Sex Position to Conceive a Baby

You can get pregnant by enjoying intercourse in almost any sex position, but some sex positions may be better than others for getting pregnant. Sexual positions that allow deep penetration are more likely to place sperm next to your cervix increasing your chances of conception, and when trying to get pregnant, it's better to have sex every other day around ovulation to give your partner some time to increase his sperm count.

10 Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

When couples are trying to conceive, it can take the spontaneity and fun out of sexual intercourse. However, you can still have fun while trying to get pregnant with these various sexual positions that offer a greater chance of conception.

1. The Missionary

The Missionary position is typically where the woman lies on her back during intercourse, and is considered optimal for conception. In a variation, the woman uses a cushion placed under her bottom, tilting her up for deeper penetration by her partner. She lies on her back with her legs open and cushion underneath, while her partner lies on top with his weight on his arms and controlling the movements. The Missionary position allows her the freedom to caress and embrace her partner during lovemaking.

2. Glowing Triangle

A variant of the Missionary position, also a great sex position to conceive a baby, the Glowing triangle has the man on top of the woman on his hands and knees with his legs extended outward. The woman places a cushion underneath her bottom for added lift. After he enters the woman, she can then wrap her legs around him. This position increases penetration, and allows the woman more flexibility of movement, and because of the tilted pelvis, his sperm has a better chance of passing through the cervix.

3. The Toad

Similar to the Missionary position, the Toad position has the woman on her back with her partner between her legs when entering her. The woman then wraps her legs around him, using pressure from her feet on his buttocks to guide him into her. Not only does this position leave both partner's hands free to caress and embrace each other, it also provides an easy access for passionate kissing during intercourse.

4. The Eagle

The Eagle is performed with your partner kneeling at the edge of the bed while you lie on your back in front of him, with your knees slightly bent. Your partner then garbs your ankles and holds your legs apart as he enters you. The penetration is very deep and satisfying, and your partner will have a great view of all the action. To create more angle for conception, try placing a pillow underneath your bottom.

5. Bandoleer

Another good sex position to conceive a baby, and feels great, is called the Bandoleer. It has the woman lying on her back with her knees pulled back towards her chest, and her feet placed on his chest. Her partner positions himself on his knees facing her and places his forearms on her knees. The woman can then reach around to grip his thighs. Fortunately, this allows her to pull him closer to her, and the G-spot gets most of the attention.

6. The Clasp

If you have a strong partner, the clasp may be an option for conception. This standing technique allows the woman to wrap her legs around her partner's waist, while he supports her bottom and back. A variation could include using a wall to support the woman's back as well, and the sexual position allows for deeper penetration. The wonderful thing about the Clasp is it can be a spontaneous event that can be done anywhere in the house.

7. Spooning

Spooning has your partner behind you as you are both lying down. The advantage of this position is that the 90 degree angle of your pelvis helps ensure your partner's sperm reaches your cervix. Typical variations include raising one leg into the air or letting it rest on the outer side of your partner's thigh. Another advantage is that your partner can hold your hips very close to him during intercourse for deeper penetration.

8. Butterfly

Butterfly position is also a great sex position to conceive a baby. It has the woman lie on her back on a table. Her male partner would then step in between her feet and raise the woman's hips for better penetration. Variations could include using pillows underneath her for added lift. More importantly, the benefit for conception with the butterfly position is that the gravity assisted angle helps his sperm stay in the vagina.

9. Doggy Style

A sexual position that offers a woman some flexibility controlling movement is the classic Doggy style. The position places the woman on all fours while her partner kneels and enters her from behind and holds her hips, controlling the thrusting motion for deeper penetration. Women can enjoy a rocking motion to get the rhythm they like, and the good news is that the gravity assisted angle helps move the sperm towards the cervix.

10. Magic Mountain

This variant of the Doggy style position, the Magic mountain has your partner bending over you in such a way as your back is against his chest. The woman is bent over at the waist with her head on a pillow. This sex position to conceive a baby offers a nice tilt to the pelvis that allows for very deep penetration, and stimulates the G-spot and clitoris for added pleasure.

Does Lying Down After Sex Help?

It doesn't hurt to try. After all, the more time you give the semen to make its way around the cervix, the better your chances will be at conception. However, there are millions of sperm in every ejaculation, and standing up right away shouldn't be detrimental, but if you don't have to, it might be beneficial to lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse. If you like, you can also try lying on your back with your hips raised with a cushion to encourage the passage of sperm into the Fallopian tubes. No harm trying.

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