How to Cut Men's Hair with Clippers

Clippers are the ultimate saviours of millions of men and women around the globe who are sick of paying a fortune to the hairstylists for a haircut. These are fast, easy to use and easier on the budget.You can easily clip your hair before taking a shower and avoid the hassle of small hair stuck to the insides of your shirt that become a total nuisance. If you want to know how to cut men’s hair with clippers, then read on to know all the tricks of the trade.

Get Prepared to Have a Haircut with Clippers

There are certain methods, tips and tricks that can help you clip your hair like a pro! Learn these and you'd never need to pay a penny to make your hair look well-groomed every single day.

1. Pick the Right Guard

All hair clippers come with a variety of attachments enabling you to cut hair at different lengths. For instance, you, like many people, may want to cut sides of your hair shorter than those at the top. Well, these attachments help you do just that.

Depending on the clipper you are using, the longest size would be a 7 or an 8. This setting would leave almost an inch of hair on the head. Using attachments of size 4 and less will show your scalp and make it susceptible to sunburn.

2. Wash and Dry Your Hair

Many people make the mistake of cutting their hair right after washing. Wet hair makes it difficult to see how the hair will lay when they are cut. Make sure you dry your hair completely after washing (and you should wash them first!) before getting started with the cut. Using clippers on dry hair makes it easier for beginners to assess their progress throughout the procedure.

How to Cut Men's Hair with Clippers

First of all, divide your hair into sections so that you can handle them one by one. Use the same guard length for the entire head for standard length. Make sure the teeth of the guard are facing upward when clipping. Equal amounts of pressure should be applied with every pass.

1. Back

Always start at the base of your ears or the nape of your neck and cut in a vertical upward motion. As you near the top of your head, move the clippers away from the crown. Repeat a number of times for best results.

2. Sides

If you'd like to keep hair longer at the top, use a pendulum-like motion and make sure that you move the clippers outwards as you move towards the crown.

3. Top

Decide on the desired length on the top of your head. Then bring all your hair to the front with the help of a comb and separate one section at a time to cut. Set the length by placing your little and ring finger on the head and holding your hair to desired length with the help of index and middle fingers. Use the same trick for the whole cut.

Start by completing one reference point at the front section. Follow the example and cut all sections on the front and back.

4. Trimming and Styling

  • To create continuity between hair at the sides and the top, use a comb for setting desired lengths. Run the comb from bottom to the top on each side of your head and then straighten the hair gradually with the help of the clipper. Repeat the step with a comb until you get to the desired length.
  • Use the ideal hand position as stated before and place it about 1 to 2cm lower than where you'd like to cut. "Plunge" into the section with the clipper for a ragged effect.

Know the basics of having a haircut with a clipper from the video below:

Tips on Having a Haircut with Clippers

Following are a few more tricks to learn on how to cut men's hair with clippers.

  • Make sure that all lumps or scars on your head are covered with long enough hair so as to avoid getting hurt with a clipper.
  • Use a hand-held mirror along with a large mirror to ensure an even trim. Go over the uneven areas with a guard to get a perfect trim.
  • Be sure to clean your clipper blades with a brush to remove all hair. Clean the blades with alcohol for disinfection and then apply a thin film of oil that is provided by the clipper manufacturers.
  • Use some baby powder to prevent short hair from sticking to the skin and then easily blow them off with a hairdryer.
  • If you can't immediately take a shower, then wrap a slick material tightly around your neck and shoulders. 
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