Dream About Killing Someone

Do you dream about killing or murdering someone? When something like that pops up in your dreams, it can be unsettling, especially if the person you dream about killing is someone you know. Of course you know that dreams have no limits – you can do anything in them. But if you kill someone in your dream, you are probably rather worried about what it might mean about your subconscious feelings. What could this dream reveal about your true self?

What Could Dream About Killing Someone Mean?

Dreams about murder often have some sort of psychological basis. To see what these dreams might mean, read on.

  • Repressed anger. You might be dealing with anger that you haven’t been able to let out in some way. It doesn’t have to be toward a person – it could be about a situation or an inanimate object.
  • Losing your temper. A dream like this might indicate that you are slowly losing your temper against someone else. Think about the person in the dream: do you have hatred or jealousy toward him/her?
  • Turning it on yourself. The dream might be about something concerning you, something you have been trying to 'kill' but haven’t succeeded. It might be an addiction, a habit, an attachment to a certain someone, and you want it to end.
  • Humiliation. When you are humiliated, it’s tough to fight back, so sometimes you do it in dream form. A dream about killing someone who has humiliated you is the mind's way of trying to get revenge for the pain.
  • Negative traits. What are the negative traits of the person in the dream? Those might have been the things your mind wanted you to kill – not actually the person themselves. 
  • Representation. What if you really love the person in your dream, and you would never dream of harming them at all? Why did you dream such a thing? That person could be the symbol for something that is going wrong in your life and you want to fix it.
  • Depression. If you are depressed or thinking about suicide, your mind might try to act out the situation with others. Depression often leads to dark dreams.
  • Fighting your past. If the person is from your past, someone you never speak to, or even someone who has already passed away, there might be things in your past with that person that are bothering you now.
  • Shock. If something really terrible has happened to you over the last few weeks or months, that shock might translate into feelings of subconscious anger. Most people find that it’s easier to be angry than to be scared or hurt.
  • Resistance. If you are intent on making sure that you resist something you don’t want to do, you might dream about killing someone as a way of making that problem go away once and for all.
  • Intense feelings. Obviously murder has strong feelings attached. You might be thinking about something that is entirely unacceptable in society, and thus your subconscious wants to 'kill' those feelings.
  • Arguments. Those who have just had a serious argument, especially with someone who matters to them, might dream about murder and other terrible things. It’s a dream manifestation of the anger left over from the argument.
  • Confrontation. Have you been confronted by someone, or do you intend to confront someone? That’s a tense situation that can often play out in your dreams, ending in a very bad way.
  • Risky situations. If you have been in a seriously risky situation, or been almost severely hurt (such as a car accident), your dream might be warning to get your life more under control.
  • Overwhelmed problems. If you are dealing with issues in your daily life that are pushing you to your limits, those problems can show up in your dreams in the form of a person. You killing that person indicates that you are trying to 'kill' the problem.

What to Do with This Deadly Dream

If you have a dream about killing someone, remember that it isn’t a sign you really want to do this. The emotions we experience in dreams are often exaggerated, and even someone who is quite meek could dream about being very aggressive. A dream is a quite personal thing, and eventually you will find the link to your waking life and your dream life. But if your killing dream becomes a recurring dream that happens all the time, your mind is trying to send you a message. Learning to deal with the feelings you have, or the aggressive emotions that plague you in real life, is essential. It might be time to talk to a professional counselor about what is happening in your life and how to work through it. 

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