Crest Whitestrips Reviews: Do They Work?

Crest Whitestrip is a tooth whitening product that works by bleaching stains on your teeth. The strips are lined with a peroxide gel that you apply to your teeth. Although you may see changes after several treatments, it is important to maintain use of Crest Whitestrips as tooth whitening is a continuous process. If you're wondering whether the strips are effective, read the reviews from customers below.

Reviews: Do Crest Whitesrips Work?

Positive Crest Whitestrips Reviews

"Although the Crest Whitestrips aren't comparable to professional whitening, for the price you pay, they are awesome. I always keep them on hand and they definitely make my smile whiter. I experienced a little sensitivity at first, but my dentist checked and confirmed that they were not thinning my enamel. I will continue to use them!" (Raisak, 18-24, female)

"This product is amazing! I have gotten so many compliments and I have only worn them for 2 days! However, it makes my teeth more sensitive, so I recommend using them 2 days in a row, taking a day off and then 2 days on again. They're really easy to use, sticking perfectly and coming off easily. I only wear them for 30 minutes and it's crazy how big of difference they make." (Mschmitt, 18 and under, female)

"I am 39 years old and I have been using Crest Whitestrips since I was in my 20s. They are usually $40, but with my Target coupon I save $5. I use them every six months, so one box lasts me a year. Last year I spent $500 to get my teeth professionally whitened and was disappointed because the strips are as effective as the professional treatment. I use sensodyne toothpaste after I remove the strips and it helps." (Sophie, 35-44, female)

"The whitening effect is hardly noticeable after 3 days. I'm about halfway through my first kit now and my teeth are definitely whiter. I may need a second kit to get my teeth fully whitened. My teeth weren't too bad to start with. I don't smoke or drink coffee. The strips stay on really well." (Pyang, 18-24, male)

 Negative Crest Whitestrips Reviews

"I was only able to use 4 of these strips because I experiences extreme sensitivity and pain. I only kept each strip on for 10 minutes. I spent $60 on this product. My advice is to stick with whitening toothpaste and stay away from these strips." (Albinkaa, 18 and under, male)

"I used the Crest Whitestrips for several weeks and didn't see the positive results promised. I experienced a lot of pain, even though I was using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. In addition to hurting my teeth, I got a terrible headache each time I used them." (Pearl, female)

"I can't say whether the product works or not because it hurt my teeth so badly I had to stop using it after two days. I would say that my teeth have normal sensitivity, but the strips made my teeth ache as if I just got my braces off. This isn't even for slightly sensitive teeth!" (Reggiemoon, 25-59, female)

"For the cost of the product, I wasn't wowed by the results I saw. The regimen is a month long and I only saw slight improvements to my teeth." (Carlton, 35-44, male)

Instructions on Crest Whitestrips

Perhaps you would like to have a try after reading Crest Whitestrips reviews. Here are some tips for you to use the strips properly.

1. Clean Your Teeth

Crest Whitestrips stay in place better on teeth that haven't been brushed. Pat your teeth dry with a towel to remove excess moisture.

2. Remove the Packaging

The strips come in pairs, one for upper teeth and one for lower teeth. Tear open the pouch. The strip for the upper teeth is the larger strip. The side of the strip facing upwards is the side containing the whitener and is the side that touches your teeth.

3. Peel the Strip Off

Keep the strip on the plastic carrier until you are ready to apply it. The strips can be fragile and hard to handle, so it's best to keep them on the plastic until you're ready to apply them to your teeth. Be careful not to disturb the side of the strip containing the whitener.

4. Place the Strip on Your Teeth

To start aligning the strip with your teeth, use your gum line as a guide. The strip is straight and your gum is scalloped, so it won't be perfect, but do the best you can. Cover your teeth the best you can, as anything not covered by the strip won't get the same exposure and therefore won't be whitened.

5. Press the Strip into Place

Gently press on the strip to make sure it sticks to your teeth and is touching as much of each tooth as possible. Fold the bottom of the strip that is hanging down behind your teeth. Repeat with the second strip.

6. Wash Your Hands Afterwards

Wash your hands immediately, as some of the whitening agent will be on your hands. It's possible that it can have the same effect on other surfaces you may touch. If you forget to wash your hands you may notice your fingers start to tingle or burn from the peroxide. More serious problems may occur if you touch your eyes, pets or furniture.

Possible Side Effects of Crest Whitestrips

Even though there are many positive Crest whitestrips review, the products has some potential side effects and may not suit everyone.

1. Gum Irritation

Gum irritation occurs because of the peroxide gel in the white strips. It causes a chemical reaction that whitens your teeth, but it can irritate your gums. It is recommended to place the strips properly so that they don't touch your gums. If the strips are too big you can cut them a little smaller, so they only touch your teeth.

2. Yellow Spots

The strips can leave some areas untreated because of the shape. They don't get in between the teeth and don't always get the curved bottom of the teeth. If the yellow spots were already on your teeth, they just become more noticeable when you whiten other areas of your teeth.

3. Tooth Sensitivity

Overuse of whitening strips can cause damage to teeth that require major treatments. Ask your dentist before you begin your whitening regimen for advice. Make sure you don't have cavities or gum disease, as the strips will cause irritation in these areas.