Can I Breastfeed to My Husband?

It is difficult for most women to discuss with her friends or company on this topic. According to a research almost every breastfeeding mother has been asked by her husband to taste the breastmilk. Such a breastfeeding may be done due to curiosity, health benefits or as a utility to open the blockage. However, some men directly denied breastfeeding directly from the nipple and even said they have no urge per-se. What's the truth? If you want to have a try, here are thorough details you will definitely want to browse.

Can I Breastfeed to My Husband?

Women often ask their doctors if breastfeeding to husband is okay. Below are some aspects to weigh before that.

Good for Your Husband

There is no harm in breastfeeding to your husband; in fact the breasts can produce as much milk as required, just think about some mom breastfeeding 3 or more babies. You just need to drink plenty of fluids, eat healthy, and have enough rest.

Possible Benefits for the Mom

For the breastfeeding women themselves, breastfeeding to husband can relieve the pressure and discomfort if the baby's growth is slow and is not in need of too much milk. You may ask your husband to relieve the pressure in your breasts and provide comfort. Nowadays the problem is solved by pumps but women in earliertimesmay take benefit from their husbands.

Negative Sides to Notice

Yet, breastfeeding to husband can set a risk of transmitting diseases to the infant if your man is suffering from an acute infection such as cold virus. Also, remember that you'd better stop breastfeeding your husband while you find yourself pregnant. Otherwise, it will increase your chances of premature labor.

Breast-touching is very common among many couples as foreplay and is totally safe, but actually feeding a man over 30 may affect the milk supply to the baby, if you have a low milk supply. Also, there will be immense drain from the mother, therefore the caloric intake should be high enough to supply for both the baby and the man.


Ensure that your husband does not have infections in his body to avoid the risk of transmission to the baby. Doctors suggest feeding the baby first, and you may reserve one side for husband and other for the baby.

Some women would like to breastfeed to husband to avoid wasting the milk, while some concern about whether such an act will affect the baby's psyche health. Whatever, it is a thing that involves both of you, so communication is essential.

Real Experiences of Breastfeeding to Husband

A Woman's Review

After my first pregnancy, I thought that I won't be able to breastfeed my husband and had no idea if my husband will like it. I assumed logically that my breasts are supposed to be for my baby only. I went into shock when he first approached; I thought I'd married a wrong man. I had also been nervous about body fluids. But I accepted his help to relieve pain because previously when there was no pump, I felt engorged and painful which made me to let him proceed. When the baby was full, I turned towards husband and he seemed happier. I realized it wasn't bad at all and let him do it every morning; it increased our love and brought us closer.

A Man's Thoughts

For me, the changes in wife's body while nursing were amazing. I loved watching her breastfeeding, I had urge to taste breast milk of my wife but she thought breastfeeding to husband isn't right.

A Couple's Story

I have to say that the breast pressure hurt a lot and it is not easy to pump and waste the milk. I was aware about my husband's interest in breastfeeding; so I let him do it. I thought it won't hurt and will satisfy his curiosity as well. So, I let him, he enjoyed, liked the taste and was very happy and asked to try again within a day which I allowed. I felt great afterwards, he was happy to drink it too. It was just great to feel that my milk was not wasted and provided my husband this much nutrition.

Breastfeeding and Sex—Sex Tips While Breastfeeding

Sex during breastfeeding can change a lot and need more time for you two to get used to such changes like increased or lower sexual desire, and sometimes breastfeeding to husband can be tried. Below are some tested and useful tips for you to make sex life during breastfeeding smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Change Sexual Positions

Try other positions if you feel some soreness or an on-touch leakage from your breasts, you can try some new positions rather than sticking to the missionary positions. Spooning, woman on top, and position of hands and knees are proved to be more effective for breastfeeding women.

2. Be Careful About Breast Fondling

If sore breasts and sudden leakage is bothering you so much, talk to your husband about it and make him understand with love to not touch your breasts during foreplay or sex.

3. Use Bras with Nursing Pads

The milk ejection reflex is controlled by hormones, namely oxytocin. It is released when a female orgasm; causing loss of milk during sex. The leakage could be sudden with too much milk. If you don't want your sheets to be wet with milk, use nursing padded bra.

4. Use Lubricant

Due to increased production of breast milk in your body, there may be less vaginal lubricant to be produced during the intercourse. That's when lubricant is needed. Use a lubricant, preferably water based, to ease the discomfort for both of you, and make your sex life during breastfeeding more enjoyable.

5. Show Some Patience

Many women don't feel like having sex at all after baby’s birth. They feel exhausted and overwhelmed, yet men tend to express love and feelings via sex. So, women can thing about alternatives to show him your love and affections and tell him about your touched-out feelings. Communication is more essential through the breastfeeding days, and just ensures that you two can approach to each other well.

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