How to Find the G Spot in a Man

Figuring out how to find the g spot has been the goal of men in order to make their partner more enjoyable.Studies have pointed out that it really does exist. In the beginning, it is a quite mysterious thing, but some searching will help you find it, and then you can have all sorts of pleasure. But do you know that it's not just women who have a g spot? Men have one, too! Then ladies, let's find it by following the instructions here.

How to Find the G Spot in Men

The good news is that how to find the g spot in men is much easier than it is to find on a woman. In fact, the male g spot is otherwise known as the prostate gland. It is right underneath the bladder, and can be felt right behind the scrotum. It is a small gland, about the size of a walnut. You can stimulate it from the outside, but some men prefer stimulation from the inside. Don't worry – we will tell you how to find the g spot in your guy.

1.  Start by Being Prepared

Remember that this will take some time, so be ready to spend a great deal of it finding the g spot. Put a towel down on the bed to catch any messes. Have personal lubricant and thin gloves close by to protect hands and delicate skin. Make sure the man urinates beforehand, as playing with the prostate can make him want to pee.

2.  Find the Prostate

The man should lie down on the towel. Put a few pillows underneath the hips and the knees. The idea is to have the anus open to the air. Start by gently massaging the sphincter, moving gently inside when his body begins to relax. Start with only one finger. Coat your finger with lubricant before you push inside.The prostate gland is about two inches inside, so you don't have to go far.

3.  Experiment a Bit

Once you do find the prostate, it's time to play! Try different types of touches and pressures to get the best response. Keep the lines of communication open and talk about what is going on, and what he is feeling. Start with a gentle touch and then become more firm as time goes on.

4.  Try for an Orgasm

For some, prostate massage can lead to an orgasm without any stimulation of the penis. This makes learning how to find the g spot even more intriguing! Again, experimentation matters. Take your time in figuring out what feels good and what gets him "close."

5.  Try Other Positions

Sometimes, lying down on the back is not the best way to reach the prostate. Some men prefer to be on their hands and knees, while others prefer to be on their side with their knees drawn up. Take your time and figure out which position works best to not only get great pleasure, but to possibly reach orgasm.

6.  Use Toys

There are many toys on the market designed specifically for male penetration, and many of these focus on the male g spot. Look for toys that have a shape that is designed to touch the g spot when they are used. Use them just as you would use your finger – very gently at first.

7.  Not Ready for Penetration?

That's okay. There are other ways to stimulate the prostate. Try massaging it through the skin by pressing right behind the scrotum, and right to the front of the anus. You might have to use constant and hard pressure to get the same effect.

Other 7 Hidden Moan Zones in Men

Learning how to find the g spot is not the only way to turn your man on. Below are other seven erogenous zones that can help get you both in the mood.

  • ŸThe ear. Simply touching or kissing the outer curve of the ear can make a man weak in the knees. It helps if you exhale into his ear at the same time.
  • The “eight.” Place your fingers around the shaft of his penis and pull upward; place your other hand around his scrotum and pull downward. This “8” is sure to please him!
  • ŸThe frenulum. This very sensitive area of tissue is right underneath the head of his penis. It forms a line from the urethra down to the shaft. Gently touch it or strum it.
  • His chest. Run your fingers over his chest under his pectoral muscles, then up and down, like you are drawing a “W” on his chest.
  • Right under his butt. The skin right underneath his buttocks, where his thighs meet the rest of his body, is very sensitive – it also allows you to provide sensation to his anus and penis without actually touching them.
  • ŸThe raphe. There is a small seam that runs up the middle of his scrotum. This is rich with nerve endings and can make him shiver with pleasure when you touch it.
  • His tailbone. It might not seem like an erogenous zone, but finding the right spot can be just as challenging as learning how to find the g spot. But once you touch that small “o” at the end of his tailbone, you just might send him to the moon and back.
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