10 Medical Schools That Are Easy to Get Into

In United States and even most other parts of the world, it is very competitive and somewhat challenging to get into a medical school, which can be due to the extremely difficult and complicated scrutiny process. Some students are even unable to pass the 1st screening test which may discourage them from pursuing their passion of serving the mankind. The reasons of their rejection could be lack of extra-curricular activities, grades in particular subjects, the school they choose to apply, etc. With the increasing competition on medical school admission, finding out some of the easiest schools to get into can be more essential when choosing which school to apply.

Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

One thing to make clear is that there is no easy medical school to get into with no efforts. Therefore it is imperative to give time to studies or else no tips and tricks can get you into any medical school. Wasting minimum time in activities that affect your studies will make it even easier to get into a medical school.

According to the date of AAMC, we calculate the average MCAT scores. Along with the rate of admission, the difficulty in admission is evaluated, which indicates a potential number of students seeking for one admission in this school.

Top 10 Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into

Medical Schools

Difficulty in Admission

NO.1 University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Medicine


  • Applicants per year: 386
  • Matriculants per year: 86
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 4
  • Average MCAT score: 3
  • Difficulty in admission: 4

NO.2 University of Mississippi School of Medicine


  • Applicants per year: 266
  • Matriculants per year: 110
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 2
  • Average MCAT score: 29
  • Difficulty in admission: 8

NO.3 San Juan Bautista School of Medicine


  • Applicants per year: 504
  • Matriculants per year: 60
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 8
  • Average MCAT score: 17
  • Difficulty in admission: 9

NO.4 University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences


  • Applicants per year: 306
  • Matriculants per year: 62
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 5
  • Average MCAT score: 27
  • Difficulty in admission: 12

NO.5 LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport

  • Applicants per year: 703
  • Matriculants per year: 116
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 6
  • Average MCAT score: 27
  • Difficulty in admission: 14

NO.6 University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine


  • Applicants per year: 942
  • Matriculants per year: 108
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 9
  • Average MCAT score: 24
  • Difficulty in admission: 14

NO.7 Mercer University School of Medicine

  • Applicants per year: 773
  • Matriculants per year: 90
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 9
  • Average MCAT score: 26
  • Difficulty in admission: 18

NO.8 University of Arizona College of Medicine

  • Applicants per year: 855
  • Matriculants per year: 158
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 5
  • Average MCAT score: 29
  • Difficulty in admission: 18

NO.9 LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans



  • Applicants per year: 990
  • Matriculants per year: 179
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 6
  • Average MCAT score: 29
  • Difficulty in admission: 18

NO.10 Central University of the Caribbean

  • Applicants per year: 1021
  • Matriculants per year: 65
  • Applicants/Matriculants: 16
  • Average MCAT score: 20
  • Difficulty in admission: 20

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How to Get Medical School Admission with an Easier Procedure

With the fiercer competition on getting into medical schools, learning some knowledge about easiest medical schools to get into is helpful. In addition, you can also seek to get into a medical school with an easier procedure. Below are 4 tips:

1. Focus on State Universities

Eliminate the private schools in your choices and focus on state universities. In comparison with private universities, state universities are easier to get into in terms of scores, cost, competition and quality of courses.

2. Evaluate the Test Scores

Every medical school will define an average GPA score or MCAT score as a criterion for admission. For students who have trouble with satisfying the sores required by the medical school, you should evaluate the test scores before applying, which offers you an idea about the chances of admission to this medical school.

Locate in Puerto Rico, 3 schools that require the lowest average test score are the University of Puerto Rico, the Ponce School of Medicine, and the Central University of the Caribbean. With average MCAT scores less than 8, which gives an advantage to Spanish students.

3. Make the Fee Affordable

Those students who cannot afford the fee and expenses for admission in a medical school can consider Cuba. Cuba offers 100% scholarship to medical schools for students with low income andenough qualification from various countries (including the U.S.). Students have to keep an eye on its opening due to limited seats.

4. Consider Uniformed Service

U.S. military is also a considerable option yet with certain limitations. People who get the chance should perform a two-year active service for each year of their scholarship after they become MDs as an exchange. Minimum standards have been defined to qualify for this program from which their MCAT score demand reaches the minimum quintile.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Application and Interview

Getting a medical admission is surely not an easy thing. Therefore, you should avoid the common mistakes in application and interview as much as you can. This can largely enhance your chances of being admitted.

1. No Insight in Applications

Application with no insight can largely reduce your chances of getting an admission. Write inspired application that can show your insight and interest to the field. Share your learnings and observations about the activities you performed, it will help convincing the interview panel.

2. Go Off the Topic

Try to stay on the topic. It is easy to flicker so keep your mind focusing on the questions and answer them on target along with necessary and relevant details only.

3. Answer the Questions Impatiently

First listen to the question carefully and try to answer it patiently. Patient behavior leaves the impression of thoughtful personality, and interviewer assumes that you are listening and trying to understand the question. Answering quickly can leave bad impact on the interviewer.

4. Provide Negative Answers

Structure your answers positively and professionally. Whether you are talking about a personality or anything else, you should mention positive aspects.

5. Overrate Yourself

Overrating yourself can affect your image in very badly. Express yourself how you actually are without overestimating your competitiveness. For betterment, try to enhance yourself by studying more and improving your academic performance.

6. Lack of Commitment to Medicine

You must show commitment and professionalism towards medicine in the interview along with good grades. This can be done through internships, volunteer work and extra-curricular activities. Along with academic studies, some practical knowledge will increase the chances of your admission.

7. Poor Interview Skills

Introverts face problem in communicating views. To avoid these problems, conduct mock interviews for practice. By this you'll feel relaxed and confident on the actual interview. Also, just remember to be realistic so that you don't need to make stories.

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