Tips for First Time Sex Before Marriage

It’s obvious to have mixed feelings about anything you’re going to try for the first time. The same holds true for first time sex, especially before marriage. You will experience a mix of excitement and uncertainty. You may even worry about feeling any pain. It is obvious to feel awkward and a bit scared too, but you can keep a few things in mind to make first time sex before marriagea lot more enjoyable.

How Does First Time Sex Before Marriage Feel Like?

You may have many misconceptions about first time sex.Here’s what you need to know about the whole thing.

1. It Is Different from Movie

You should not have unrealistically high expectations of sex just because you see it that way in Hollywood movies, porn videos or TV series. Men may feel they will get an erection quickly and maintain it for a long time. Women may believe that sex will feel extremely comfortable. Things can be different in real life.

2. It Can Feel Awkward

You may feel a bit awkward when you have first time sex before marriage. You may not have communicated enough before your first encounter. It may even feel uncomfortable with little fun if you haven’t talked about your concerns about infection or pregnancy, or haven’t discussed what sex will mean for your relationship.

3. It May be Painful

What type of sex you have with your partner will have an impact on how painful it turns out to be. Vaginal sex for instance can be quite painful for the first few times, which is mainly due to the tearing of a woman’s hymen. Insufficient time spent in foreplay may keep a woman from feeling fully aroused and lubricated, which can also lead to a painful intercourse.

4. Get Prepared for Bleeding

Keep a towel handy when getting into the act because some women will bleed due to their hymen breaking. Women may want to use a panty liner or pad after their first encounters because they may bleed slightly for a few days after sex.

How to Make First Time Sex Before Marriage More Enjoyable

It is true that different people may feel differently the first time they have sex, but there are ways to make it more enjoyable.

1. Create Romantic Atmosphere

Use the finest bedding with soft pillowcases to create a perfect atmosphere. Keep the lights dim and play a nice romantic song on your music player. Doing all this will relax your nerves and put you in mood.

2. Lubricant May Help

Letting your partner penetrate when your vagina is dry will lead to painful sex. Be sure to use lubricant when you’re doing it for the first time to avoid pain. A dab of water-based lube will do the trick. Apply it in the vagina as well as on the outside of the condom.

3. Foreplay Is Necessary

Spend more time on foreplay because this will help both of you feel comfortable and confident about sex. This will lead to natural vaginal wetness that makes sex even more pleasurable. Hugging, kissing and touching will set the tone. You can also experiment with oral sex or mutual masturbation to minimize pain and maximize pleasure.

4. Choose the Right Sexual Position

A right sex position will play a big role in how you actually feel when you have first time sex before marriage.With woman on top, it is easier to control the penetration and manage pain.

5. Communicate Before, During and After Sex

Communication is the key to having a pleasurable sexual experience. Be open to your partner. Share your wants, fears and needs before you make love to each other to build a good rapport. You may tell your partner how you are feeling and what you like during sex. You can also exchange ideas of what you can improve next time after the intercourse.

6. Relax and Enjoy

Don’t be too creative when you’re having sex for the first time. Take things slow and feel relaxed. The more relaxed you feel, the better it will feel.

How to Make First Time Sex Before Marriage Safe

It is obvious to feel concerned about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy when having first time sex before marriage. Here are a few tips to make things better.

1. Use a Condom

Ask your partner to wear a condom when you two are doing it for the first time. It is important to use protection even if both of you think you’re virgins. You can find a variety of condoms in the market today. Your partner can use polyurethane condoms if he’s allergic to latex. Avoid using both male and female condoms together – they are likely to break when used at the same time.

2. Dental Dams for Oral Sex

Your partner can put a dental dam on you when licking your vulva and clit. It is especially important when you’re having your period. You should also wear a piece of dental dam if your partner is going to lick your butthole. This helps prevent sexually transmitted infections.

3. Take Birth Control Pills

Take birth control pills before you have sex with your partner. Take them daily at the same time for a month before you have first time sex before marriage. 

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