle to keep yourself away from possible diseases.  

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