Foreskin Restoration Before and After

For some men, the loss of their foreskin early in life – usually when they were a small infant – can be distressing. They want to return to an intact state. That’s where foreskin restoration comes in. Restoring the foreskin through various means, especially through stretching the existing skin, can help men receive greater satisfaction in many ways.

Foreskin Restoration Before and After

What does it mean to undergo foreskin restoration? In short, it means that a man will slowly work with his body to create a “new” foreskin that looks and feels almost like the original one he had at birth. Here’s what to expect.

1. Increase in Sensitivity

Men who undergo foreskin restoration, before and after, might experience significant changes in their sensitivity. The glans of the penis is often smoother and softer, has a more natural color, and is very sensitive to touch.

2. Appearance of Pearly Penile Papules

These tiny papules look like little pimples, and they happen more often to men who are uncircumcised. It might be due to the heat and dampness sometimes experienced by those who have an intact foreskin.  

3. Less Discomfort During Erection

Those who have been circumcised might experience pain with erections, and the inability to move the remaining foreskin up and down in a natural manner. With foreskin restoration, less discomfort is experienced, as your body is doing what it was meant to do naturally.

4. Stronger Orgasm

For many men who have a foreskin restoration, before and after comparisons of the orgasm are inevitable, because they are often so different. The orgasms can be stronger and harder, last longer, and tend to be more intense throughout the body, not just in one part of it.

5. Protection and Lubrication

The foreskin is actually there for protection.When you remove it, you are removing that layer of skin that can help the sensitive glans throughout your life. Without a foreskin, the glans is dry and less sensitive, and might even be calloused. The foreskin might mean that sexual partners don’t need to use additional lubricants – what the body creates is enough.

How to Restore Foreskin

1. Manual Tugging

This is the cheapest and most natural way to restore foreskin, but it does take a long time, and thus requires a very dedicated commitment. Most men choose to do this for fifteen minutes per session, and engage in three to four sessions per day. To do this, create an “ok” symbol with your thumb and index finger; then gently pull the skin in opposite directions – one hand pulling toward the scrotum and one pulling toward the glans. You can increase the time you do this as long as you still feel comfortable.

2. Restoration Devices

There are tugging devices that can make it easier and faster to restore the foreskin. Most of them are relatively affordable and work via suction, friction and similar methods. You can also opt for special medical tape, known as T-tape that can hold the skin over the glans for 24 hours a day. O-ring gaskets, though not a medical device, might also work. Some men choose to try household items, such as pill tubes and elastic, or even a trombone mouthpiece. Use caution with these, however, as they are certainly not medically certified.

3. Surgical Option

Men who want to restore their foreskin as soon as possible can look into surgical methods to make it happen quickly. Foreskin restoration, before and after, should be monitored closely by a physician if you do choose this route. Keep in mind, however, that this method does not restore sensitivity, and works best for men who want the aesthetics of a natural foreskin restored.

Tips for Foreskin Restoration

There are a few things to remember when you decide on foreskin restoration. Before and after your decision, keep these in mind.

  • This is going to take a long time. Never rush or try too hard, and always stay patient.
  • If you start to feel pain, stop. These methods should never hurt.
  • Start out slowly – remember, have patience! In fact, less is probably better, as it allows the skin to grow more efficiently. Start out with tugging one hour per day; then increase the tension and time slowly.
  • Never tug when you are sleeping, unless you have a great deal of experience.
  • Remember that you are not trying to stretch out the existing skin; you are trying to induce mitosis in your remaining foreskins so it will actually grow more skin. 
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